Winter is just around the corner ....

Reynolds sues ESPN for $5 million
Analyst claims he was fired after giving 'brief and innocuous hug' to intern .- Former ESPN baseball analyst Harold Reynolds sued the network for at least $5 million Tuesday, saying h...

Kerry Screws the Dems
WASHINGTON The White House accused Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday of troop-bashing, seizing on a comment the Democrat made to California students that those unable to navigate the country's e...

Golf in high winds
Wow, yesterday was a beautiful day to play. With the exception of the very gusty wind. It really changed the play and keeping the ball low didn't help as much as I expected because the w...

OT: Insurance rates
I usually shop every 2 years when it is time to renew my homeowners and auto policies. I had not found enough significance in rates in the past with the various insurance companies to mak...

Cleveland Hi-Bore - looking for tips
I have both the Cleveland Launcher 330 and the 460 (both 10.5 degree with regular Fujikura shaft) and love both. I had never hit a driver so consistently long and straight (sometimes with ...

Remember on Nov 7 that 73% of Senate Dems voted AGAINST the infamous Military Commissions Act of 2006
That's the horrible constitution-shredding law that made Bush dictator a couple weeks ago. Only ONE repub Senator voted against it. Like a lot of you, i talk about how the parties are ...

Golf scoring booklet for sale
Information regarding the Golf Stroke System scoring booklet may be found on my website, with some pictures. will give all of the details. The boo...

Rules Question
sorry to interject a golf question in this political newsgroup, but I gotta know: If one was to enter a greenside bunker to get a rake placed in the middle of the bunker, ...

Big Lazy Spoiled Multi-Millionaire skips this week's tournament.
Roger Federer pulled out of the Paris Masters. Who did you think I was talking about? Hmmm. Roger skips out. Tiger skips out. Roger and Tiger have become close friends. Any chance...

Tiger seeks Minor League baseball tryout
OK maybe not. But if he can't get interested enough to play this week, how long before he doesn't want to be out there at all?

Playing Different Balls
I was playing the other day with a guy that I know well, but rarely get to play with. He is a good golfer (index bounces around in the 2.5 to 5.0 range) - a couple strokes better than me (...

Test -- ignore
-- jvdp

favourite courses.

How bad is Nancy Pelosi???
By Robert J. Caldwell (San Diego Union-Tribune) October 29, 2006 Democrats are trying to frame the midterm elections as a referendum on an unpopular war and an unpopular pr...

Peter Croker and the TGM
Just stumbled across this guy's website and see references to the TGM. He has some clips to download for small charges. I'm interested in the TGM but don't understand the book. <...

New Titleist Drivers, 907 are out on the PGA
The New Titleist Drivers, 907 are out on the PGA tour at the FUNAI Classic at WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort

Stiff shaft
Hello, i play golf over 5 seasons and i using old Vantage 2000 iron golf clubs. Im not using woods (only 20 degree hybrid). With i9 is not problem for me hit the ball over 120 meters, w...

How do people hit the freaking ball perfectly EVERY TIME?
I can't believe that when I go to the driving range, some little frail female or jerky looking man pulls up next to me, and they hit the ball perfectly every single time. The ball goes high...

Congrats, Daniel Chokra!
Nice 76 today, pard. Way to shake off that opening 67 and go from first to worst. You're the biggest choker on Tour. Get a real job. Dunkin Donuts is hiring.

Garcia gaffe
Updated: Oct. 29, 2006, 4:41 PM ET Garcia gaffe helps Harrington win Order of Merit Associated Press SOTOGRANDE, Spain -- Padraig Harrington captured the Order o...

OT RIP Red Auerbach
I know Red's in heaven. Cigar's already lit.... Thank you for all the great Boston Celtic teams and memories.

Green on Hole #2 Burns
I believe that this is basically a correct statement. But first some background info. I learned the game of golf in the early/mid 60's on a 9 hole muni-type course (Ozark Hills Go...

Puttings drills for the winter
I would like to work on my putting for next year. While I am better this year (ave 32.09 vs. 32.41, even as my GIR went up), I had 7.8% greens in which I 3 jacked. So I can appro...

Return of the son of great golf pairings...
May contain repeats: Donald/Sutherland Green/Day Green/Day/Song Singh/Green/Day Singh/Green/Day/Song Weir/Garcia Els/Weir Gay/Funk Funk/Song Sin...

Daylight Savings rocks; Standard time sux,
dude! Estimated last-tee-time-sure-to-finish, now that we're back to silly-time-keeping (dark-when-I-leave, dark-when-I-arrive-home time): 1:45. Estimated last-tee-time-sure-to-...

Tiger is to the PGA Tour...
what John Fogerty was to his CCR bandmates no comparison

What's wrong with the PGA Tour?
I'll tell you what's wrong with the tour. Two words: Tiger Woods. The Oldest Member and I have excitedly been making our plans to go see Tiger at the Tour Championship next week. ...

Titelist Drivers...
Sent my 905T in for repair after a cracked head. Titleist took 5 weeks to send it back... Ridiculous. Thankfully the Tennis & Golf shop loaned me the 905R during that time. Hope...

The Masters Golf Tournament
All Golf Enthusiasts please take a few minutes to check out and then post a critique about it. Let me know what you think it needs to make it better. <...

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