LPGA May Wood Update
May shot 80 today. Looks like she'll have to rely on her other attributes to make a buck next year. http://www.woodgroupinc.com/maywoodgolf/pictures/16.jpg

OT: Bush gives Maliki the Kiss of Death
In a press conference yesterday, President George Bush said that Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki would be gone within six months. The exact quote was, "He's the right guy for Iraq." Thi...

Farm Links GC, Childersburg, AL
I played this research-sponsored course in Southern Talladega County Friday after Thanksgiving. Granted the weather was perfect and my companions were better golfers, but I had a great tim...

Golf ball scam
Here is an interesting story of a couple of idiots that work for the government who will soon be working in a government prison. You have to really dumb to steal from the government becaus...

On Topic Local headline just now: Golf club attacker sentenced
Golf club attacker sentenced Goshen =96 A Port Jervis man, who had pleaded guilty to first-degree=20 assault for attacking a man with a golf club, was sentenced Thursday to=20 18 ...

Spoiler:Q school and Wi
Currently tied for 25th round 2....

Souped-up golf carts taking to the streets
http://www.ng2000.com/news.php?tp=golf In Arizona, golf carts are shedding their caddy shack reputations. People are buying them for recreational and alternative transportation us...

Have you ever been golfed out?
I've not played but 6 times a year for the past few years. Previously I've played well over 100 times a year. But the thing is I don't miss it, and I don't know why. Sure the kids are gro...

Chip Magic
What a useless 9 holes. + 7 for the first 4 and even par for the last 5. Nice way to waste a lunch hour! ;^) I should sell "Chip Magic" though...and if you chip like I did today you <...

Road trip remorse
I just got back from a week up in Kansas City with family. Since the Thanksgiving week is usually a cold/wet/snowy type, I didn't take my clubs. Wouldn't you know it, every day...

Global Warming
I got this email from the ESA, which I consider to be pretty solid with respect to the scientific view on the issue. As it seems to be an issue of concern, people may as well know what they ...

PING! annika1980
A friend of mine will be vacationing in Gattlinberg next Spring and was asking me about good golf venues. Asside from Pungent Municipal, you got any recommendations in the general vacinity?...

Tough day on the greens
I managed to hit 13 greens today. The flat stick (I am never going to blame myself) just was not working. Only 1 birdie,10 pars, and 2 three putts. Made 4 bogies and one double on the o...

Annika Sorenstam
http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/story.html?id=e69847a7-217a-424b-8ab5-1635f3d7ac72 It's over, gal. Time to hunt up Martina Navratilova and mianderson and settle down for some swee...

"Donald Trump unveils plans for golf resort in Scotland"
I was amused by this headline. I immediately thought of some other possible headlines. "Donald Trump unveils plans for coffee shop in Seattle" "Donald Trump unveils plans fo...

Taboo Golf Club
Mike Weir's home golf club is listed as Taboo Golf Club. This is his Ontario home, not his Utah home. That's an odd name for a golf club - I wonder how it got that name. Search...

She's got all the skillz
http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/wii/clips-wee-golf-217224.php -- jvdp http://www.rsgcincinnati.com

Casey Martin and the Flood gates
I seem to remember back when the Supreme Court handed down its decision on the Martin case, we had several regulars express the opinion that this would result in some rather dire consequen...

Notah Begay III
Congratulations on finishing Top 6 at Euro Tour Q-school. Newly married, healthy again. Tiger's big brother is "almost there." Sandman

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 20 <...

Let's vote for biggest loser....
.......and it should be easy. With over 18,000 internet posts and never having contributed a single intelligent remark, I think I have to go with "Laura Bush murdered her boyfrien...

where are wombats?
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. We all know that Wombats are to be found in Zoos. ...

Nationwide Tour
Anyone know what the restrictions are on USPGA Tour players playing in a Nationwide event? I'm asking because in the New Year there are two Australasian Tour events that are co-...

interested in wombats
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. 8 -- Posted via a free Usenet acc...

PA divorces....the real story
Pamela Anderson divorces Kid Rock....here's why. They were wed in late July near St. Tropez, France, and again at a courthouse in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Aug. 3. They tied the knot a...

Laura Bush
Sorry... this has nothing to do with golf. Laura is a chain-smoker! http://www.opednews.com/thoreau_050405_laura.htm

John Daly in 2007
In today's Skin's game one of the announcers mentioned that JD finished at #193 in 2006 and would have no exemption status for 2007. He then mentioned that JD would have to play on sponsor's...

Titleist X68 Bag?
I'm in the market for a new bag and I can get a new Titleist x68 for at MOST $116. It looks like it's a decent bag. Any thoughts on it? What are some BAD things about the bag?...

Play bogey golf until you are breaking 80 regularly.
Play bogey golf until you are breaking 80 regularly. I couldn't recommend this highly enough, especially for a tough course. Make it one of your golf habits and you'll find your scores...

On Improving Lag (continued)
This is kind of a continuation of the thread with the same Subject first posted on 10/5/06. http://tinyurl.com/yf5efm FWIW, the timing of this post is perfect as I'll have some time to...

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