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Bermuda Golf Course Suggestions
Going to Bermuda next Saturday on a cruise. I'll be there 4 days. I'm bringing my clubs in case it's too cool for swimming and snorkeling. Any Bermuda golf suggestions? T...

Yesterday I'm out in the middle of a money game with three instructors from the Canadian Golf Academy. I'm playin' rabbit against three guys with their pro cards, and me and my badass 12 ha...

Golf Ball Suggestions
Hello, I have recently started getting better at golf, (shooting in the 80's on a normal basis) and I feel it is time I move up to a better players ball. I swing my driver around...

Heavy Putters
Part of my 2005 commitment to improving my putting was to absolutely pick and stick with a single putting stroke. As part of the experimentation that I was doing that led to a stroke selecti...

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What is it with GOLF!!!
OK. Im almost fed up. not quite but almost. Last year I 3was having some problems with the driver, took some lessons, spent a lot of time on the range took some follow up lessons ...

Replacement for the Wilson Staff True Velocity?
Does anyone use this ball? (or used to, since they decided to discontinue it).. Has anyone found something to replace it? For me, typical 3-wood will be 235-240, and the PW will go ab...

r.s.g. report card
Looks like the text version did not format correctly. -- Ron CHARTER MEMBER, Irrecoverable DarkSiders Association email...

NETSCAN r.s.g. report card
> > TIME LINE > > ...

$3000 GIVE AWAY!!! FROM THURSDAY the 28th to SATURDAY the 30th!
GREAT NEW CONTEST FROM THURSDAY the 28th to SATURDAY the 30th! $3000 total prize give away! Terms: Register and deposit at least $50 at one of the first 5 casinos

Slow Play // and Beer
Yesterday I played at a great course here in NH. The day was bright and sunny. And, it seemed like every person who ever owned a golf club was playing. I got paired up with th...

putt like Jack
30 degree turn to the outside - set up inside the back foot - get your head over your balance when you hit but look at the putt behind the ball during set up. use the assymetric tension i...

Viijay plays too many tournaments
What is he up to? What is he taking as supplements that allow him to not have injuries? What about steroids in Golf? Hmmm.. Thanks, Rick

Golf is Weird
Just when you think you've got it all figured out..... I took my blades out yesterday -- Joe Powell forged 'butterknife' model, with standard weight Dynamic shafts tipped to jus...

She wanted sperm......
Another kooky bitch makes the news. She's not totally mutt like Laura Davies, but she's no Gulbis sex goddess either.

Vijay VERY scared...
that he'll be upstaged by another Injun, haha, Vijay you're so yesterady's news

Hybrid Clubs ??
Help. I'm ready to buy my first hybrid and very confused. Here's what I'm looking for. I don't hit my 3 wood very well off the fairway. Don't do too bad with a 5 wood but not much distance...

How to Hit Adams Tight Lies Air Assault
I was given a Adams Tight Lies Air Assault T 16* S. What situations would I use this club? It looks like a current hybrid club. Any help is greatly appreciated. many thanks, ...

classic golf
I was watching the golf channel yesterday and it was showing a best ball match between Player/Palmer vs Snead/Kroll(?). On some of the drives they were saying that these guys were driv...

I read an article on bad lies, and it mentioned that I should consider a flyer, particularly if the ball was on wet rough. What is a flyer?

RSG Cincy Shaker Run Scouting Trip 5/15/05
All, I'm going to be making a scouting trip to Shaker Run on Sunday May 15th. If you are interested in joining me let me know and I'll make some tee times. I'm guessing somethin...

The only constant is change
From graphite, to steel, back to graphite, and now steel again. Finally got a clue. Seeing that I am most consistent with my Cleveland CG10 wedges with Wedge Flex steel, I swit...

Now this was fun...
Took a half day yesterday, enjoyed the 60 degree weather in Michigan, and hit a great public course called Pine Trace: Playing the blues, 70.9, 131...

Who wants to play in a Pro-Am?
As a lowly PGA Apprentice I sometimes get to play in some Ga. PGA-Section events at some really nice private courses. On May 17 there is a Pro-Am at the ultra-swanky Waterfall...

Phil on Jay Leno tonight
Sorry for the late notice. If you don't live on the West Coast, you missed it, but most stations repeat the shows a week later at 2AM. Mickelson will be on tonight, after Jane Fonda. He do...

Caddie affair

VIDEO: Big Bad John
Ev'ry mornin' at the course you could see him arrive He stood five foot nine and weighed two eighty five Kinda broad at the shoulder and round at the hip And everybody knew ya did...

VIDEO: What Ever Happened to ......?
...."the stinger?" This is the shot Tiger should've played off #17 against DiMarco.

Offset head driver vs Adjustable Weights
I am wondering about the pros and cons of using an offset driver versus one with adjustable wieghts. I am a high handicapper (around 25) and have a tendency to slice the ball. ...

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