thoughts on composite drivers
I disliked -- hated, in fact -- all of the composite drivers I have tried up until just a few days ago. I happened to give a Cleveland Launcher 460 Comp a whirl after seeing a guy hit his v...

Golf Really Explained George Greenwood vintage 1930s FA
Golf Really Explained by George W Greenwood , Some pencilling on endpaper and inside of front board,although I think a little judicious work with a rubber would remove this. Otherwise a good...

on golf - Mickelson's Dream
20 events. m h o =A0v =83e

Warm-up routine
I read that during the pre-round warm-up, we should start with wedges, move on up to the driver, but keep 5-10 balls aside to finish with - with wedges. This is supposed to slow our tempo ...

a component of a golf club that surrounds the golf shaft just above the top of the hosel in most cases. what purpose does it serve? m h o =A0v =83e ...

David Lee's Putting on the Arc
I'm curious if anyone has heard of or tried David Lee's arc putting technique. I ordered his latest putting tape after being very happy with his Gravity Golf system, and practiced for a few...

absence *does* make the heart grow fonder
I'm married with a 2yo son. Golf for me (for the last 3 years anyway) consists of 9 holes a week if I'm lucky. I maintain a handicap of around 17. I'm always thinking: "man, I wish I c...

Get Rich
Take advantage of a great deal

In a conventional putter are the ones with a 72=B0 lie used more than those with a 90=B0 lie? What is the advantage of using a putter with a 72=B0 lie? There are very few re...

Grip Fitting
Since a grip that's too large or one that's too small can contribute to a slice or hook - respectively, how does one go about getting a proper fit in a grip? Are, do most golfers ...

You too could lose to Tiger Woods in a play-off....!!
Yesterday, Monday, I was 'officiating' at the qualifying round for this week's Victorian 'Open' (Oz) which starts in a couple of days time......and I was reminded that this time last year ...

OK. It's not a broken arm, but...
I inadvertently came upon a golf epiphany last week. My right hand pinky has been quite tender as of late due no doubt to whacking it on something. Several weeks ago, I found I could no lo...

sink a birdie
What does this mean? thanks.

Will Phil Mick Win Another Major ??
I can't understand this guy.IMHO Phil Is one of; if not the most talented golfer in the pros,and that includes Tiger.Some times I think he just does not concentrate on his game.With the na...

Pink on Sunday?
I watched some highlights last night while I was on the treadmill. That sure didn't look like a red shirt Tiger was wearing. Or does my new TV need an adjustment?

broke my arm
I was going downstairs last night to get a beer. At the bottom of the basement steps i slipped and fell on my right arm. Luckily, the wife was home and she was able to get me to th ER. X-...

The difference between them and us..
As the TV ad's say, "Those guys are good." Nice article. Draco ...

Same old Tiger
Just like we talked about last year. I said that Tiger tends to try to lose some tourneys on the first day. His back to back to back bogeys on 4,5, and 6 in round one back this up. It was no...

golf shirts at a great price
let us do your embroidery

Crystal Ball
by Volvik. Getting closer.:--) what is your spin on this pretty little ball in vivid colors? m h o =A0v =83e

Interesting Comment on Sprint Post Game Show
One of the commentators, I think it was Mark Rolfing, was interviewing Tiger on the Sprint Post Game Show after his win at the Buick. The commentator opens his portion of the interview by...

Another Golf Channel Downgrade??
One of the few things I still enjoyed watching on TGC was the Sprint Post Game show. I thought Kraig Kann did a real good job handling that show. Now it appears that Kann is out even thoug...

Onward Through The Fog!
I did my normal sunrise tee-off this morning but with a little twist. Fog rolled in before we started and the visibility on the first tee was only about 100 yards. We've started like this ...

Talking head idiots
The "Three-Metal," "Sudden Victory," "Ola-thobble." Please make them stop....

Hope you all caught this at today's Buick broadcast ... (Sunday) On 17, I think, Tiger hit his 3 wood (or metal!) and pushed it into the right rough. He's 'yellin' Woody, Woody ... s...

[Q] Ball moved by wind, goes into hole.
I was asked to rule on the following scenario: Player A marked, lifted, cleaned, and replaced his ball on the putting green according to the rules. At this point, he lay 6. He stepped...

Announcer made amazing comment about tiger
Said last year eldrick had 566 putts inside 3 feet and made every one of them!!!!!!!!!

Olaschnozzle blows it at the Buick
Big nose jose maria proved once again that no pepperbelly has the cojones to go against my tiger. Mediocre sand shot and then missed the 4 footer. At least he did better than nathan green. O...

Way to go Tiger
First tourny entered,... first win. Fun to watch.

Trip to Mecca
Business in Austin Monday. Will allow me to visit Golfsmith HQ. Got to be the best golf store on the planet. I am lucky.

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