Does Michelle Wie have a speech problem?
During her interview with NBC after she quit she was almost slurring her words in a weird, whiny voice. I've never heard her speak at length and was shocked at just how young she sounded (m...

Stack the bodies high, John
This one's for you, Pfluminator: I photographed a golf tournament today for the Alabama Left Handed Golf Association at RTJ Oxmoor...the Valley Course. First order of business wa...

terrible tee shot's w/ irons today
Played my exec par 42 (12 hole) course today. Didn't hit 1 freakin green today w/ irons. I hit beautiful irons off the turf but not the tee. I'm thinking I was teeing up too high & not gett...

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Note to Brett Quigley's caddy:
Always observe the three ups, my man, the three ups.

Who else here plays pitch and putt?
There is a nice course in my area with holes ranging from 35-80y. Challenging, too with heavily pitched greens, elevation changes, elevated greens, etc. I love it, and best of all I can p...

Advice on where to buy a specific club
Looking for a particular club (aside from ebay since I keep getting outbid is split seconds-*^^%$#@#), what is a good source for used clubs? I'm looking to pick up this club:

Question for Dalecki: Woods good, Irons Bad..
Mike, I read your past thread (it's an old one):

Dog-eaters Dominating Womens US Open
Having these koreans take over ladies golf is not good for the tour. And Lorena Ochoa is a beaner. I realize swedish Annika dominated for ten years but at least she looks american. ...

Michelle Wie quits again!
Wie is becoming an embarrassment and a laughing stock. She needs to fire her father/manager and get a professional to manager her. Hire someone who can properly manage and plan her career. I...

Bet- 4 rounds <100 for $340,000
Pro Poker player Eric Lindgren bet $340,000 on himself that he could play 4 consecutive rounds in a row shooting under 100. He also had to carry his own bag in the 106 degree las vegas hea...

I'm not a racist but ... this is funny

Practice: Purpose and Method
Golf Practice: Purpose and Method 1. Practice. What is practice and what does it do? By definition, golf is a game of skill. Some may argue that luck plays a <...

Free usefull Tiger woods article.Do you need contents to add to your web site?
Free usefull Tiger woods article.Do you need contents to add to your web site?

Free usefull Tiger woods article.Do you need contents to add to your web site?
Free usefull Tiger woods article.Do you need contents to add to your web site?

How innoucuous looking
Oakmont from above: And this homeless guy just made off with $50k worth of Canon gear! ht...

What's wrong with YOUR game? How to fix?
I'm not super long w/ any irons but I guess If I were more precise from 100 yds in I'de knock off strokes. I'm 2 putting most from 20', ideally if I could get more chips in the 6' range tha...

OT: You are not a music snob if
you don't like Kenny G. But if you want to criticize his talent, writing and playing you qualify as a music moron. He has over 48 million albums sold, a Grammy, and he has played with...

XM vs. Sirius
It looks like XM has two of my favorite sports, Golf and Hockey, but it doesn't appear to have NFL coverage? Sirius has NFL and NHL, but no golf? I see Sirius does have ::shudder:: nas...

Leadbetter - cause of Wie's undoing?
Hasn't he taught Wie since her teenage years??

Rain delay from yesterday
I wonder how much that hurt Alexis Thompson. She had to come back and play several holes this morning, and then turn around and play her second round. Looking at her stats from r...

Will Wie go the way of others who lost their game permanently?
As we know it is possible to be a prominent golfer and lose your game permanently more or less - Duval, Baker-Finch, Ballesteros etc. I wonder if this is destined to be Wie's fate?

Buying a new putter
which is better the White Hot XG #7 or the White Hot XG Marxman here's the link for the page on where the putters are. ...

Does the body swing the arms --- or do the arms swing the body?
Anyone know?

I predict Wie will play this weekend
But only because of weather delays ;-) Henry

Anybody know about Palace Resorts golf in Cancun?
How are the Moon Palace and Playacar golf courses?

XL 3000 Super Straight balls
Last couple rounds I played I've been playing various high end 3 pc balls & shooting well, however I have been somewhat erratic w/ driver. So I figured I'll try a "straight or distance ball"...

Amateurs equaling Wie
Well, so far, out of 23 amateurs, there are 9 that have finished. 1 is at +11 tied for Wie, and three are just a few shots better (+9, +7), and all other 6 that have finished range fro...

Ladies US Open and Weather
I do not have a work assignment today. So my choices were to either go watch the Open or hit some range balls and then clean the gutters and wash all the metal trim on our house. For no part...

course rating/slope/length/tees? whats par?
just curious, yesterday i shot my best round ever, 74 (previous best 82). i always play from the whites and on this course that meant a rating of 67.5 with a slope of 115. when i plugged tha...

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