Golf pics
Pebble, Spyglass, Torrey North, Bayonet and some shit-hole in Vegas. Sorry for the ugliness at Pebble... Enjoy, Ben...

Make Thousands of Dollars easily!!!!
READING THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! IT DOES WORK! I found this on a bulletin board and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you are now...

Long Drive Pics
They had a long drive competition at today's Nationwide Tour Stop, the Chattanooga Classic. There were six divisions; Senior, Men, Women, Jr. Boys, Jr. Girls, & Pro. Jason Go...

Chipping methods
Preface: I know that one of the more interesting parts of golf is that it allows great creativity in shot-making, especially in the short game. There are many ways to accomplish almo...

Best Looking Driver Danica Rules !!! -Danica1980

Scientology revealed
Up next on Fox News Channel. They will repeat the show later tonight (Bill Orielly). I am interested because of the discussion about Tom Cruise, and I don't really know what it ...

Down swing question
I am right handed golfer. I have seen and heard on the Golf channel,is that the feeling one should feel in the downswing, with the right hand/arm is the sensation or feeling, th...

For Jack to be Greatest of All-Time
Jack will have to win 3 US Juniors and 3 US Amateurs. Jack will have to win 6 tournaments in a row. Jack will have to win at least 9 tournaments in a season. Jack will have to make 143 ...

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Book, article, advice on chipping??
I am a hi hdcp'er and trying to get a headstart on chipping... Since most of you here agree that the strokes are made and lost from 100yds and in, I have decide to really focus on that. ...

The Walmart Invitational
Did I hear this right. There is going to be a Walmart Invitational PGA event? The way I heard it, the tournament is going to be played in China since that is where all the junk...

Callaway X-18 Irons -- Fitting Experience
I promised I'd follow up on an earlier thread about the new Callaway X-18 irons. Last Friday, I attended a demo day at my home course. The Calalway rep and an assistant pro had me hit the ...

TM R580 XD shaft
I'm planning to buy a TM R580 XD driver (probably on ebay) and would like some advice on the best shaft to go with (stock M.A.S.2 65, Graphite Design YS-6, Prolite, etc.). Is the stock shaft...

Driver trouble - club length or loft?
When someone has problems with a driver, which is more likely to be exaggerating his troubles - the length of the club, or the loft of the club? Is the person going to perform better w...

Hardpan Bunkers
Played a round today at Oak Quarry. Used to be one of my favorite courses, but since Landmark is no longer a part of the equation, I'm revisiting that. Amongst the problem today ...

My sand shot....
Usually when I end up on the beach, it seems I either skull it into the next state, or I chunk it a coupla feet in front of me. Yesterday I decided that beings it was sitting up so ...

Walter Hagen is #2 all time in majors
with 11, just for ya'll to know

Tasmania Open won by Alford
Heh heh, just wanted to say hello to my buddies. I did play a round, one of my first in many years on King Island, TAS. It's a links style course right up next to an ocean tha...

How do you get lift on the ball at tee off?
Went to the driving range today and hit a bucket of balls. I hit a couple that lofted but most of the balls were line drives or squibbed along the ground surface. I am planning on taking...

Beginner: round 2
Me again...after a two week lapse (not entirely my choice), I finally got to go out again for a second crack at the local par-60. The overall results were definitely much better (one...

What variables do you score when you play??
GIR, fwys, putts,eags, birds, bogs, etc... Just wondering how serious some of you are

Eagle today!
Driver*, 8 iron, putt, to the par 5 12th at Rocky Point, Tampa, FL *disclaimer: Played the white tees, the hole plays 485, the drive caught some cart path action. The putt was about...

Week of golf in Kamloops
It's over, and in a way I'm glad. I had a congested chest and horrible cough the whole week. Still, I pretty much played to my index which was 6.5 at the start of the trip. Eagl...

A Fairly Odd Nine
Yesterday my back nine tallied up like this. I shot one over for the nine. I made two pars. I made three birdies. I made four bogeys. Ken

3 for 3 with the Sand Putter
I've had one sand save in each of the last three rounds I've played. I had reached a point where just getting out was problematic. I put the ole Malty Sand Putter in my bag and voila!! :-)...

Saw Angel Cabrera win half a million quid at Wentworth this week.Never seen a man hit it so far with such accuracy.He had everthing and now I'm off to put a hefty bet on him to win the Open ...

"Never Hook Again"
I am hitting my irons of late more accurate and crisper than ever before. I credit it to practice, practice, practice and no longer coming out of my shoes trying to kill every shot. ...

Anybody know George Moore ?
I would like to get in touch with him. Thanks Ken

Attention Howard Brazee

Vijay increased lead in WGR over Tigger!

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