Hawaii low rounds
Hey, I played 5 rounds on Oahu-- 2 at Kaneohe from the blues, 1 at Leilehua from the only tees available, and 2 at Mamala Bay from the blues. Kaneohe (Klipper Course) is rated 130...

The Golf Diary Personal Scoring System
Just got it. Love it. Check it out. www.golfdiary.com

Golf in Montgomery -- well, not quite
What started out as a fairly routine golf trip to Montgomery turned into something else quite a bit more remarkable, and certainly far more historic than anything I could have ever conjure...

Any good and affordable courses in Houston. I've played Hermann and Memorial Park courses but am looking for more of a challenge.

Hawaii low rounds
Hey, I played 5 rounds on Oahu-- 2 at Kaneohe from the blues, 1 at Leilehuafrom the only tees available, and 2 at Mamala Bay from the blues. Kaneohe (Klipper Course) is rated 130...

RSG NW Flight Tracking...........
Cincinnati to Pasco $363+ Columbus to Pasco $193+ Daytoni to Pasco $529+ Lexington to Pasco $509+ Louisville to Pasco $291+ -- jvdp ...

Most embarrassing golf shot.
Mine had to be this past Sunday. In the afternoon playing on the local Muni as I approched the eighth green. I had a short chip to get on the green. I took my pitching wedge out. Took my sta...

Monty wins EIGHTH european money title
It appears they include winnings on the US tour. Not too logical but i think the PGA includes British Open winnings. Anyway - why isn't monty in the World Golf HOF????

Michelle Wie golfs with Willie
http://tinyurl.com/a7x3t I bet Monica is jealous (as well as Brett).

Alternative to a Stimpmeter
For no particular reason this ran across my mind while watching a REALLY fast putt roll ever so slowly down the hill (and well past the pin). The thought is that there is a correlation betw...

Testing some new software. LOL! /JB

Range Finders
I seen digital lasser range finder that hunters use, made by Bushnell that measure yardage from 5 -999 yds,whats the difference between those and the range finders golfers use? ...

Latest Michelle Wie News.
Lastest news on Michelle Wie + Galleries... http://michellewienews.blogspot.com

Hey Tiger Hater
Guess who the POY is! It aint your mama! LOL! /JB

Blow Tie Wisdom 10/29/05
Taken from another forum just a few hours ago: "Seems like Bush really in bed with the Zionists and the Jewish lobbies. Fuck the Jews, this is a Chrisitan nation. We are bed with the Isr...

Attn SingleGolfers
I will be teeing off tommorow at Pebble Beach. We will be in a threesome. We will not be accepting singles on this day. Except you Blow Tie. A little nudge off the cliffs of 18...

My strategy for RSG. This may help some of you.
Ignore posts that annoy you. Including this one. -- Doug Main "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

I understand The Rev's point
This NG is going to the crapper faster than one can say SPAM. Thanks Rob for an actual recent golf post. Think I am going to lay low for a while. Maybe when I get back the spamfest will be o...

X-No-Archive: yes Yesterday, beautiflul day, maybe 65 degrees, a bit of wind. Course in about as good a shape as you can expct for a muni. I go to play a few holes after work. A b...

Attn Painter!
If you are not a spammer, why do you continue to use your sig line. I will tell you why. Because you are USING this group and your so-called friends to generate sales. /JB ...

RE old v new drivers
Hi i used to firmly believe old drivers were better but i got a taylormade 320 ti for 30 quid the other week and have been creaming it 250+ all the time, i think the key is, new drivers have graphite ...

Re: Why is Spamming tolerated here?
On 29-Oct-2005, Teddy Borg <[email protected]> wrote: > We all need to contact RSG headquarters and make them aware of this > situation Or you could put yo...

Help me
I thought SPAMMING is not allowed under the charter of this group. Why are sig lines tolerated? Isnt the intent of a sig line to generate sales? Is this not a non-commercial site? <...

RSG Headquarters
Where is the main office of RSG? And who do I write to for complaints? I have several issues: 1. A clubmaker that SPAMS RSG. 2. A painter that SPAMS RSG. 3. Wise as...

Travel Cases
I'm looking for recommendations for a travel case. I haven't seen any reports about them lately. I checked the archives and couldn't find anything since 2004. I like the idea of t...

Why is Spamming tolerated here?
We have a guy who openly sells paintings and another who openly sells clubs. On other newsgroups, this would not be tolerated. We all need to contact RSG headquarters and make them aware o...

Officiating Idea
I know we're all 'over' the Wie episode but I just had an idea for officiating that might be worthy of consideration. With so much money on the line I predict every questionable situation i...

Vijay RIP
He has a lot of good golf left in him, but this may be the end of his excellent golf. He'll be 43 next year, but he's hit twice as many balls as anyone else, and you have to pay the piper s...

Confessed psychopath and criminal VJ misses another cut
Two in a row now. Since he bragged to Golf Magazine a couple months back about how he thinks he's a big man cause he drives 145 mph, his game has gone down the tubes. Hell - the deadly c...

Since rangefinder devices (as well as Skycaddie type devices) are going to be legal soon (or maybe already are - haven't followed this one closely), I'm considering getting one (in fact may ...

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