Another Golf Magazine Rules Question
A while ago I posted a "Ask the rules guy" answer I disagreed with - and the posters were on my side. Here's another, from the May 2007 issue (I was waiting in a medical office):

Surrender in Iraq
Harry Reid and Pelosi have decided to have a surrender vote ASAP before there's any more good news out of Iraq! Dems Desperate to Surrender Before We Can Win by Doug Patton...

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Vid has helped
I stop by here periodically stop by here and have been for years. Same old stuff, lot of writing. I video taped my swing and put made into a quicktime movie so I can move it frame...

Hitting it on the Toe...Why?
Almost all my iron shots are hit toward or very near the toe of the club. I am at wits end with this. I've tried standing closer to the ball, but that really screws things up. I ...

Michelle Wie ties for 69th after 84 & 76 last 2 rounds Michelle Wie finished tied for 69th place with a 16-over 304, after a final round 76. Wie pu...

Golf Event
I went to the local public course today to take my kids to the driving range and the practice green. I was a bit surprised that there was so many cars in the parking lot just after noon on M...

Here are the Hottest Porn Sites around!!!
This is my personal collection of the best porn sites on the net right now.I've seen em all and feel that the links below are pretty much the best of the best. Pure 18 is a ...

Design Competition
CALIFIA Sketchbook Design Competition If a truly biophilic society created a city, what would this city look like? Would nature and our urban environments be one and ...

WGC Bridgestone at Firestone CC, Akron OH
I usually attend the Sunday round of the Buick Open here in Michigan, but had sumpin' else going on that day (July 1st), but didn't feel too bad since El Tigre skipped it this year.

Correct the dreaded shank
I'm a left hander golfer and I can be having a fine round with several pars and the odd birdie thrown in and all of a sudden I'll hit two or three shanks in a row and then I'm back to norma...

OT: Camp David meeting
Dubya opened his briefing with: "So everyne is probably wondering if Prime Minister Brown and I were able to sit down and _GET ALONG_." To "get along"?!?!? Is th...

Harrington's drivers
Harrington has a very long 47 1/4" Wilson 460cc 8.5 Dd6 Plus driver that he uses regularly. At The Open, he chose to carry his older 45" 7.5 Td5 driver to keep the trajectory down....

There was a time....,28242,1647958-6,00.html There was a time a photo like this would have caused no small amount of complaint. Probably long past. I only no...

barnbougle dunes tasmania australia. invest?
Was checking out this propery... and noticed Worth the investment?

pros and cons for the igolf ebay has alot of them coach

Is tiger POY for 2007 so far???
Disappointing year with no majors but he still leads in tour winnings and number of victories even though he's only played in 11 events while most guys are 15 -20. He's my choic...

mech. eng. golfers please respond!
the advent of hybrid golf clubs in the last few years has made me wonder why two completely different club designs (irons vs. woods) existed in the first place. could someone please explain...

Jason Day
Been following this kid from Queensland for a while now. In 2005 he won the Australian Junior Championship and the World Junior Championship, then the Australian Amateur Stroke-Play C...

Blair plans 'surprise' Catholic conversion
Pope plans even bigger surprise: excommunication. Way to go, Pope. -- Visit the Cybermuseum of BBC War Crimes at:

Golf Channel delayed broadcast of Evian Masters
Even worse than when Brian H hosted the telecast and not knowing the players identities. You'd think with 6 hours to edit, there'd be a lot more golf shots shown. Henry

Check it out:

Rules question
If someone tees off and then before his subsequent shot, picks up his ball without marking it (not to identify it), cleans it, and then places it carefully on a tuft of grass for his next ...

Nathalie Gulbis WINS Evian Masters!
Nathalie has won her first LPGA event, and what a win it was in sudden death over Jeong Jang. Nathalie certainly has big things ahead of her.

Free callaway gift cards to be won for Women British Open golf tournament next week
Free Callaway gift cards can be won win at, sponsored by Ricoh. Action valid until August 5

Free callaway gift cards to be won for Women British Open golf tournament next week
Free Callaway gift cards can be won win at, sponsored by Ricoh. Action valid until August 5

OT: Does Honda/Acura understand customer service?!!?
Honda likes to advertise that they offer above average service... Acura, prides itself on being the luxury division so one might expect luxury service. But given the following set of c...

Rough length and green quickness factored in slope/rating/index??
I play a course with a slope of 118 which is the lowest slope of any course I play, and yet because the rough is three times thicker and twice as long than the average course I play, and the...

Sherborn teen charged with bestiality in Massachusetts A Sherborn teen was charged yesterday with having sex with sheep at a farm near his home, and police reports suggest the encount...

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