Duck Tom!

None of Tiger's first round on TV
Real smart. Give the biggest draw in the world an early tee time. Does anyone out there give a damn about the fans?????????

Duval Lookin Good!
Oh wait. I forgot to change my calendar after April 1. Dave Googlin'

Which threesome would you follow?
If you were only able to follow one threesome today, which would it be? Personally, I would have to go with Mickelson, Els and Katayama. It could be a day of Els and Mickelson pushing eac...

Last minute Mini RSG Vancouver update
The last spot has been filled ... sorry Will and whoever else was considering it.

Happy Tartan Day, Sneddon!
-- jvdp Mr. Dome Q Amish web site
I'll give Hootie and the gang an A+ for the official Master's web site I enjoyed the live TV CAM of the practice tee. Nothing like seeing good swings ...

Two Drivers..What's The Big Deal?
I know what Phil is planning for Augusta (two drivers) is somewhat out of the ordinary, but hardly revolutionary. Recents major winners from RIch Beem to Vijay have played "unconventional s...

I wonder if they'll try the tour when this fails..............

New newsgroup Golf updated daily Posted Via Premium Usenet Newsgroup Services ---------------------------------------------------------- ** SPEED **...

Wisdom of fivey - compiled
Presented below is the collected wisdom of the webtv lifeform known as fiveiron. Alternately plying the role of golf expert one moment and utterly clueless newbie the next, and...

Mrs Ringer and I were just on the Golf Channel
While "what's his name" was commenting about Tiger going for his 5th Green Jacket, Me and Mrs Ringer were shown walking past. We are famous!!!! Cool Da Ringer

mini-RSG MICHIANA 4/22/06
To be held April 22nd, possible third round on Sunday April 23rd. Golfers from Indiana, Chicagoland and Michigan who might be interested should let me know ASAP. I need to make tee t...

Strange Scoring Distribution
I've compiled my scores over the last 3.5 years and plotted the distribution of each score (yeah, I'm bored!). 188 scores worth. I've ranged from a 10.5 to a 3.9 index (6.3 currently)...

Up and Down
At what distance out from the cup - do you start taking the short game seriously. mho vfe

The Daily Pitts, 04/05/06
" Tiger was cussing like a sailor at the Masters in the final round last year. My nephew is a deacon in a Baptist church in Houston. Since Tiger's major blow-up at the 2000 US Open, he ke...

Jack's Length
You guys ever watch those old "Shell Golf" or "Big 3" shows on TGC? Jack regularly had pokes at 300+ yards and this was with a wooden driver and balata ball!

Lengthening Courses Vs. Changing the Ball
Just heard Jack on the Golf Channel, and he talked about the goal of lengthening was to make it so that on shots where the guys used to hit 3 iron into the green, they are still going to hit...

OT: Sen. Reid in 1993 Interesting that he wanted fairly severe penalties back in 1993.... What's different now? Let's see, 1993- Clinton as Pres...

Swing Videos - Critiques Please
I have put together two sets of videos of my swing. One set shows my 7 iron both a good (for me) swing and a swing with thin contact (my main iron failure mode). The other file has the Dri...

Masters TV coverage sucks
4PM-7PM Eastern, Thursday and Friday, on USA. The last group tees off at 1:40, so we probably won't see anybody play the first six holes or so, and we will only see about a third of the fie...

Master's fly-in ?
Anyone know where the pro's fly into for the Master's? Do they fly into Augusta regional or Daniel Field?

O/T Concerning Gas Pricing
A man eats two eggs each morning for breakfast. When he goes to the grocery store he pays 60 cents a dozen. Since a dozen eggs won't last a week he normally buys two dozens at a time. ...

mickelson and 2 drivers - higher COG =???? For Olin Browne, the goal this week is a higher trajectory on his tee shots. So he's got the ...

Help hitting lower trajectory irons.. PLEASE
I'm try to change my trajectory to a much lower ball flight. I'm a tall golfer (6'4) & I use mizino mp-33's (LOVE THEM btw). I hit all my iron too high (for me). My PW is a solid 145 yds car...

Masters on the net tomorrow
Wow -- there's a lot of stuff available on the net for the Masters tomorrow. I'll be lucky to get any work done. -- jvdp Mr. Dome Q Amish

Why is Masters a "Major" ?
Can someone explain what makes a tournament a major. It's not really an official thing, is it? Just tradition? The other majors appear to be open tournaments whereas the Masters is

The Daily Pitts, 04/04/06
" Tiger's a spoiled brat and a tantrum thrower. He should act like a champ instead of a chump. " lead sled (aka: Ken Pitts, 04/04/06, TheGolfChannel DB)

Masters in HiDef
For info, Universal HD channel will be broadcasting the first two days in HiDef. USA will also be broadcasting for those without Universal HD in their channel lineup.

Woot! Found a league.
Well, after searching for quite a while, I finally found a 9 hole after-work league to play in. It's at a sweet Jack Kidwell/Mike Hurdzan course that is less than 10 minutes from my house. ...

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