If a man played on the LPGA....
Not tiger but just a good solid PGA player like maybe DiMarco or Mike Weir. Would he win every time? 50 percent? I'd say 90% myself.

Pick the PGA Winner
No, this ain't the Crazy 8's. You must predict which of the previous 3 Major winners will finish higher in the PGA. Tiger, Phil, or Ogilvy?

Re: handling the heat
high heat and humidity will not affect all players to the same extent. some like it hot, most prefer moderate, do you have a preference? I like 76=B0 temperature and 50% hu...

Instructional eBook - Improve your Golf sing
Word is getting around! In 2006 so far, we helped people from 16 countries on 6 continents fix their swing problems. There is a reason why "The Simple Golf Swing" is the # 1 rated golf instruction sys...

I have heard at airports if you lock your golf clubs in a travel case, the airport security will cut the locks off and inspect the inside, is that true? bruce

Thank You
You guys are a riot! Thanks for the free entertainment. Keep it coming :-) GD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tiger Wo...

Create your own Scorecard in PDF format
You can create your own personal scorecard in PDF format at: http://www.golfincanada.ca/pdf_scorecard.php Enter course data, select what features you want to show, and create, prin...

13.5 degree Driver
I have started using a 13.5 degree driver, which I am real happy with. My question is with the added loft on this club, would I be able to use it from the fairway instead of my 3-wood? ...

Have you ever tried this?
Think you could shoot a low number if you could just straighten that driver out and hit the fairway? How low? Sub par? Maybe scare that awesome 59 number? Next time you are out,...

Rules Question re:putting
Is it legal to straddle the line of a putt to place & align the putter face? Then one would obviously assume the normal putting stance to actually putt. FrankenShank

Broke 80
Played Eldorado in Cadillac MI (great course) on Saturday night with the father in law. Shot 79 for my first official breaking of 80. I had shot 79 and 78 earlier this year on a par 70 c...

Annika v Chopra Update.....
Annika = $1,290,382 Chopra = $793,642 Wow -- Annika has an extra comma in there somehow. I can almost taste the air at Pungent Municpal in Chattanowhere.

Old Men and Technology
I get a call from my dad last night at about 9:30. He tells me that he is watching the Curtis Cup on The Golf Channel and thatit's bringing back all kinds for grean memories from your trip ...

Wierd Local Rule
Go to a course I play regularly but had been absent for a few weeks. The place has been under new management for the better part of a year and we have slowly seen changes the whole time. ...

Q: Hybrid club
I have hybrid 3 and 4 irons. Their faces are not straight and flat like "normal" or traditional irons. They are curved like woods. Why is that? Is there some rules govering shape o...

Courses Closing
Drove 50 miles to play what was described as a nice "Par 3" course since I have never played one. The course was just north of Slidell and was abandoned. Katrina got it. I was told late...

Congrats, Corey Pavin !
Last week I said that Tiger played like Ben Hogan. Today we saw how Ben Hogan really played. Hit the fairway, hit the green, two putt. Hole an iron shot here and there. Pavin hit all ...

Taylor Leon Calendar
OK, so there isn't one yet...but I'd buy one when there is one. But I wouldn't want to be here fourball partner, and I'd hate to be married to her and have to listen to her voice constantl...

46 - 36 Today
Played Quail Brook, a county course in NJ today. Swing seemed to just come together on the back 9. KZG was working great off the tees all day, but the irons seemed to find their directio...

could this be a trend?
First Tiger wins the Open by hitting a lot of boring wimpy irons off the tee, then nailing approach shots and putts. Then Corey Pavin wins by hitting a lot of hacked fades off the tee mil...

Pavin's my new Hero!!
Corey proved that golf is about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. The scorecard doesn't care that for most of the season, you ranked dead last in driving distance ...

To Hammer and Annika
OK, so an unfortunate wording of a post by Eric led to Annika saying something objectionable about my wife. Have to be honest, had it not been the wording about my wife, I may have taken ...

The biggest asshole?

Putter Length
overall, for a traditional putter. Is 36" considered standard? >mho >v fe

Good on you Bruin
10 years between victories? How long between Haley's Comet sightings? I really enjoyed watching this week's tournament and how well Corey Pavin played. 20 under. Awesome! ...

golf new york
i am planning a trip to New York , and going to be stay in a place called valley stream, and was wondering if anyone can tell me some good courses to play in that area.

Rules - Practice swing strike wrong ball
A player is buried in deep rough and "identifies" their ball. While taking practice swings they accidentally make contact with the ball thus turning it enough to realize it was not theirs....

Fascinating facts: distance vs accuracy.
There's been some talk here today about how clever Corey Pavin is to hit it short and get it in play. I mean, who could disagree with a guy who shot 26 for 9 holes, right? Well,...

Follow Up to the sub 80
Just a quick follow up. I started out great today--shot a 39 on the front and that included a missed four foot par putt and one bad chip that I should have been able to get close to the hol...

Comments on Taylor Made R7 CGB irons?
I have a chance to pick up a set of TM CGB irons, and I wonder if there is really much of a difference between my Cleveland TA5's and these. Comments on these? TIA

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