Duck hook
Any good drills to fight a duck hook? Why is it called a duck hook anyway? Anyway, I've been trying to solve my tendency to slice for sometime now. Consider it resolved, bec...

Most Entertaining
this had to be the most entertaining day on RSG in the 3 years that I've frequented this group... who IS Mark A? new postings by Abe, The Pastor, and The Hammer all in one day all...

The Hammer is not Mark A
The thumb is the focal point of the swing plane. Trace the thumb up and down the inclined plane, and you will have a golf swing. It is that simple. It is also that simple to und...

Hey Mark A!!!
Can you believe that some drooling imbecile Bryan (AKA Damn Yankee) insists that the Hammer is you? The Hammer is deeply disturbed by such accusations. He has suffered a complete...

Stiff v. Regular Shaft Driver (Follow-Up)
Tried the Cleveland 460 Stiff, then the R7 Quad stiff. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER have a stiff shaft driver in my bag. In my experience, with 106 speed it was impossible to hit consistently. P...

Match Play competition in perspective.
They say over 18 holes, anything can happen. This reality takes on considerable weight when you consider the amount of competition required to advance in other 64/32/26/8/4/2/1 tour...

Tournament Volunteer Question
I have volunteered to work the Champions Tour Kinko/FedEx Classic in Austin, my first time as a tournament volunteer. There was a whole list of area/activities I could volunteer forand I te...

How to improve WGC Match Play
It seems to me that with a few changes the WGC Match Play could become one of the most eagerly anticipated tournaments of the year. First of all, they need to move it to Arizona, or some ot...

So long sunshine
I think we broke the record for hours of sunshine for February here in the Pacific Northwest. At any rate, the clouds and showers were supposed to return today (and they have), so I thought ...

Hitting Heel of New Driver
I just went from a Big Bertha Hawk Eye VFT Driver (310cc) to a Great Big Bertha II 415 Driver. I have the same shaft. I consistently hit the ball on the heel of the new driver. Why? ...

Golf after spine surgery? Risks?
Has anyone here returned to golf after spine surgery. I had a lower back micro-discectomy in December '04. Can you play golf pain free? Have any symptoms returned when playing go...

Michelle Wie Can't Win
See, I told ya.

Reshafting a GBB II Pro series
I have a new GBB II Pro 9.5 driver which I picked up for a good price and got it with the stock system 60 strong flex shaft (callaway stock shafts were all that was left). This is supposedl...

Sunscreen Endorsements
How come you never see any of these on tour?

Spine Finder Tool
After reading about spining clubs, etc. and the effects it may have, I decided to build a spine finder tool for myself. I used the widely available "recipe" for an inexpensive tool using PV...

What Ever Happened to........
Gordon Sherry (I think that was his name), the young player in Scotland who was supposed to challenge Tiger Woods? He came on the scene four or five years ago at the (British) Open Champion...

A pilot friend offered to get some knock-off Callaway's from Asia. Do they play as well as the originals? -- I made magic once. Now the sofa is gone. http://www.dwac...

I predict...
David Toms will win 11 times, 3 majors, the TPC, Memorial, Bay Hill, Western Open, TOUR Championship, WGC-NEC, WGC Amex, one of the Buicks

David Toms aka
THE HAMMER, watch out PGA Tour, this is the year of the Toms

I think it's worth noting...
that Tiger eyes these events more then any others: Bay Hill, TPC, Memorial, the 4 majors, because in additon to their tradition, they don't have a corporate name prefixing it. As we k...

The Auto PGA events...
4 Chryslers, 3 Buicks, Nissan, Ford, Honda.... geez, are any of these worth winning?

Good news for old farts
Well, as all who have followed my golf odyssey know, I have been searching to find a way a 60 year old guy can begin golf and achieve a low handicap. I have tried everything, too...

Does temperature make a difference - my results
This subject has been covered here before, but here is my test results..... Bought a new set of irons, and have been really disappointed with the distances I was getting from them...

Geoff Ogilvy Wins Chrysler!
Score one for the home team!

Open Letter to the Academy
I haven't seen most of the movies nominated for Oscars, but I want to watch the Awards show, for various reasons. Therefore, please don't talk about or show clips from: Million D...

Spoiler: Chrysler Classic
Thank god Geoff Ogilvy finally won something! Too much talent to go for so long without *any* professional tournament win, not even in Australia. -- Cheers Colin...

Toms CRUSHES that a spoiler if it already aired?

I think the tour was put on notice this week.
Did anyone else notice that David Toms was playing some seriously good golf the past couple of days ? Solid driving. Fabulous iron & fairway wood play. Effective short game. Locked in puttin...

Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan
This classic book is still available, and just as worth reading now as the day it was first published:-

LMAO at how the WGC ended - SPOILER
Not only did you have two boring nobodies in the event but toms (or was it the other guy? who cares?) won 6 and 5 so it was a dull match. Hopefully this sorry spectacle will end match play a...

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