Tiger on Conan tonight; wins POY
12:30 AM on NBC tonight. It was actually taped Monday, so don't expect him to comment on Michelle Wie's press conference. He may comment on winning a record-breaking seventh Player of...

Rule Question
I tee-off land in the fairway on a side hill lie, looks like an easy 5 wood to the green. Next guy tee's off his ball hits mine, my ball is now still in the fairway, tuff 5 ...

Hurricaine results in golf ball crisis!
Just read in the local newspaper here in New Bedford, MA (home of Titliest golf) that the two hurricanes has caused a shortage of surlyn. That has caused Titliest to temporarily shut down t...

Statistics for all players in 500+ rounds
Here are the statistics for 500+ rounds entered in My Golf Domain.com this year as of September 29th, 2005. This represents averages for everyone in the system. I though there would be p...

Golf Is Having A Bad Year...Why?
I have been watching this Summer as several courses in my area have closed, and have been reading how the courses in Myrtle Beach and around the country are closing at near-record paces.

In order of play 1. Kingsbarns (94) 2. Carnoustie (xx) 3. St. Andrews (old course) (87) 4. Torrence (87) 5. Devlin (90) 6. Elie (84) 7. Leven Links (86) 8. Devl...

First Round in the 70's
I played my first round in the 70's today since moving to Texas. After a hellacious summer, and 105 degree temps earlier in the week, it was 76 when I got off work tonight, so I headed...

Which nations are more likely to produce great golfers?
Just completed a quick analysis of the top 200 world golf rankings by nation. I know......I have way to much time on my hands but this was prompted by some silly comments in another post......

Office Depot at Trump National
Was invited to the corporate tent at the Office Depot LPGA event at Trump National GC, formerly known as Ocean Trails. This is the course whose last 2 holes fell in the sea and ...

Poor stupid conservatives
They voted for a guy who lied the country into a war that has killed 2000 americans and wounded 20,000 and killed 100,000 iraqi civilians and has cost $200 billion. A catastrophe much worse ...

7,100 Putts
I happened to look at the putting stats I keep for myself for 196 rounds played at my home course since July 2001. The cumulative total of 7,100 plus hit me like a ton of bricks. If I...

Worst Lie of the Year?
I ran into what I consider to be a candidate for worst lie of the year. I pulled a drive rather badly into the trees on the left. This is an area of large pine trees and pinestraw. It was a ...

Golf Balls.
I finally ran out of the original Maxfli Revolutions, I have just bought some "original" Noodle balls (someone on the NG recommended them) for 14 a dozen which I thought was reasonable. ...

WOW - Duval finally finished a tournament
The Valero Open last weekend. Finished in 60th place but had a couple rounds in the 60s. +1 for the whole event. Only other sub 70 round this year was a 69 back in Feb. He's been in <...

Great Range Swing - Poor Course Swing
I am battling a mental anguish trying to bring what is a very good "range" and "practice" swing onto the course. I know that if I use proper tempo (decelerate-stop at top of backswing,...

Poor Rejected Liberals
Having lost nearly every recent election, now in desperation they turn to the courts to try to bring down the Republicans. Lame. And it won't work. In fact it will backfire on them. The...

Dynamics Swing Glove
Could someone enlighten me? Does this glove have any value in helping a relative beginner develope the proper swing technique? Thanks in advance for your insight. Mike

advice on ping I5's?
i am looking to get a new set of clubs and wanted to know if anyone has played these ? i heard they can rust also - is this true ?

Michelle Wie - JD Classic
http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/sports/golf/12757782.htm Another reminder that we all should try and keep our emotions in check on the golf course, huh?

Harry Bradshaw
Saw an old Shell's Wonderful World of Golf yesterday, Harry Bradshaw of Ireland vs Billy Casper. Bradshaw hada 2 finger interlocking or overlapping grip. It reminds me of how golf used to be...

I need a ruling
Guys: Just curious - what is the call if you accidently knock some vegetation off a tree or bush while taking a practice swing? How about if that vegetation lands on the ball? ...

Slowest preshot routine ever...
Played with a guy yesterday that had the slowest preshot routine I've ever experienced. Luckily nobody was behind us, and we were a 3some... Before EVERY full shot, he's stand 10-15 f...

mind game
help? where do i start with the mind game? thanx dave01

Rules of Golf to allow for correcting scorecard errors
"Rules of Golf to allow for correcting scorecard errors by Associated Press FAR HILLS, N.J. (AP) -- The rule that got Mark Roe disqualified from the British Open two years ago wh...

Casio World Open/Wie/TGC
haven't been able to watch as much TGC due to football season...anybody know if they've announced any US coverage of this late november event?

Korean Open
Anyone know where I might find a leaderboard ? I've searched hi and lo...can't seem to find anything...

Michelle Wie to turn 16 in October. The countdown clock winds down!
I've had you on the countdown clock for a long time, but it won't be as long now as it has been being. I like it when you wear the white pants which accentuate your long legs ...

Well, well, well...."Roe/Parnevik rule" changed!
http://www.sport.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2005/09/28/sgrule28.xml&sSheet=/sport/2005/09/28/ixsport.html "Scorecard hell for Roe never to be repeated" Remember this t...

Mini RSG-Michiana
2nd Sunday in October. Blackthorn Golf Club (Golf Digest 4-1/2 *'s), just west of South Bend. If interested, email me for details. I have one foursome and wouldn't mind fillin...

Endorsement contracts?
I have been playing golf for 45 years and have never purchased a ball, club or glove because it was endorsed by a touring professional. Have any of you done so? The point of the ...

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