"Golf is a rich-man activity which destroys mother earth!"
In norway this days, a stupid, stupid farmer, who wrote an article about golf in the magazine "NATIONEN" (http://www.nationen.no) have created a massive discussion, mostly against the farmer...

no bounce wedges???
I saw an ad in the Rocky Mountain News which struck me as odd: Dimension Z Golf the leader in precision manufactured golf equipment has developed a new line of ZERO BOUNCE...

More Ryder Cup changes needed
Ryder Cup coming up soon, and then the President's cup next year. At some point all these competitions will need to be reconfigured. It's the same issue facing Champ Cars and the IRL: ra...

ATTN Howard, BIG Bobby Clobber. Mini RSG Vancouver
As posted in the original thread, 8:58AM at Belmont. I did not order any carts; if you need one please call and reserve one for yourself. The wife will be joining us. See you there! ...

Pro-Am Pairings
Are the groups in the pro-ams that precede PGA events determined by lot, or by highest bidder, or just whatever the organizers decide?

Settling up after wolf - Help with the "dots"
Played yesterday with some friends, and I'm trying to figure a better way to "settle" up at the end. We played $0.50 a dot. Is there an easier way to do the calculations than this? <...

When did they start pairing golfers by score?
We have guys like Wadkins claiming that Tiger's competition folds on Sunday, when the old-timers would have stepped up. But we forget that although the weekend pairings have been assigned b...

Please tell me how many depressions there is in a golfball?
Dear Group, Dear Group, Please tell me how many depressions there is in a golfball like this? http://www.new-dream.de/image/wallpaper/sport/golf/golf-07.jpg /Soer...

Hole of the night
Not by me... but by an opponent. On the par 5 4th my opponent hits his drive high and to the right... he normally hits a draw, but this one stays right and I tell him I think it ...

Tale of two, one shitty (apologies to Charles Dickens).
I played a round on Sunday and again today. I have been slightly frustrated with my game. I have managed to get my hcp down to 14, but the way I was hitting the ball at the beginning o...

Rules Q: Ball comes to rest in golf cart
What is the proper procedure and what are the penalties, if any, when a struck ball comes to rest in a golf cart? This came about on a short par three hole where I hit the ball really ...

Questionsabout Tiger's Top of the Clubhouse shot
I didn't pay that close attention when I saw the replay, but just got to thinking: I concede that the clubhouse was not marked as Out of Bounds. Doesn't the clubhouse then beco...

Change of Plans
We're now launching in our motor home tomorrow, taking the most direct route to Seattle and taking the most direct route home. Plans got changed because of medical appointments we can...

Letterman's Top Ten
David Letterman's Top Ten Reasons Why Golf Is Better Than Sex 10 A below par performance is considered damn good. 9 You can stop in the middle and ...

Basic rules
On 30 Aug 2006 05:25:16 -0700, "Simon" <[email protected]> wrote: >Some of the rules may be obscure and complicated, but they rarely come >into play. If you kn...

Chipping with a PW
Decided to try to use the PW only from 80yds in and hoping to that it will grow on me, and simplify the short game. Did an hours practice around one of our greens last night, standard p...

I did JonBenet!
Now where's my first class flight to Colorado?

NCAA Golfers Using Steroids
http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/magazine/08/29/scorecard0904/ Two things from the article I didn't know before: last week the OGA held a tournament with a dejuiced ball, and ove...

Noncommercial website discussing various golf topics
In my effort to learn how to put together a website, I've put together a very amateurish site that lists quite a bit of information regarding different golf topics. Nothing is being sold on...

RSG Vancouver - Golf this weekend
Put your labours behind you and come play golf this weekend. Open to suggestions as to time and place. Prizes (beer) awarded for nicest 4 iron shot and most putts within 10 feet. ...

Hands at top of backswing
I see some golfers, including pros, with their left hand parallel the ground at the top of the backswing, and I see others with the left hand perpendicular to the ground. I've been experimen...

most important part of swing?
I worked on this a couple years ago, and found it helped greatly. This year I "rediscovered" it again, and I'm curious if anyone else finds it as important. If I get the clu...

repairing divots and ballmarks
Ballmarks should always be repaired, but I suspect the preferred technique depends on the kind of grass and the thickness of the turf. Someone here complained about people twisting a mark...

Match Play Madness shot
I'm going to break out of the other thread where MPM was briefly discussed. My opponent at the USG-RSG match was Chris "Hickory" Homer, who managed this beauty: http://www.zbzoom....

Best Round I've Witnessed
Played in my league last night, par 35. I hacked it around for a 39 with just 1 birdie. But my partner lit it up with the best 9 holes I've ever seen anyone play Birdie-Par-Par-...

Things are getting bad
The rains have failed this winter. The water storages in my area of rural Victoria, at the end of winter, are 13% full. People in local towns are on Stage 4 water restrictions ... no garde...

Things are betting bad
The rains have failed this winter. The water storages in my area of rural Victoria, at the end of winter, are 13% full. People in local towns are on Stage 4 water restrictions ... no garde...

Denver golf
Hi. My friends and I are planning a trip to Denver to watch the Giants play the Rockies in the middle of September and we want to play golf as well. We're from San Francisco and none of us h...

Jack's majors, in detail
I saw this on another message board and thought some here would find this an interesting compendium of Jack's majors: -----------------------------------------------------------------...

The Stork in Match Play Madness(TM) 2005
Match Play Madness (TM) This ball was plugged. 4 inches deep (in its own pitchmark). His opponent was out of the hole (in the lake). He just had to dig it out to win...

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