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Paradise Poker $1,000,000.00 Freeroll details...... 1. How do I enter? There is NO Direct entry into the $1,000,000 main event. Players MUST win their seat into the main event through...

to much time on RSG?
wife: what are you doing in there? me: I'm checking posts on the golf ng wife: is that all you ever think about is golf, golf, golf? me: yeah, I guess wife: you should think about ...

please help me with swing speed
actually it is my mom that needs the help with swing speed, she is in her 50's, and I would say physically stronger than the average woman and not overweight she hits the most p...

Where to get info on Pub Links Tournament
I'd like to follow Michelle Wie's progress at this tournament. Any suggestions?

Curtis' 82?
What round will it happen? It's gotta be tomorrow, as he sure as hell ain't playing the weekend...

ben hogan irons for sale
2004 Model Ben Hogan C-F-T Edge irons, RH, 3H, 4H, 5-pw, shaft 3 flex (reg.), $400... TaylorMade 360Ti Driver, RH, s-90 shaft, 7 degree loft, $100... 2002 Ben Hogan Ap...

Swing Speed if Ball Speed is 100MPH?
What is the Swing Speed if Ball Speed is 100MPH off the driver?

Spam and trolls
Hey, It's some time since I was on R.S.G. I just wondered WTF folks still respond to stupid posts that are off topic and obviously taunting, just let them roll and ignore them ...

Best place to hunt used clubs??
Heading to FL tomorrow....Golf shops and courses galore... Where is the best place to hunt "bang for the buck" used clubs..(not including yard sales)... Pro Shops?? Retailers used bins?? Ju...

Long Hole in One
In my local paper, Newsday, they list the weeks Hole-in-Ones for the locals. Most are from 100 yards to 225 yards. This week there was one at Leewood Golf and Country Club in Eastchester, ...

To retiredusarmy
Can you tell me if there is still a 'dogfight' group that plays Silver Lakes on weekends? I was allowed to join up with them for a round some months ago but cannot remember the 'name' of t...

Thoughts on Grand Slam

Is Michelle Wie a He?
You know me - i hate to start rumors - but she's quite tall and so long off the tee for just 15. She looks feminine but that's cause she keeps herself so slender. Is she the Ann "the man" Co...

Bridgestone B330 vs. Precept U-Tri Tour
I'm a big fan of the U-Tri Tour, been using the "poor man's Pro V1" with good results for a while now. I was in a local golf shop to reload today, and right next to the $30 U-Tri's we...

RSG-Wisconsin Commentary, Tattoos, and Observations (long)
OK, I've been busy since I got back from RSG-Wisconsin. Little time to write the big missive, but now I'm going to do it. RSG-Wisconsin was held at the Broadlands in North Prairie, W...

Tiger going to 45 inch big head titanium driver destrys golf
I guess he got paid enough to do it - the problem with Tiger now is that he's having to use his back muscles to have sex in love. When I had a fiancee who demanded my "attention...

New golf forums site
Please visit This is a new golf forums site. Your help getting things started would be appreciated! Thank you.

Looking for LH Medicus
Does anybody have one they would like to sell at a fair price. Looking for the double hinge. Thank you, Ken

Best Golf balls
what's the best golf ball out there for a 90 /95 swing speed. with all the different types of balls that claim to go straight and long. and then some that claim extra ...

Hole in One Commercial
read an interesting article yesterday in GolfWeek regarding the USGA TV commercial where the kid is playing at dusk and tees off and his ball goes in the hole and he runs up and picks it o...

The Next Tiger Woods It's becoming major with nfl football Come join the fun

Yardage Books
I played a round of golf at Oak Valley Golf Club near me a month or so ago and asked if they had a yardage book (I had lost my old one). They didn't have their original yardage books, but h...

Need to add ALOT of weight to a 7W
I'm in the middle of a club rebuilding project (pretty new to this stuff). The plan was to reshaft a Cleveland Quadpro 7W with a shorter, steel shaft (as similar as I could get to my iron sh...

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LW is hard to use BS
I keep seeing folks here offering advice along the lines of "The 60* wedge is hard to learn to hit. You should use --- whatever". This is pure BS. First off the loft doesn't m...

Chipping question.
Folks, When I chip (1 to 20 yards off the green) I find I try to "guide the ball" to where I want it to go. I don't "hit down" on the ball, is this likely to cause a problem lo...

Thanks Sneddon
David, Thanks for the tip on the 18th hole last week. I was at the range today while the Little One was at her golf camp (BTW -- she really is doing awesome. You should see her ...

Going for the fix
I'm sure I've brought this up before, but I'm once again frustrated with my inability to hit the ball off the tee (other than on par 3s). This has plagued me to varying degrees for 12 years ...

Question re: shafts
Hi all, this is my 1st post here at, please excuse any breech of etiquette, I'm sort of a golf newbie and I have a question that I hope you can help with... Are sha...

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