Big Break
How come Donald Rumsfiled is butting his nose into Big Break? Doesn't he have enough trouble with Martha Stewart?

FS: Ceramic Golf Frames
Here is a link to some golf frames I have for sale. I run a golf tournament and these are left over, brand new still in the packaging. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. ...

OT so far you won't believe it, but it's not political
I really like the show "Ugly Betty" that started yesterdey. Anybody else like it?

What would YOU do if you were Phil?
Getting back to Phil and his decision to "put his family first".....'s my theory. Phil's NOT a pussy, per se, and not afraid of Tiger, but I think his game is going through ro...

Rules Question - Lateral Hazard
We have had an on-going discussion at our club about how a ball should be dropped from a somewhat unique lateral water hazard. I have studied the rules and decisions and can't find a clear ...

Tiger getting too jaded
There's still time to change his mind, but it's starting to look like Tiger really doesn't care about the Vardon Trophy, and will play just one more official event this year --- the Tour Cha...

dies irae?
Has anyone else noticed the music that plays in the background of the ads running on golf broadcasts for the new PGA tour playoff structure? It's the "day of rage" piece from Mozart's req...

Pro V1 vs. V1x
The subtitle of this topic is "Dave, tell me again just exactly how long it took you to figure this out for yourself??" I'm finicky about golf balls and, in particular, how ...

Nick Faldo just agreed with me
He was talking about how female golfers need to play out of the rough more to develop the strength in their arms which will let them put more backspin on the ball. I said the same thing a c...

Why not play Ryder Cup on continental europe?
The 1997 RC was played in spain and that appears to be the only one not played in america or the british isles. 2010 is scheduled for wales and 2014 scotland. Why can't germany or france g...

Damn (spoiler)
79% driving accuracy, 303 average, and 100% GIR. His putting was off today, or he would have shot another 63. I think he's getting close.

Tiger has given back 3 already. Do you think he does this just to keep it a little bit interesting?

Amex Spoiler
Garcia needs to shoot a 52 tomorrow. Vijay needs a 45.

John Henry Syndrome
In the legend of John Henry, "The Steel Drivin' Man," he took on the relentless machine, and with all of his effort beat it, only to die from his efforts. Duval was fi...

WGC American Express Championships
Looks like the coverage is going to be tape delayed today. Anyone want me to post updates so you can keep up real time? :-)

Winning 11 in a row
What does it take to win 11 tournaments in a row? Statistically, we could ask what is the probability of winning any one tournament if we know someone can win 11 in a row. To have...

Last on the Ryder
Just a general question.At the Open Phil and a few others brought along their coaches Dave Pelz and Phils coach,Haney for Tiger,others brought their own plus their own physios,shrinks etc th...

Byron Nelson - secret pedophile and satanist??
I don't think so but somebody has to stop all this prattling in the media about Saint Byron. Hell - the guy was just a dumb jock and then a dumb cowboy.

Which was the greater feat?
Nelson winning 18 times in 1945 or Hogan winning 13 times in 1946? Similarly, let's say Jason Gore won 18 Nationwide events one year and 10 PGA Tour events the next. Which was the bet...

Lee Westwood
The British John terms of logos. Westwood is British for "This Space For Rent"...

Dottie Pepper
She's a man, baby!!

Straight from the horse's mouth:
Just as I suspected - RSG left coaster/right winger "long&left" debunked: Verbatim from Uncle K's synopsis of RSG Central Coast: "Just like Rude Dog, who isn't rude, or a do...

PGA vindictive
Why was Michael Campbell reduced to only being allowed to enter only 10 PGA tour events (including the World championships and the British Open) for FIVE years? This ruling was handed down...

Greetings and welcome to the big lie. "You should use a stiff shaft, it's intended for fast swing speeds." "You should use a flexible shaft, it's intended for slow swing speeds."...

RSG - Vancouver Saturday Game
Anyone got room for a single tomorrow? Howard AKA "Da Craw"

Driver Technology, 10 years later
I pulled a couple of old sticks out of the basement while my 905T gets repaired, and also borrowed my bro-in-laws old 975J. All three sticks had a stiff shaft while I now use a regular...

Money must be tight at Bandon Dunes 09/24/sgdiar24.xml I know he can afford the greens fees, but considering all he's done for golf, I ...

RSG Vancouver Turkey Shoot
Anyone interested in a round either Sunday or Monday of the long weekend? Riverway seems to be easily accessible to the group we had on Labour day, but I'm open to suggestions. Howard, Muk...

Tiger on 11 in a row
----------- Asked whether 11 in a row was possible now, Woods said probably not. "The competition is so much deeper now," he said. "Back in his day -- I actually talked to ...

OT - Phil Mickelson and golf
Any thoughts on why Phil pulled out of the Grand Slam of Golf in November? Seems he might play 4 weeks in a row and then go into hiding for a month or so. Has he become a head case? Poor...

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