Supreme Court tells us to kill them
The effect of today's ridiculous ruling will be that battlefield commanders will take no prisoners. As usual the rule of "unintended consequences" reaps the opposite effect for the moron l...

Convicted violent drug criminal and jail bird challenges for lead in Buick
Notah Begay who has been convicted of drunk driving and has done actual jail time for it ( as all DUIs should) is only a couple strokes back after 2 rounds. Drunk drivers have the highest ...

Did Tiger skip the Buick? Will he ever play again?
I thought he always played in the Buick but i can't see his name on the leaderboard. It's been 2 months since "popsie" died and it's time tiger thought about his fans.

Hello Dano - Are you out there?
I'm in the LA area. Drop me a line. Ken

USWO Report
I was in Newport today for Round 1 of the U.S. Women's Open. Some thoughts... Great, old course. No cartpaths here. Not designed for the massive quantities of spectators on hand....

Petrovski frinja

Avena Ragione Berlusconi66

Vancouver golf on Saturday?
The Cuz and I have a tee time at 1:07 tomorrow down at Morgan Creek. Are any of you Vancouver and environs RSGers interested? We're getting a discount rate of $64 + GST (normally $95)...

I Need a Laptop............... A new deal has hit the web. This is from the same people who gave out the free iPods a while back. They renamed there company to FreePay. Th...

New things at My Golf
If you haven't visited lately there are some new things to check out. Free expert advice from sports phsychologist Anne Duffy and former PGA tour player Dav...

Colioptra O

Amazing Hole in One on Video
In case you missed it, here is Former Masters champ Fuzzy Zoeller makes this incredible hole in one shot on the 16th hole at the Alliance Championship in West Demoines, Iowa. http...

Google Earth, GPSbabel, golf course mapping
Wednesday I mapped the front and backs of the greens on my course (in Baton Rouge, La) using GE, saved the waypoints (placemarks) as a KML file, translated from KML to GDB (Garmin) using G...

$10 off $20 at order when you use Google Checkout Just passing a deal To get $10 off your order of $20 or ...

Ullrich Out for the Tour
It's very disappointing to have Ullrich suspended for the Tour de France. He was one to watch as the post Lance Tour begins Sat.morn on OLN. If you want to see a "major" tune in.

Question About Technique
Thanks for you reply to my previous question. One more follow-up. BTW I have signed up for lessons at PGA Superstore. Today I went to a par 3 course. There were several occasion when I wa...

May Wood leads US Women's Open!
OK, so technically she's tied for the lead after Thursday's play.

More on Laser vs. GPS
Last weekend at RSG Wisconsin we golfed at The Oaks, a more upscale course that includes GPS on their carts in the form of a representation of the hole, distance to objects, distances to c...

how long is too long?
I have a pal who's buying a new set of custom clubs and they're making them 3 1/2 inches longer than standard. He's 6'3" and thinks this sounds right, although I'd swear I'd read somewhere t...

Make Microsoft angry!
Make Microsoft angry! Want to make Microsoft angry and make your life easier? Click here and find out how:

In the water - off the tee
What if I hit in a pond, etc off of the tee? Is it stroke and distance and I'm hitting three off the tee again or is it considered a hazard and I drop a new ball(no closer to the hole) wh...

Foreign objects on the club face
Got this in the email from the USGA this morning: "Rule 1a, Appendix II discusses the general rules affecting all clubs, whether a wood, iron or putter. Among other things, Rule 1a, Ap... Taylor Made R5
For those of you possibly looking for a deal on a new driver:

Ryder Cup tickets
I have just booked a trip to Ireland, ostensibly to go to the Ryder Cup matches, but in reality just an excuse to golf and drink a long way from home with three good friends. (Fortunately...

Impact Ball Training aid
Hi, Has anyone tried using the impact ball training aid? Is it any good? My Pro likes it, but it retails at =A330 so while it might be good for him, would it be any good for us amateur...

You thought Phil was bad? LOL! /JB

Announcing RSG Austin 11/4-5 (tenative) (Pinging Houston & Dallas)
Nothing is set in stone yet, not even the date, but right now we are shooting for the weekend of 11/4-5 for RSG-Austin. Historically, the average high temp is 75 degrees on that date. <...

PGA Abolishes Majors The PGA leading money winner and season champion is now almost completely determined by four events at the end of the season - Barclay...

FedEx Points system revealed. This should make things quite interesting. the jist, - points awarded through the season

Wasn't hard "C" to find out who you are. Remember the song "We've Only Just Begun". You and I are going to ge to know each other real well, real soon -- Nathanie...

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