Not so fast, there, Veej!!
After seeing the new Cleveland HiBore commercial for the umpteenth time in which Vijay says "I'm driving it longer and straighter than ever" I decided to check it out as he's not having what...

Observations from my round yesterday
Got out to play my 2nd round yesterday and noted the following (in no particular order): 1. It is entirely possible to shoot a hideous score from basically the middle of the fair...

Colbert nails it
At the White House Correspondents Dinner Stephen Colbert said in response to critics who posit that the administration is merely shuffling chairs on the Titanic: "This administrat...

Michelle Wie on the PGA Tour
Here's what one person said about Michelle Wie gaining a sponsor's exemption into this year's 84 Lumber Classic: "This is the big leagues, man. I think tournaments should invite p...

Lanny's Colorful Language
Chris Couch is settling over his chip shot for par on the 18th hole today, trying not to vomit all over himself. To use Tiger's words, Couch was in the midst of playing the final two holes l...

Funk me!!!
Didn't know he could hit it 250 off the deck...

Talk About Golf; Win TaylorMade TP Balls
GolfBlogger ( ) is holding a contest to promote the new GolfBlogger Golf Forums. Winners get a sleeve of the new TaylorMade TP balls. Details here: ht...

What the left don't want you to know
When it comes to hypocricy the left has a monopoly on it. The leftist of rsg want to bitch and complain about Bush, fuel prices and profits made by the oil companies but here is what t...

What the left don

Round them up!!
These demonstrations will be a wonderful opportunity to bring in the Immigration Service with National Guard backup, block all the exits, and screen the crowds for illegals. Deport those wi...

thanks for all who suggested i use a 6iron for chipping
a few days ago, i posted about a chipping putter, and several mentioned using a 6 iron, in a putting stance.. i was amazed on how accurate it was!!!! im sure there was some luck, but...

Does the PGA have it wrong?
While there may have been changes to our equipment, courses, and an increase in the usage of technology in teaching golf it seems as though scores (and hence, handicaps) haven't really chan...

Driver Yips?
This other thread about Duval reminded me of another article that Hank Haney wrote in GD...say, about a year ago. HH had.... and I guess he still has the driver yips. He had to do somethin...

Rules: ball moved after address -- Zurich New Orleans
I was watching the Zurich at New Oleans without paying much attention. Someone stepped away from their ball on the green, stating it moved. A rules official came by and after some disc...

Buy One Share of Adams Golf Stock
LOL! At you can buy one share of Adams Golf stock (I see their picture still has the old logo) for $50.00 (instead of the $1.22 plus fees it w...

Custom clubs
I want to get a set of clubs for my wife, and was considering having some "Snake Eyes" or something similar built at Golfsmith. I spoke with a rep at a local tore, and they charge $16.50 plu...

#1 Mistake
I've made in readying for the game of golf, and from the tee-box. This could include getting set up with gear - to striking the ball. I would say the right preparation and application ...

What's the worst shot you've ever seen or hit?
Circa 1991: The worst shot I ever saw was one by a dear friend. #1 tee at Plano Municipal GC in Plano, TX. The lefty hit his tee shot that started over the first fairway and sliced so b...

Callaway Golf profit rise beats estimates LOS ANGELES, April 26 (Reuters) - Callaway Golf Co. (ELY.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday said first-quarter net profit rose,

Christina Kim's colorful language
During the little bit that I watched LPGA today, I heard Christina Kim use the F-bomb, goddamit, and Jesus in describing her shots. Has she broken a rule and will/should she be penalized? T...

Chevron Profits up 49%
....while bush rejects tax on oil company windfalls. A true demogogue. Thanks goes to all that put this jackass in there. The dead American kids' families would like to thank those same fol...

3-Lesson tune-up & new driver
I had literally lost the swing. Drives out of control, fairway woods the only saving grace in my game. So I took 3 lessons from a local pro here in Tampa to tune up what was wrong. ...

Callaway Scoring Software?
I'm involved in an annual fundraiser golf tournament. Each year we've manually calculated the scores as the groups come in. This year we'd like to automate this as much as possible. <...

No Name Putter
I have an old putter I like and I wonder who made it. It's a classic shape with a gold-colored head and a stepped down steel shaft. The bottom is stamped "Classic Series." And CLS.2 is stamp...

Titleist 975D and 975J - Thanks
Hi, I posted some time back about my driver (975D) and one recommendation (sorry can't remember who) was to look at the 975J, I subsequently looked about and finally managed to ...

Theory behind the "Inside Approach"?
I see many past postings in this news group about the Inside Approach swing training aid, and similar items. However, most postings are about how to build a home-made one using PVC pipe (a...

Left Hand Low?
I play with one guy who experiments with left hand low (he's a right handed player and putter). I tried it on the putting green today. (Still very new to the game.) What I found w...

Go, Dakoda, go..
It'd really be something if she makes the cut. Of course, it's already something that she's out there at all. Good on the organizers of this event, and on ESPN for covering this....

Maximize Your Golf Potential
You have certain physical capabilities. If your pro tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn and you can't... what does he tell you next? I can tell you it's to make some kind of "compens...

Golf Club Technology Innovations
While I understand R&D would account for a large proportion of product cost it seems to me as though the only SUBSTANTIAL innovations in club technology have been in :- - lighter,...

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