getting more distance
Does lengthing the shaft of a driver help get extra distance? im having big time problems getting any distance off the tee ..was thinking about maybe adding an inch to the shaft ..could tha...

Question re markings on Callaway Steelhead club
Hi. Please forgive this naive question, but I am a beginner at golf. I have a steelhead X-16, #6 iron club (a demo) with the following stamped markings on the shaft part of the head: # 35 (w...

Sorry - had to be done....

Myrtle Beach Golf Passport
Any recommendations regarding purchasing the passport for $39? How much are rates discounted on participating courses? Does anyone have a list of discounted rates? Thanks. ...

Would You Recommend This Teaching?

Today's Lesson - Is this a modern method?
Is this pretty standard? What do you low-hc's think?

Tamping down your own spike marks
Can you tamp your own spike marks down after you've putted out? AFTER you hole out, can you tamp your spike marks (or any spike marks for that matter) around the hole down for the competito...

Jones Creek (Augusta, GA)
Check this thing out... it looks pretty sweet!

Calloway HX Red balls
A local retailer here in Indianapolis has a dozen of these balls on sale for just under twenty dollars. Never tried them but at that price felt I had to give 'em a shot. Went out to my fav...

Another washout...
the golf gods are angry this year !

Best Shaft for a Wedge?
In looking at wedges, I have heard the term "wedge flex" regarding the shaft. What is that equivalent to in a standard shaft (regular, stiff, etc)? Should a wedge have a sti...

Bell South Delay
Alert: Due to inclement weather, Round 1 play is delayed by six hours until 1:00 PM ET

Golf Near Whistler - Change of Plans
Now it appears that we have been allowed access to a large, unoccupied house between West Vancouver and Whistler. Based on that, what are the choices ? I like scenic. I enjoy target golf as ...

May the good Lord end her suffering soon. The inhumanity of mankind. My heart goes out to this poor, poor girl. Sadly, only she knows the pain and suffering this all involves. While...

Rules of Play and Ground Conditions
I'm curious as to how other players/clubs make a determination as to when 'winter rules' (lift/clean/cheat/whatever) are no longer in effect. Where I play it is the Men's Golf Associat...

Eyes on Ball?
When I use short irons, I look at the front of the golf ball upon impact, it helps me to hit down on the ball first then ground creating divot in front of the ball. And with driver, I look...

back to knees
Well anyways, it is true that the ground is providing the force that propels the ball. Its the only external force acting on the golfer/club system. Of course the golfer supplies energy, and...

The harsh truth;_ylc=X3oDMTBpb3NrODQyBF9TAzk2ODI5OTkyBHNlYwN0bQ--?slug=ap-timdahlberg&prov=ap&type=lgns tell it like it is, and give em hell...

Callaway irons
Any good? Pings got lost at the airport and I am SOL. -=- This message was sent via two or more anonymous remailing services.

Float Loading
Can someone please describe in ENGLISH please?

Pinging Robert Mitchell
Rob, if you get his message email me. [email protected] David Laville, G.S.E.M. The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor

How many courses at Pinehurst
How many courses are at Pinehurst? Are they public? Big buck to play? Where is Pinehurst?

JD Out of Masters?
I just noticed that John Daly went from 50 to 52 in the World Rankings after missing the cut last week. I don't think he meets any of the other criteria for the Masters, and I don't think i...

Re: Jesus is the Lord
I have spent considerable time with aborn again friend, learned never to bring up the topic, over 200 rounds together and not a single event, pretty good considering I never been to church o...

Walter Hagen driver from dicks?
hi, I was looking around at drivers, I posted before about looking at an R580 driver and someone on the floor showed me the Walter Hagen driver they have (it was the 460CC on that isn't ad...

Legally Blind Golfer Gets an Ace Gotta wonder sometimes.

Re: RIP Johnny Cochran
Two things came to mind: 1) O.J. was also a member at Riviera until he was asked to leave after the verdict. 2) O.J.'s capture on a Friday night cheated me out of a chance to pl...

Jesus is the Lord
Get smart. Get saved. World events clearly show that judgement time is very near.

Steve Jones : What Could Have Been
Found this link on the New York Times website and thought it was interesting: It's a summary of th...

Canadian Tour
Don't want to appear thick but watching this tour on the Golf Channel in the UK I wondered why it was held in Texas.I enjoyed the play and I'm sure some of those players will make it on the ...

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