Myrtle Beach Recommendations?
I haven't seen many recent reviews posted here in this ng for any MB courses. I'm going down there 2nd week of February and hope to play as much golf as I can get in 4 days time. My friend...

Well, duh!
From talking about Phil: "At the 90-hole Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, Lefty somehow parred just half the holes (45) - the other half were birdies, eagles, bogeys or

Golf and Karate belts
I listened to a Golf Improvement podcast that said that Karate does something that golf should do. It was the system of belts - a white belt Karate won't try to do the things that a black ...

First off, I would like to say Hello!! I am part of an organization called Jamoja. Our Mission is to allow and help any & everybody to express themselves through their love of sport. We...

offset vs regular?
i was doing my research for a new inexpensive driver (last years models ) i cant spend $400 on a driver.. anyway, several pros from several stores all recommeded the cleveland driver...

Hole-In-One prize
I've a friend who got hole-in-one and was witness by the golf tournament presentatives during the tournament. Photos and flight mate particulars was taken. The friend of mine did...

Are you loyal or a traitor?
"That poll about Iraq... came out last week and it posed various questions about whether folks thought the 'surge' was a good idea or not. Including the following: 'Do you person...

RIP Barbaro
Just saw that they finally put an end to his misery.

Tiger AP male athlete of year?...nigguh please
I am a Tiger Woods disciple...but let's be honest. Is there anybody in the known universe who really believes Tiger is a better athlete than LaDainian Tomlinson? If a great golfer is by de...

1st round since Dec 12th hip replacement
I got cleared to play golf last friday after my total hip replacement. First time I touched the clubs since December 11th. I played 9 holes, walked free of pain except when watching the maj...

Streak or no streak, Tiger Woods is simply a roaring golf success
Traditionalists argue that Tiger Woods' winning streak ended at the end of 2006, others argue that the PGA Tour Record Book can't have it both ways.

New fangled family
I noticed Kultida holding a blonde girl yesterday as Tiger finished up the round. I'm assuming this was Elin's neice or something? Or did some lucky kid in the crowd get to move up to the ...

We can all exceed at the beautiful part of the game.
I am going to discuss how we can all exceed at the beautiful part of the game, putting. It is the only part of the game where we are all potentially equal, as there are no special attribut...

Ryan Palmer withdraws from Buick to join pregnant wife - What good did that do?
Is he a gynecologist or something? This is stupid but nowadays men are expected to forget their career whenever the ball-and-chain decides to drop a bastard. Even Tiger says he migh...

New golf related discussion forum
In learning how to set up a discussion forum, I just set one up. For starters, I've got 3 basic categories, plus a general one. The three categories are 1)What equipment are you using, 2)...

Callaway's new FT-i driver: -- rgds, Pete ===== 'I don't ...

ho hum
Another tournament where Tiger wins because everyone else seems to suffer the final 9 brain damage. Is it just me or are these things getting boring? I suppose it wouldn't be so boring if...

What was Nantz thinking?
I know there are several folks here who can't stand Jim Nantz. I am usually his lone apologist here, as I think he's been the best golf anchor in the business ever since he took over for ...

Non-Majors now Broadcasting in HD!!
This weekends Buick, I noticed, was broadcast in HD. Last year, only the Majors and Ryder Cups were broadcast in HD. Hope this continues through '07.

Non-Majors now Broadcasting in HD!!
This weekends Buick, I noticed, was broadcast in HD. Last year, only the Majors and Ryder Cups were broadcast in HD. Hope this continues through '07.

Stevie.... Valvoline
So Stevie the Caddy gets to have his own endorsements, huh?

Torrey South in '08??
Will this sea level 7568 yard beast be a par 70 in '08?!? Could the USGA be this dastardly an organization? Hell, why not gorw the rough to 9", make all the greens rodan style, and narro...

Make me throw the hell up !! Announcers fawning and kissing up
and sucking up and disgusting horrid hideous no class low wit ... " If anyone gets a hole in one on this hole..( which of course is impossible..) will get the THE THE...

Why Bush persists in Iraq-- what he knows
Subject: Fw: Gingrich. . . on Terrorism This is a transcript (obtained from Gingrich) of a section of a Gingrich Speech in New Hampshire. Apparently it is causing a firestorm.

Oh Puhl- eze with the FED X shtick !! All year long ..every putt
every shot . Gosh gotta keep that 10 million in mind ..even tho it is a bad day .. get all you can zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz just bring the package ok ...and let the boys pla...

If there a tie after hole 18 .... what are the rules than.. I'm new in golf

Gotta love Faldo's pronunciation of Jack's name.

Sadly lacking theee Top Talent at Torrey Pines this week ?
I mean like come on folks ...This isnt EGG ZACTLY a Star Studded field. I am guessing that there is another Tourney going down ..with some Big $$$$ at stake.

I may be wrong ( and I usually am ) but -- Tiger does not have
the look of a winner today...The ocean and the sky shore are putry tho ...and his yacht...whew his Yacht !! Life anchor matey .. forget about Golf ...Adios

Freedom of speach should be suspenders for libs who stengthen enemy when they say bad things about war and bush
bush should round up and imprison al the lib idiotes in this county who say that the war in ieyerak is wrong or imorel and that were loosing. anyone who says anything negative about the wa...

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