Paula Creamer's bow
I like it. Yes I know you don't give a shit. Not you, you.

Oldest guy to win his FIRST major???
Tom Kite did it at 42 with the 1992 US open. Is that the record? Again i'm talking about the first major. I believe julius boros won a major at 48 but that was not his first. I'm trying t...

Sam Snead & The Oldest Member
The Oldest Member has been jotting down some of his memoirs and letting me read them. Here's what he wrote about his time in the Navy when he met The Slammer: =================== ...

Tested an R5 on the range
I've been thinking of upgrading my TM320 to the R5. I previously played a round with the R7 set up the way I would configure it if I owned it, but found it not to my satisfaction.

Dunlop Irons
I have been offered some Dunlop 65i irons at a cheap price. Can anyone tell me something about these irons. Are they discontinued or difficult to use eg? Please advise ...

Regripping Shafts "NO TAPE"
I just regripped a set of clubs I had custom made, and to amazement there was NO TAPE utilized. How were the grips applied without tape, and how did they stay in place without moving ??

Annika's Shot from the Bunker
If you didn't see Annika's stance just now, and if you didn't see Paula Creamer's miniskirt yesterday, you won't understand this, but I sure wish Paula had had that shot yesterday.

Congrats Vijay
Great win for Vijay; he seemed to be in total control from start to finish. As the announcers commented, he seemed unflappable, even in the face of a Tiger charge. This increases his margi...

Since Tiger Missed his Cut
Since Tiger finally missed the cut at the Byron Nelson, he has finished: T3 Memorial 2 US Open 2 Western Open 1 The Open Championship T2 Buick Open A...

Confessions of a Sandbagger
My old course where I used to work hosted it's annual City 4-Ball event this weekend. It is a two-day Four-Ball (two man, better ball) event that is flighted after the first day's play. That...

Pitch shots to 400+ yard golf holes
They are brutalizing this track. So many courses are headed for obsolescence with this trend in technology and training.

I Quit!
At least temporarily. Showed up a the crack-o-dawn for my normal Sunday morning round. We tee off with the absolute minimum sunlight so we can get in a round before it gets blistering hot....

OT: Golf joke
A man entered the bus with both of his front pockets full of golf balls and sat down next to a beautiful (you guessed it) blonde. The puzzled blonde kept looking at him and his bul...

Bell Canadian Open
Anyone know of any deals on tickets? I'd like to attend Saturday. Thanks Ken

Don't go to this site if you're not rich enought to by a maxi yacht...
This site is for ultra rich only : --------------- ---------------

Tigger's Luck
"The more you practice, the luckier you get." "Luck is the byproduct of hours of practice." We've heard them all, believe hardly any, but tigger brings it all to life. Of course, yester...

VJ and Rocco Clinic on the Golf Channel
Caught a half hour clinic with VJ and Rocco Mediate last night and it was pretty good. Didn't learn much about golf, but I did learn about the personalities of VJ and Rocco. VJ is a pretty...

Royal Birkdale Ladies Open
hi Just got back from the first two days at Royal Birkdale watching the Womens Open. Very impressed with the play in howling conditions on the first day. Wie has enormous talent,th...

MaxFli Noodle
Are there any golf balls out there that are similar to MaxFli Noodle?

Who's still dissing Vijay ?
He's busting Tiger's (and everyone else's) ass ! One of the two are in the final pairing tomorrow and it ain't Tiger...

A Saturday without Single Golfers
Just me and Dad. No losers who cant find anyone else to play with. The last single that tried to pair up with me got his tires slashed. LOL! /JB

Phil's "The Man"
God bless Phil...and his man breasts. I hope he wins the PGA Championship.

Bang O Matic/Bang O Matic: C.O.R. legal?
the 460cc with the chrome strips on the head. Legal?

Attn Tiger Hater
You and I have some unfinished business /JB

Pin Placement
Scenario: Downhill Par-3 playing about 140 to the center. The elevation drop is about 60', and requires a carry of about 75 yards over a gully. The green is severly sloped, back to front,...

hayward Wisconsin
I have to(yeah have to) go to hayward wisconin for 4 days in two weeks, can anyone recomment some courses, many there, most look crappy. thanks in advance scott s ...

Golf makeover
A local golf makeover has been on TV and in the papers for 10 weeks. The instructors were getting lots of publicity and the progress of the golfers seemed envious. The three golfers final...

Good luck to Craig Barlow this weekend. The only PGA tour event I've attended was the 2000 PA Classic in Paoli, won by Chris DiMarco. I got there early Thursday or Friday and sta...

So Long, Fab Five
Ernie's out for the season, Phil has fizzled, and Retief is about to be passed by Sergio in the rankings. Vijay has played well, really well, but is still losing ground to Tiger. ...

Distance measuring devices
New Rule Change expected next month: Distance-measuring devices will now be classified as a "Condition of competition" for events that wish to permit their use. Devices that measure wind...

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