OT Ipods
I have a regular CD player except that it plays mp3s. I holds like 150 songs and cost me $45. I don't see why anbody pays more for something that holds so many songs you'll never ...

Index Change coming
Got this from our Handicap Chairman today: "Hi Larry, Those scores in Hawaii showed up in your November recap. I was able to make 3 out of the 4 corrections yesterday, on-line. Your

Hybrid Swing Technique
I just purchased my first hybrid club. What is the proper swing technique for this club? Do I hit down at the ball as with an iron or do I sweep as with a fairway wood?

Aye Yie Yie
Aye, Yie, Yie, Yie I am the Frito Bandito I love Fritos corn chips I love them, I do I steal Fritos corn chips, I steal them from YOU!

1000 cc Driver Head!!!!!
Just when I thought I'd seen it all........ http://www.golfsmith.com/cm/products/g3100 Kenny -- Kenny Stultz - Troll and SPAM intolerant "Golf is the only s...

Golf Fitness Book
Looking for a golf fitness book that includes exercises, stretches, and etc.. Any recommendations? Thanks

Stopping in time
On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 11:02:30 -0500, John van der Pflum <[email protected]> wrote: >The voice I hear in my head during the downswing is often yelling >"Abort! Abo...

http://www.pgatour.com/story/9068636 First paragraph of the above link: Stat of the Day 2005 PGA TOUR Around the Greens Players drive fo...

Great Divider vs. Datrek cart bag??
I'm looking for a new golf bag for a pull cart, and am considering either a Great Divider Trolley bag (closeout model) or a Datrek Sundancer bag, since both are reasonably priced online at...

Ping Bill-O
You on golfclubatlas? I saw a William King from Mariette and didn't know if it was the same guy. -- jvdp http://www.rsgcincinnati.com

Pet peaves at they're worst
Anyone hear hate it when you can hear you're opponents breathe when your trying to tee off? Its the kind of thing that really greates on my friend and I. They'res this one looser that bre...

Painting putter shaft
I'm planning to paint the steel shaft of a putter to make a Christmas gift. Just trying to make it look nicer or fancier. What kind of paint should I use? Is the spray paint for autos ok? ...

Bienvenidos, amigo!
Fuck Bush. Fuck the Minutemen and other bigots. Say "Bienvenidos" (welcome) to our friends from south of the border who are willing to do the shit work that Americans think...

Hmm..interesting idea for silly season..eh?
This guy has a pretty good idea for 'silly season'. How about a Natalie Gulbis and Sophie Sandolo match play..in bikini's! http://grouchygolf.blogspot.com/

If anyone could point me at a site selling Law Enforcement/Police related head covers, I'd be seriously appreciative. I've exhausted Google ............... Thanks.

Distance versus terrain
Does anyone have any on-line resources which graphically show the effect of slope on shot distance? I use a couple of driving ranges, one with a slight incline and the other with ...

Extreme croquet
I thought golfers would enjoy reading about extreme croquet. http://www.extremecroquet.org/about/smithsonian.html I read that in the magazine, but Google shows other links as...

10 Things Your Country Club Won't Tell You
http://www.smartmoney.com/10things/index.cfm?story=april2005 10 Things Your Country Club Won't Tell You 1. "We'll do just about anything to get you to join." You may think o...

women never forget
--------------020701070705020104040708 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Remember when you and your brother-in-law Wa...

Another Rangefinder Rules Q
The discussion about Rule 26 got me thinking................. Is a player allowed to use a range finder to determine if a potential drop area is not closer to the hole than the spot hi...

...and now there will be a limit on the MOI of driver heads....
".....The MOI of a driver head is a measurement of its resistance to twisting and, therefore, it is an indication of the ‘forgiveness’ of a clubhead. It is proposed that, with effect from ...

List of conforming driver HEADS.....
The R&A and USGA websites are now publishing a 'List of Conforming Driver *heads*'.....as well as the familiar 'Non-Conforming Driver List'....both of which shall be relevant for play as f...

What do you aim for?
Can you come up with a single reasonably valid answer that will fit both questions? The answer can not be "aim for 1st place" nor can it be something as vague as "aim for the best...

Test. 3 questions.
Test your knowledge or saturation thereof. Test. 3 questions. From the following sequence of actions: Bring arms up. Initiate downswing with shoulders. Bring...

Myrtle Beach course closings
Planning a trip to Myrtle Beach for the Spring and came across an article about planned or potential course closings. I heard that something like 20 courses have closed and/or are un...

Rule #26 Question USGA ROTW
First off, and I know I said this before, but the Rule of the Week email that the USGA sends out is awesome. Kudos to whoever puts it together. The topic this week was Rule 26 ...

Keeping the head still?
I am beinning to think that this is among the worst advice you could ever get. The last few months, I have been working on an abbreviated swing, with a very pronounced ins...

Problems lining up putts

Skins Game Pictures
Skins Game Pictures http://www.golfdiscussions.com/yabbse/index.php/topic,6281.0.html

Medical advances
On Mon, 28 Nov 2005 12:40:06 -0500, Roger Pattee <[email protected]> wrote: >Seriously..would you go to a Doctor who recommends you wear a metal >triangle about y...

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