Golfers as Optimists
You know how it goes - there are two kinds of people, optimists and realists. I was thinking that golfers may be one of the most optimistic groups in the world (at least as it pertains ...

Crushed my left hand middle finger this morning!
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Me gusta...
Me gusta el deporte de golf Yo estoy bailando

Best half-round
Reading about Jimin Kang made LPGA history, shooting a 27 on the back nine, the lowest nine-hole score in tour history, I'm curious about PGA and personal 9-hole records. My best ...

Handicap Revision Dates
In Michigan, we have revision dates for handicaps, i.e. your handicap is updated every 2 weeks or so. Wondering what the reason for that is now that most people can post via the internet. ...

Traditional bounce on a SW
Before they actually started indicating the bounce variable on the SW, what was the average bounce?? ie.. King cobra II OS SW?? thx Mark

Golfing with the girls
Continued to check out different courses in Austin - today, it was Jimmy Clay, a nice old course with lots of huge Oak trees all around, and sometimes IN the fairways, too. Walked...

Video of Phil Mickelsons Swing??
I am looking for a front, or down the line video of Mickelsons swing.. Can someone help a lefty out??

D. Toms and "The Digit Signal"
Maybe it was my imagination but around the 9th or 10th hole at the Memorial today (Sunday) Toms missed a shortish putt and looked up at something quite suddenly. He seemed very perturbed to ...

Another Memorial Point
Was it me, or did CBS (Jim Nantz especially, for obvious reasons) practically root for Fred Couples to win? When Bryant finally won it, it was as if the reaction from the booth was, "well,...

Toms on 9?
what was the deal with Toms on #9? Just before he hit his putt for par he backed off, turned around and glared behind him. Then after he missed the putt and just before he tapped in for bo...

Hibbards book
This book is good. Detailed info. For starters, good instruction on left hand grip, which has changed my thought on this a little, and the idea of the forward press seems to be leading to mo...

What is the secret to taking divots? I've been playing on and off for many years (I'm around a 20-25 handicap) and would love to know the secret. Any tips anyone? Thanks. ...

Titanium Shafts
Fella on the range yesterday had titanium shafts in his driver, 3-wood and 7-wood; he let me hit a few with 'em. Um, wow. The closest thing I can compare 'em to is rea...

Best 9-hole score ever?
Just checked the LPGA leaderboard to see if anybody is challenging Annika today, and I saw the score posted by Jimin Kang. ...

Training Aid recommendation?
Hi all, Long time lurker here but first time poster. I live in Canada and accordingly am only able to play about 6 months of the year due to weather. As a high handicapper (25ish) I w...

Greatest individual sports achievement in a single event???
1) Tiger Woods 15-stroke victory in 2000 U.S. Open 2) Reggie Jackson's 3 home runs on 3 consecutive pitches in Game 6 of 1977 World Series 3) Mark Spitz winning 7 gold me...

2-bed cottage available for The 2005 Open! 5 miles from St. Andrews!
Hi folks, bit late for this, I know, but I've decided to rent my 2 bedroom cottage out for The Open this year. It's set in beautiful Dura Den, only 5 miles or so from St. Andrews ...

British Amateur Final
Was on the box today and although the Scottish chap lost he had the most unusual grip.Every shot,and I mean every shot was played with the left hand below the right [although he kept his glo...

KZG Gemini Fairway Metals
Visited the golf shop today. KZG sent them some new heads that they just came out with. They are Gemini fairway metals with the dual titanium face. A baby version of the Gemini driver. ...

I like the Precept U-Tri Tour gold the poormans proV1 Blake

R.I.P. - Michael J. Reed
The first entry in my 2005 Golf Diary was entitled "The Death of a Foursome." In it I lamented the fact that two of my playing partners of several years were moving on to other places. This...

Anyone into a flexability program?
Anyone useing Rodger Fredericks flexibility program? Thanks Tom

Slowed my swing down
Slowed my swing way down, been practiceing witht the Medicus 2 driver , never broke 90 in my golfing career, today shot 81, usually shoot 94 98, for 18 holes. Probably would of...

Glory hole golfers
A hole in one every time!

Troubling Thing about Tiger
In his post-round interview with Feherty today Tiger said something to the effect of, "I think I found something in my swing today." Sounds like your typical 24-handicapper at the...

Looking for a SoCal golf club
I belong to one of the local clubs as a way to chart my handicap and also to play in a tournament forum. Tiger isn't worried about me, but it's fun. (Hey Mike! I'm up to 13.4 now; gimme cr...

Golfer Damage - Who's responsible
Hi All, I recently moved to a golf course home. I was talking with my neighbors the other day about our expanding neighborhood. The course will have more and more homes on ...

Hi guys, I just found time to talk. I won't be able to talk for a while. Kinda busy. Woods

Los numeros de espanol
uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez uno dos tres cuatro cinco ...

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