Interesting US Open Viewing Choice
I was a volunteer at the Open this year and it was a plum assignment - Marshall on the 18th hole. I worked Thursday (late), Saturday (late), and Sunday (early). We rotated positions so there...

Herb and I
It is been almost a year since Herb was in my life. Herb is the name I gave to the hemmorhoid I had last year. . In fact, we had around 15 golfers play in a golf tournament last y...

Oddity from U.S. Open
When was the last time someone finished in the Top 10 of the U.S. Open and had not a single shot shown during the entire run of coverage -- throughout all four days? Arron Oberh...

What happened to Goosen and Gore?
Jason dropped so far out of sight he lost the top 15 and ties full exemption into the 2006 Open. By making the cut or as the USGA says "returning scores for 72 holes" he is exempt form Loc...

Golf In Canada Score Tracker - Has anyone tried it?
Has anyone tried the Golf In Canada Score Tracker? I downloaded it yesterday and from all accounts it's the nicest 'free' scorekeeping program I've found. It fits my needs. Foun...

High Crimes and Misdemeanors
High Crimes and Misdemeanors By Ken Sanders Saturday 18 June 2005 Under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, "The President, <...

Well deserved win....
...for Michael Campbell! He has culones, and game!!!

Well played Michael!!!!!
There will be no Van deVelde today. This is now over with the birdie on 17. Ken

Spoiler -- Game On
Goosen falters, Campbell and Tiger 1 & stroke difference. bk

Earnings of Top 500 golfers?
Hi, I would like to encourage my 13 year old son to become a professional golfer, if that's what he wants. Where can I find a comprehensive list of 2004 earnings of pro golf...

Hey Jimmy Roberts
STFU. Payne Stewart is dead. We get it. Payne Steward was a wonderful man. Uh, OK. NBC, show golf, not Jimmy's syrupy sophistry.

Alabama Pt. 2
Still too humid, but absolutely gorgeous - not the swings, the course: Some shots from my club (Pine Tree CC) the other day...

this groups sucks
enough said

Answer the question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy - What would it take before you fail to run to Tiger's defense? Ken

All these disgusting FAT FUCKS.......
Mickelson, Daly, Gore......lose some fucking weight, assholes! Daly gives me a coronary just looking at him. Mickelson - why do you always have donut grease on your lips, porko? Gore...

Tendonitis / iron deposition?
> Does the deposition of iron / hemolysis / red blood cell destruction .=2E during normal day to day wear and tear .. deposit .. hemosiderin / iron .. long term storage form of iron ...

Its early or is it late
checked the early results US Open. It is not getting any easier. I hope the fat guy with the fat baby and the fat wife wins.

US Open Ties
Do they still do an 18 hole playoff on Monday in case of a tie?

Pinehurst #2 thoughts
Great course, but they need to bring a bulldozer in and FIX those greens! I see the pros softly landing approach shots 10 feet from the pin and STILL not holding the green. WHAT ...

Woods - 100 putts in 3 rounds That really says it all. That's 10 more than a pro should have taken. I watched him on saturday and almost ...

Going One Plane 2
Two of the (Jim) hardy boys featured prominently yesterday - Peter Jacobsen and Olin Browne. Johnny Miller recommended Jacobsen's swing as a model simple swing for anyone to copy. They clear...

Going One Plane 3
Had my second one plane lesson from Rick Sellers on Friday - Rick is a Jim Hardy mentee, and is associated with Peter Jacobsen - he had received an e-mail from Jacobsen about the US Open the...

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Questions on weight shift in down swing
When you down sing, how "lagged" is the upper body movement supposed to be from the lower body weight shift? When I try to hold uncoiling of the upper body as much as possible aft...

Jason Gore-illa - another tour freak ala john daly & stadler
Why does the media always fall in love with these obese animals? We need more great-looking athletic guys like tiger.

Clanger Jr.?
Been knocking the body fluids out of the FU2 the last couple of days, both on the range and on the course. When this head is hit solid and square, it makes a noise that will wake the dead. N...

Lead Tape that wont come off
I decided to adjust my Gemini 395 with a lil tape. Unfortunately I got the crap from Dicks..(2" x 1/4" = 2SW..8 to a pack)looks like this:

Are there any big money tournaments overseas
Are there any big tournaments overseas? ( European Tour) or other, that pay on the average of $800- $900 K. British Open.... .whats that pay in American dollars? Ryde...

Sunday at Pinehurst
Rain will soften the course, meaning Tiger will be hitting three less clubs into the green than everyone -- EVERYONE -- else, who will all struggle to shoot 75. Look for a 63 (or better) ...

Is Tiger Woods becoming the biggest dickhead in sports???
Watching Tiger at the U.S. Open is becoming quite painful.....and I'm not talking about his play. His facial expressions and outbursts of profanity are quite childish, and I wonder if he su...

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