Let's see who gets the first ace ...
It has to be adjusted by time zone, so a guy in England has to deduct a few hours or something. I haven't had one in 40+ years, so I'm due.

Integrity on the Course
Wednesday afternoon my wife and I went out to play a few holes on our (municipal) course. We were driving down #4 fairway when a ball off of #3 tee came through the windshield, hit me...

The Best Golf Purchase Ever
Is a book called Better Golf. It is written by Julius Richardson, a Golf Magazine Top 100 insturctor. Nothing really new or innovative. It is the way the book is packaged...

One Final Question ....
I have one final question for: BK: "Did you remember to mail the check? $50,000 will suffice." R&B: "Will the Official 2006 RSG-ATL video be filmed in HD?" Bill-o: ...

Happy New Year?
I doubt it. Not as long as I am around. LOL! /JB

RSG 2006 Wish
Note: I did not participate in the recent, major pissing contest, although it sure was tempting. As many have mentioned, "it's that time of year." As timing would have it, my ha...

Happy New Year
Hi all... Judy and are are away today to celebrate New Years with non golfing friends, so I guess our 2005 season is over for good. I had an offer to play on Friday, but it was ...

How many rounds a week?
I play 1-2 rounds of golf a week. Usually hit a bucket of balls prior to the round using the 3-5-7-9 irons and my driver. Just a novice, but I love the game. Shoot in the high 80's to low...

Worst. Swing. Ever.
The weather was beautiful today. Almost no wind, high in the mid 70's. I got enough done in the morning that I was able to sneak out for 18 after lunch. I walked on at the local muni; it was...

Winter rules - just what are the rules?
Improve the lie in the fairway? Lift, clean and place? Or does the club/proshop determine the "rules"?

Video of my Practice Swing
x-no-archive: yes Got a new digital camera for XMAS that has video capability. My daughter was willing to take some shots of me in the back yard swinging a driver. Not en...

Blade vs Cavity back
Hi gang.... What is the "real world" different between blade and cavity back iron? I know .... well! I "read" that cavity back is more forgiving and you can shape the shot bette...

I think the name is gonna get changed....
...from the Artic Scramble to the Mud Scramble! Sunday's outing looks like the ground will be really wet, but a balmy 50 or so otherwise. Could be interesting. On another ...

Indoor golf practice aids
Can you please provide your opinions on which are the best indoor practice aids for the golf swing? How is the Impact bag? Also, how is real world golf on the playstation? A...

Warrior Custom Golf - still running their same scam (long)
Executive Summary - Warrior Custom Golf of Irvine is still running their same play-test-our-clubs scam. Hello Golfing Mavens, I want to provide a detailed...

Interesting Tiger poll at espn.com
They say tiger won 10 majors in his twenties and ask how many he'll win in his thirties. 65% of the voters say "more than ten". I think that is very doubtful http://sports.e...

Golf in FL... Package? Set it up myself?
Ok, a buddy of mine and I are headed to FL for the Daytona 500. Unless we get a great deal on some kind of room at/near Daytona, we'll be staying probably in Orlando. Should I/we...

Re: wish for hammer
"NOBODY" Poor thing! Give him time to grow up. His chosen email address, shows what he thinks of himself...How could he think much of anyone else.

"Don't Drink & Drive...Don't Even Putt."
How about a televised event for golf's "Silly Season" in which top pros play a round after 12 or 13 rounds at the 19th hole? John Daly could host...who else should we get? What about the f...

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Tomorrow the forecast for Melbourne is 42C (108F), with a hot northerly wind ... a scorcher for New Year's Eve. There is a change forecast sometime overnight though. It might be...

My wish for Hammer
The guy needs to suffer and die. Death to the Jew pig. Harsh, but who cares! /JB

Almost a shame to waste good weather on a duffer
I went out today and no words to describe how badly I hacked the ball. Only second this year I broke 90 (going the wrong way) Range tomorrow and then 36 on New Year's Eve. D...

Test - please ignore.
BlankI am trying to check my setup after changing from dialup to broadband. I have had great problems. Rex

Swing Frustrations (w/Pictures)
I recently bought a digital camcorder pretty much for just golf swing analysis. I had been using a analog (VHS based) camcorder and only used it occasionally. Quite frankly I didn't expect t...

More US Amatuer Championships on TGC
1995 today, 1996 tomorrow. 7PM and 11PM EST. I apologize for not being clear in yesterday's post. My intent was to alert anyone who might want to see these shows. I did not mean to ...

Club carry system
When I was at a driving range recently, I saw a poster advertising a device for carrying five clubs to a range with pockets for your keys etc. Unfortunately I have lost the web address.

Izzo impact bag - useful training aid?
Also, real world golf - is it a good game?

Tomorrow is Tiger's 30th Birthday !!!
So what did ya get him?

Tiger's New Pad
How does $40,000,000 for a teardown sound? http://www.palmbeachpost.com/treasurecoast/content/local_news/epaper/2005/12/29 /m1a_tigerwoods_1229.html It must be nice to have ...

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