Best Golf-Related Christmas Present
I bought myself a new bag and my son some new clubs, and my wife got me a gift certificate to the local golf-centric sporting goods store. What was the best golf-related present you GA...

Tiger named AP Male Athlete of Year
I remember at the start of the year, everybody here at RSG said he was washedup and an old 30!!! HAHA. BTW - Tiger says he thinks federer should have won.

Ping "Speeders And Drunk Drivers Are Murderers"; here's your Christmas Present!
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas, and to offer you this as my Christmas Present: Where's my $4 gas, retard? Sorry, I didn't mean to point out your disco...

This could solve EVERYTHING!
Things would be ever so much better if we would return to doing things they way they were done back in the days of Jimmy Crap Corn. I was there... I know.

Brian Manzella on Youtube
I notice Manzella has posted some videos on Youtube.. Excellent in my opinion. Has anyone seen "confessions of a former flipper" and what's it like ? Patty, ...

Repeatable And Simple Golf Swing That Provides Power, Accuracy And Consistency
NOW is the time to fix that golf swing, once and forever. Start hitting the Fairway! We have helped THOUSANDS of golfers world-wide. Consider this statement carefully...One great set of club...

Republicans have sex with mules: On May 5, 2005, anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley was a guest on The Alan Colmes Show, a FOX News radio program. The topic was an interes...

Merry Christmas
Video Christmas Card from yours truly: Quick Time: - or - Windows Media: Also, these are quite good: http://...

Our Savior's Birthday Approaches
Just seven more days.

How Tennessee does the Ten Commandments and sloppy golf
It was sloppy this morning. I got a free mud bath without paying the spa price. Today is when I wished I could pick the ball. Tennessee Ten Commandments Some people in T...

Merry Crystalmas
I was sitting in my chair and drinking some spiked eggnog with some vintage brandy, and I noticed it was SNOWING! I was really excited. I Couldn't tell you how excited I was. Well I guess I ...

Fraser Foldaway Electric Trolley
Hi guys - I've a chance to buy one of these 2nd hand but I'm not sure about the battery.Trolley does work but I dont know the sequence of lights on the charger & what they mean ,can anyone...

Anni wins TIME's "Person of the Year!"
I am truly humbled.

a dubious Callaway ad
a photo from the golf course:

For all the Democrat Golfers
"Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the...

Understanding The Rotary Nature Of A Golf Swing
Understanding The Rotary Nature Of A Golf Swing A careful and close study of the golf swing will reveal that it is mainly a rotary golf swing movement. This is the rea...

Merry XMAS to everybody and everysoul in the world!!!!
Merry XMAS to everybody and everysoul in the world!!!! Love Carl

This record will never be broken
I'm watching the Biography Channel. Their Bio of the Year is about Tiger Woods. The hostess said at the beginning of the show that Tiger won his 54th major in 2006. What's more, she said ...

Could be last day of golf in 2006
The rain has arrived in the South. Long range forecast for next week is iffy. I put my G5 driver into play today on the course for first time. I spent several weeks on range trying di...

Fitba on a golfy sort of theme.
Hi all you folks out there, I am going to a fitba game on my annual golf visit to Houston, Texas. Any hints on what to expect?

Just yesterday I was wishing I had $2000 so I could get a sweet Canon 85mm f/1.2L II lens. Then Buster blew out his knee. Today, I wish I had the money for my dog to have knee surgery. ...

Just yesterday I was wishing I had $2000 so I could get a sweet Canon 85mm f/1.2L II lens. Then Buster blew out his knee. Today, I wish I had the money for my dog to have knee sur...

cracked cobra
Hi, can i get your opinion here please? I have a 5 month old Cobra 414 driver. Its a nice club, love the feel and the shaft. Last weekend while playing I tee'd one a bit too high ...

Need Help Please
Hi There Not posted to this group yet but found the information on here very helpfull in my new hobby of golf, I have been playing now for over 8 months had some leasons and start...

Tiger on Ellen DeGeneres show today
3PM where I'm at.

Precept Laddie balls
Saw them at Wal-Mart today for $19.95 for 2 Dozen. I never saw them there before. Are they going out of production? Mike

Smoke's back today
After a few days clear, the smoke haze from the fires is back today. Not as bad as last week where we couldn't see 500 metres, but it might get thicker in tomorrow's heat and wind. The sun...

Hate golfing with kids....
Golfed with some kid from a local high school golf team today. I only played 9 holes, unfortunately. The weather is going to be bad for the next few days, and I guess I'll be stuck in the ho...

Stanford for Michelle Wie
Michelle Wie accepted at Stanford: Hmmm. She's a pro golfer, so she can't play on the golf team.

For Scott, Dug, & all you other Bandon fans ...
Hi, guys. Don't check in here much anymore ... guess you have to be playing golf to want to chat it about it ... but my attention is still drawn to the sport by various & sundry ...

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