Who won the skills challenge?
I actually liked this years format. John

Mexican Lorena Ochoa named AP female athlete of year
Obvious she won simply because she is mexican. I say no more muds in america, legal or illegal. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16359279/ (snip) She received 220 poi...

GPS Golf Bites the Dust (iGolf)
A couple months ago I bought an iGolf GPS Caddie. I chose this device over the more popular GPS SkyCaddie for two reasons. 1) Skycaddie's required yearly rental fee irritated me. ...

Recap: RSG DC 2006 Winter Round December 30th
The second annual RSG DC Winter Round was held on December 30th at Poolsville GC in Montgomery County Maryland, just north of Washington DC.. The round started at about 10:45 AM with the f...

never compromise voodoo putter
any opinions? bought it at dicks sporting goods.. was inexpensive, and well balanced.. curious if anyone had good success using it in action?

Golf tip
When making a shot, look at the back of the ball, or the place on the ball where you want to hit it, not actually at the ball itself, or the top of the ball. (ok, so you already kno...

Review: Manzella's "Confessions of a Flipper"
I just bought and viewed a copy of Brian Manzella's "Confessions of a Flipper". For the online version the cost was $9.95. You can either stream it off a website or download a 400MB .wmv fil...

Last Round?
Glad I got out yestertday. Rained all day today; a nasty thundersorm...on Dec. 30! Looks like there is enough energy in the system to continue on through tomorrow, so I guess yesterday was t...

Re: The Godfather of Augusta...
Hopefully this comes through with one line per tape. It is the group name, the date, where the show occurred, and which set was on each 90 minute tape (usually Maxell but sometimes TDK)...

Homes from all over the world! New web site!
Check out the site me and few friends just started. The site has images of homes from all over the world. See how people live in far away countries, photos from Japan, Brazil, USA...

Daddy Tiger
Tiger's birthday present: Child on the way Woods, 31, will become first-time father this summer ANAHEIM, Calif. -" Tiger Woods celebrated his 31st birthday Saturday by sharing some of ...

Finish the Joke !
So Gerald Ford, Saddam Hussein, and James Brown arrive at the Pearly Gates .....

Is Arthur Havers still alive?
He was born in 1898, so he will be nearly 109 if he is still with us. He won The Open at Troon in 1923. Thanks

Seems Saddam at last has found a good swing!

Sandy birdie on first and then I woke up
First hole is a 192 yard par 3. I was in right bunker with 28 feet to the pin. I closed my eyes and took a mighty swing. The ball landed in fringe and rolled into hole. Then I reverte...

Tiger Skips Mercedes
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061230/ap_on_sp_go_ne/glf_mercedes_woods I don't blame him. It's ridiculous to schedule an event so close to the holidays. Everybody takes the week betwe...

Ping "Laura Bush Murdered Her Boyfriend"; let's discuss you, Laura Bush, and fatal accidents, if you can.
Considering some time back that you wrote this: I must be doing something right to go 3 1/2 years without a fatal crash. : http://groups.google.com/group/misc.transport.road/msg/a...

foreUS tour
Here's an interesting idea: http://www.foreus.com/ They say: "The foreUS Women's Golf Tour has been established as THE Women's Golf Tour for Lesbians." They must ...

Winter Solstice
I had intended to post this about a week ago but better late than never. SUCKS FOR YOU ALL YOU SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE BLOKES!!!! Your days are getting shorter and ours are gett...

Happy New Year to everybody in the world !!!
Happy New Year to everybody in the world !!! Cheers Carl

Sparky Shoots a 58!
....of course par was only 58 :-) me

On Improving Lag (continued yet again)
My "progress" on improving my lag has definitely been a mixed bag. And progress has been negatively impacted by injuries (one of which is probably directly related to lag improvement drills)...

RSG DC 2006 Winter Round December 29th and/or 30th
Ladies and Gentlemen, The second annual RSG DC 2006 Winter Round will be held on either December 29th or 30th at about 10:00 AM each day, or we might just play each day, I will ...

Tiger's US Am wins on TGC W-Th-F
Two-hour highlight shows of the finals for 1994 tonight, 1995 tomorrow, 1996 Friday. Great comebacks in two of them.

Anyone here typed the words "miserable failure" into "I'm feeling lucky" on Google?
Try it. I did. I liked it.

Collegiate Golf Tournament in Germany
Hi, I am posting this in this newsgroup to inform as many people as possible about the tournament that my institution is hosting in 2007. The Students Matchplay 2007 is a 2-...

On using the glove (or headcover) under the arm....
I saw the pros warming up last year (particularly Harrington and Singh) using a glove under their right and left arms. I guessed that it is to remind them to "stay connected" with the arms ...

Lead tape
I'm an 8 handicapper and find it virtually impossible to hit a draw with my driver. I can draw long irons and 3 & 5 woods without too much problem. I use a Ben Hogan C-S3 9.5 loft Neutral ...

The Godfather of Augusta...
...with a simple "I'm going away" reposes and dies: http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Music/12/26/james.brown.ap/index.html

Golf Term Help
What does the term "whip the green" mean? It supposedly pertains to golf course maintenance. Thanks, BMW

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