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what to practice w/ golf pro?
Last yr I took 3 lessons & really changed my swing. I'm hitting the ball pretty good now but still hit the occasional fat shot or top it. Don't know if it's a lack of concentration or a swin...

Chopra ????
Whoa, dude, chill! Seven birdies on the card?!?!?! It's Saturday. The Final Four is on. You need to be shooting 77! Annika is not going to be happy. -- jvdp R...

Swing analysis please...
Any chance you can fix this swing before tomorrows round? I am certainly not doing what I thought I was :0( An exercise in how to keep your score above 100! All criticism accepted humbl...

Golf Digest messes with The Donald

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Walking Rules
For the most part, I have walked for well over a year now. The only time I ride these days is when I am totally burned out or I am playing in a group where everyone is riding. I have very re...

Maurice Flicroft R.I.P
One of the funniest obits I've read: From the Daily Telegraph "Maurice Flitcroft, who died on March 24 aged 77, was a chain-smoking shipyard crane- operator from Barrow-in...

Beem and Faxon
Both missed the cut, in an event that most of the big names skipped. Tiger is doing them a favor. The more events they play, the more money they lose.

ball question
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Would you guys ever play with this guy again?
Playing a decent round today. With a couple of guys that I regularly play with. One is a pretty good friend. The other is an opinionated conservative who seems to know it all(taxes, weigh...

Ping**** BigPurdueFan
Coach Tiller's wife was in our business today & talked to my wife -- I was home in bed with some flu that no doubt inflicted upon me by one of our Grandkids. My wife said she to...

Glen Day
What he do for a DQ??

Returning to Myrtle Beach from U.K.
Played Long Bay, Blackmoor, The Witch and had a great time, we are looking for more quality courses to visit from the massive choice. Maybe T.P.C. & The Wizard, which courses would rank as m...

Augusta National #12 Indoors
We had our first office putting contest today. Each participant had to create a hole in their cube. I chose to honor the beautiful #12 at ANGC with my submission. I wasn't abl...

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USG 2007: Hawkstone Park [UPDATE]
Hello Campers, Moving on from all the excitement in Rules Corner at, we currently have 23 playing at the USG 2007 Annual Golf Bashing. Consequently, we still ...

just played tobacco road
wow! it was a blast!!! the blind shots were exaggerated. there were only maybe 6 of them. the course was beautiful and would play again in a heartbeat! also played little ri...

Confident Phil Mickelson Guarantees Tiger Woods Will Win Masters

Golf League Games
My golf league is looking for new games to add to our current ones, such as fewest putts, longest drive, etc. Ideas for games will be appreciated. Is there is web site that...

Taylormade Burner Tour Irons
I own a set of 1996-1997 Taylormade Burner Tour Irons and have had them about ten years now. I stopped playing golf for about five years and just recently started again. I have since forgo...

Will playing golf hurt a young baseball player's baseball swing
My 15 yo grandson won't play golf becuase he's been told doing so will hurt his golf swing?!? Can anyone provide any facts in this regard? I'd love for the boy to also learn to play while yo...

TGC's Inga Hammond -> Candy Sweeney
I suspected Inga Hammond was a washed up lounge singer. Here's the proof (sorry for the low tech intro): Starts really at 0:18 in...

I'm pumped!
I've been golfing year round since 2000, practicing and playing in the most hideous weather conditions, trying to improve from an original 19 to single digits. I managed to do this briefly ...

Straight golf balls? Do they work?
Save your preaching, I KNOW Correct golf swing mechanics/grip is the best way to combat hooks & I already am taking lessons. I have 1 hole on my little exec golf course that kills me every t...

Newt ng
Newt Gingrich's ng is showing a little stagnation. Check it out and see if you can make a difference. alt.politics.newt.gingrich

Grip dilema
I replaced all my Winn grips with Star grips. I love the Star grips. They work great. Unfortunately I have a drawer full of old Winn grips. Nice grips. I like 'em, but Star grips are better....

Summer has begun
Went out and played a few holes yesterday. It was hot and muggy. Yuk! Summer already. We usually get a few weeks of nice weather this time of year. No serious storms so far this y...

How would a person go about finding out how to contact a qualified golf coach?

Graphite shafts to steel shafts - swing weight
I've got graphites on my MX-23s now. If I change the shafts to R300SL pulled off a set of MX25's, the swing weight, I presume will go down (head feels lighter). If this is the case, what opt...

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