BJ Wie is an A-Hole
A spectator at today's tournament overheard Michelle say: "THANKS DAD!! You made me bite off more than I can chew, and you've successfully turned me into another Ty Tryon!" ...

Golf As a Spectator Sport
I like a lot of different sports including golf. I've been to see all of my favorite sports live except golf. For some reason I never though seriously about going to see a golf tournament ...

Why Wie withdrew
She played 16 holes and was 14 over par. I just heard on TGC that any non-LPGA member who shoots 88 or higher is automatically DQ'd from the event they are playing and are banned for the re...

Tiger Woods, another bad round, injured or mind occupied?
He seems to have lost it lately...

More up than out...
There seems to be a myth that when one is hitting wedges, that there is some magical swing speed which produces the maximum distance they can go. And when you exceed this magic speed,...

Wie shows her ass...I mean class
What's the difference? 14 over after through 15 or 16 then WD. Ty Tryon is on the other line - he needs to borrow some of that stupid money you got. Guaranteed if it was one of those rand...

Any statement from Phil?
Withdrawl due to injury? Lost his hairbrush? Bad prevailing winds for left-handers?

Club distances
I looked at the following two sites: This doesn't work for me, when I fill it in, I get mostly NaN in each box. Ahh, f...

Irritating putting routines
Why do people who are lying 8 take what seems like hours to line up a putt? Got teamed up with a guy the other day who'd hack his way to the green, then go through the most elaborate putt...

To recommend a good website :
To recommend a good website :

10 Aces in 80 rounds of golf
Real or a hoax?

Conceding a hole
If a player in a match concedes a hole and picks up his ball - what are the various options for his opponent in playing out? e.g. Can the conceder pick up his opponent's ball to stop ...

Could you use the money?
I just received this as an email. What do you think? Should I send him my numbers? It's not arms or drug money, doncha know. Could people still be falling for this? A...

Never Give Up on a Round - You Never Know
I got into an extended argument with the lip of a fairway bunker today regarding just how much loft was required to clear said lip. Took a triple bogey on the first hole, but still managed t...

Houston Golf Courses
I know nothing about golf in Houston, but will be visiting there for a wedding from June 22-24. Can anyone recommend a couple of courses that are worthy of play? And yes, I know that it ...

At the 18th Green
When I watch golf on TV, I see most players take off their hat and shake hands with their playing partners after everyone finishes at the 18th green. (Ok, in LPGA, it's replaced with a hug) ...

The case for bombing Iran

Partners of Ernst & Young Charged for Tax Fraud Conspiracy AP Partners of Ernst & Young Charged Wednesday May 30, 12:55 pm ET By Larry Neumeister, Associated Press Writer

One more dead person (9 year old neighbor has hole in one)
I joined up with a father and his two boys yesterday. On number 16 (125 yards) the nine year old took a nice swing. Ball hit at about 110 yards, scooted forward, hit the pin and fell in....

Who has the hottest wife? is running a poll. David Tom's wife is way ahead.,28242,1626326,00.html David

A little slice of heaven
We haven't been having our normal summer afternoon rains and thunderstorms (yet) so I left work and went to get in 18 with "super twilight" rates. I usually hit the 1st tee by ...

Universal advice
Do you think there are any tips and drills that are absolutely universal and can only benefit everyone's game? A lot of advice is designed to exaggerate a movement to eliminate a fault. If y...

There's something wrong with this newsgroup
Apart from some idiot rantings from Mr Clark, every post is about golf. What's going on? -- Cheers Colin Wilson --------------------------------------------------...

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hole in one
--WebTV-Mail-28221-4654 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit my golfing parner got one today on a 132 par 3 in knoxville, i had one

Something I've always pondered ...
Looking at the "Photo of the Day" on, why when Americans sing their national anthem do they put their hand over their left lung? -- Cheers Colin Wilson ---...

Idiot Day at the golf course
I should know better by now. Holidays are always the worst time to play golf. All the nut cases who play twice a year are out there on holidays. But after a long work week that extended ...

got a new White Hot XG #7
I like it! I tried a bunch of putters @ Dicks sporting goods, the XG #7 won me over. Played 9 today & made 2 nice putts from a distance. Only problem is the headcover, it's a magnetic thing ...

Problems with Tesco
Mogga wrote: > On Tue, 15 May 2007 12:33:16 +0100, Cynic [email protected] > wrote: > > >> There are also plenty of 24 hour supermarkets - and the only r...

My Windy Experiment
Nice to see more golf content showing up here lately. Here's my 2- bits... Wife and I have been playing in a bit of wind as of late, including one round with sustained 40 mph "br...

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