Masters and Olazabal
Since no one has posted anything about JMO's incredible fourth round at the Masters, it is time someone did. JMO goes out and shoots a 66 with a few bogies sprinkled in there for good mea...

Even by RSG standards...
One down on the 425 yard 18th. Straightened out the dogleg by going over the bunker, probably a 250 or 260 carry. Ball took a long time to land. Yardage from the hole according to the GPS: 7...

Course OPENS!!!
Just South of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our course opens on the weekend!! YES!!!! Clinton

How often is play called at your course?
I live in S Calif so lightning is rarely a problem. Watching the tour events I realize that in other parts of the country weather can be a problem. I was wondering how often or frequently ...

Tiger apologizes for "spaz"
"Tiger Woods last night apologised for saying he putted like "a spaz" at the US Masters just hours after British Paralympian Tanni Grey Thompson called his comments "a bit stupid." <...

Shaft Cutting Tool
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0012_01C65DA4.4D66F2D0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Worst thing about golf
Is when you play when the ground is wet and mushy - for me it is impossible to keep my feet from sinking and moving. Everytime I go out and play in mush I swear I'll never play in mush ag...

New driving range
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) -- There won't be a fairway or a green in sight, and it's a far cry from Augusta National, but the international space station could be turned into a driving r...

Performance in Majors
The discussion around Jack et al and "Who is the greatest?", prompted me to take a look at the data. I only looked at who won and used a rough measure that counted the major opportunities...

54? Ho hum; Jack shot a 48 at the Masters
Saw this post in AFCA (1) and wondered if any of you knew if it was true. If so, cites please. Yes, yes, I'm too damn lazy to look it up myself. Deal with it. :) =====

What a PITA 9 holes tonight
Got some great weather in SE Michigan. Had to be in the 70's today. Went to one of our fine courses.. it's not cheap, $25 for 9, and that's spring rates. The course (Pine Trace) ...

this will surely be a record distance for a drive
A cosmonaut is considering hitting a golf ball into orbit from the space station! Pending approval from NASA. It's a publicity stunt for a a golf club manufacturer. http://www.cnn...

How to teach a kid to play golf
I bought my 5 year old a junior hybrid & putter and will introduce him to the game this spring. I'm a 5 handicap and am pretty good with swing mechanics. I've helped several people/frien...

Tiger and This Year's Masters - Credit Where Credit is Due.
Tiger did not have a blow-up of which I am aware. He certainly had a number of chances (such as the three consecutive bogeys). And he gestured like he wanted to do it a time or two. But, he ...

A little golf on Maui ...
Just back from a family trip to Maui for my daughter's spring break. Managed to squeeze in a couple of budget-conscious rounds while we were there. Both were afternoon prices, just under $...

Was that a mullet?
What is with Michelson's hair? Too busy to get a trim? That boy scout face with long hair just looked odd to me.

Private Club - Central Ohio
Anyone from the area instersted in joining with me? We can split ONE initiation fee this way... its pretty reasonable and its an outstanding course....

Monty Responsible for no Euro Majors
This weekend I heard one of the Euro tour players advance the hypothesis that one reason for the recent dearth of majors won by European players was that Monty who was regarded as their best...

what is the best way to drow the ball?????

What did Old Lefty say to Elin Nordergren-Woods after the Masters???
"I just won my 2nd green jacket......and I still got better tits than you, bitch!!" :-)

Do u all wish Tiger was never bin born ???. Tiger is here to staaaaaay fuck u all red-neckkk

what's up with south africa
I mean seriously, this tiny country pumps out golfers like nobody's business. Locke, Player, Price, Goosen, Els, Clark, Immelman. What's up with that?

Most recent yrs for American Slam & Non-american Slam
Hope i'm right but it appears 1982 was the most recent year in which all 4 majors were won by americans and 94 the most recent year non-americans won all 4 majors

Beginner Set - Need Opinions about 2 Specific Sets
Hi: I am an avid beginner and am looking to buy a full golf set under $200. After much research, I came up with the following 2 options: Driver Hybrid PW/SW ...

Info on Mini RSG Michiana (SW Michigan, NW Indiana) -- Ron

Did Paula Creamer's clothing person get mixed up with Tiger Wood's clothing person Sunday?

Top 3 Masters finishes
Jack has been in the top 3 an amazing 12 times. Who do you think are #2 & #3?

Phil's #2
Phil vaulted from fourth to second in the Official World Golf Rankings: 1 Tiger Woods, USA 18.13 2 Phil Mickelson, USA 10.17 3 Vijay Singh, Fij 8.75 ...

Glad That Tiger Didn't Win
Personally, I'm glad the Tiger wasn't able to buy a putt Sunday at AGNC. Because if he had pulled it off, it would have been the Earl Woods Memorial Green Jacket that Hootie would have slipp...

Jack had no competition
At least, if you use the standards of the Tiger-haters. Both Jack and Tiger won their first majors (excepting the US Amateur) less than a year after turning pro - Tiger won the first m...

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