Big Break 7/reunion....god help us
I like some of the characters (Bria...ohhhh). But that asshole David Gunas(gonads)......just shut the fuck up!!! I could hardly watch last night w/ his commentarys. And Nikki...... she's the...

property so cheap at auction
I Bought a 3 Bed House for The Price of a Ford Fiesta ..Profits are booming with property in Bulgaria but nothing is more likely to make you a huge profit than property auctions. There are people all ...

RSG Cage Match
Things are pretty lively on here between some people, so maybe we could arrange a few cage matches between people at the next RSG outing? I don't really follow who is arguing with who (gram...

Wouldn't it be a dream come true if you could just golf
your days away and not have to worry about money? A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you are now, and came across an article similar to this that s...

New Match Play Format Suggestion
Over at they've got an article right now suggesting a new match play format. Just seems crazy enough to work: "Yes, two brackets would certainly add excitement. ...

Nationwide tour at OSU Scarlet
Just announced: I heard on the radio that it is being officially announced today. I ha...

Time for a New Driver?
So after being consistently outdriven by two 70-year-olds this past Sunday, I've come to the conclusion it it time to buy a new driver (hey, couldn't be my skill, must be the EQUIPMENT!!)

Re: Free "Guide To Lower Scores" is at NOT AORA.
Free "Guide To Lower Scores" is at NOT AORA. Terry

Tiger's dominance is unshakeable...
I mean the fucker was annoying me in 2001 winning everything in sight, and now fast forward 6 years and the fucker is still totally dominant. I mean what the fuck? Then I go to this page: ...

impulsivity is awesome
i called 3 friends out of the blue and said..lets go golfing. pick a weekend. someone bvelted out a weekend.. picka state.. someone picked NC.. i then suggested pinehurst area.. booked ...

Patriotic Americans Saddened Cheney Escaped Attack
Cross posted from alt.activism.......Thought it is very funny........ Americans sorry Cheney survived 'You can never find a competent suicide bomber when you need one' ...

Played behind RSGers today!
84=B0F this afternonn...and I had some time to golf, 9 holes at least. Wide open until I got to 6 and I ran into the back of a pack. Not too bad though. Waited a bit on 6, played it pretty f...

USGA Proposes Groove Change
The USGA has proposed outlawing U-grooves to make it harder to spin the ball out of the rough. Effective 2010.

Any Members in Tampa Bay area?
Hi, Just wondering if anyone is around my area. [email protected]

Tiger to host new PGA tourney in DC area "The PGA Tour is returning to the nation's capital during the Fourth of July, backed by the biggest name in golf. The Tiger Woods

Sorry Wrong Group but we all need a site
We all need our own dedicated web site. Imagine having your own Golfing Site !! Finally we can all have our own name. This Company will actually pay you for your own personal or business ...

OT: Al Gore’s Personal Energy Use
How typical and this doesn't include all the times Gore flies on private jets adding even more CO2 to the atmosphere. Can anyone say HYPOCRITE. "Al Gore’s Perso...

RSG/Amnesty Proposal
Years ago, in my youth, I was a regular at a very rowdy bar. Every 2-3 years they would have "amnesty night". You could get a free drink by bringing back all the bar glasses you had carried ...

Can anybody play ambidextrous?
I was thinking of getting some used lefty clubs & playing around. I know it's hard enough righty but thinking about really is all mechanics.

I get to play again
I had to take 4 months off from golfing because of rotator cuff problems. I recently got the okay to play again as long as I do not over do it. So this past weekend I went to an executive ...

Course Management book or video recommendation
I'm looking for a good book, or video, on course management and wonder if anyone has a recommendation.

Way to play, BK
In the thread, "what is wrong with RSG," a fella named "ShowMe" posts, claiming to a be long time lurker, then proceeds to criticize me about my catty comments toward BK. My response to "S...

Outer Banks, NC Course Recommendations
I'll be taking a trip to the Outer Banks this year in early July and I was curious if anyone has recommendations about which course(s) to play. How far ahead of time should I make a tee tim...

Al-Qaida regrouping.....Where???
In Iraq? NO..... In Iran? NO.......... IN PAKISTAN, in fact on the border near know, over there where the real terrorists are and you dropped the ball and left to go play...

Destin, Fl courses?
Long time lurker... Will be in Destin late March. Played Regatta Bay and Bluewater Bay (in Niceville) last year. Liked them both. Would like to keep the greens fees to ~ ...

Darrell Jeffers
Thanks! Got the package. Perfect. -- jvdp Start clearing your calendars

Congrats to Stenson
Now no. 5 in the world, a new rising superstar in golf.

WGC proves again that Match Play doesn't work
Most of the big names are gone after two days and tiger is gone after 3. The final event matches two foreigners; that Swenson nobody and the boring Ogelthorpe dood. What are the idiots a...

Lesson Question
I had golfed a couple of times in company outings and in other functions but only started golfing regularly last season. I took a beginner group lesson after I had started playing. Would pri...

Elbow bursitis surgery question
I've developed a lousy case of right elbow bursitis --- I'm right-handed -- it's been drained twice & had steroids injected without any help. We've tried the ice & compresses in addition ...

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