Mark A, David Duval, and Justin Leonard, a study of contrasts
I saw Justin Leonard on a Golf Channel interview last night recorded soon after he won the Bob Hope. He said that Mark A of RSG was a horse's ass. Contrast this with David Duval, who ...

Wilson Staff Clubs
Anyone out there playing the new Wilson Staff irons? I'm looking for new irons and am considering the Taylor Made OS2 but the guy at my local pro shop said the new Pi5 and Di5 irons from ...

Swing experts - can you tell anything from one picture?
This was born more from curiosity than anything else. --- So, I posted this image on an online message board that has nothing to do with golf.

Duval - Staggering Numbers at the Hope
Some of the more staggering numbers from Duval's week at the Bob Hope: - After 4 rounds of the 5 round event, his four-round total of 318 was 53 strokes from the lead, and 20 strokes w...

Amateur golf news
Hi, I want to see more amateur golf news, any suggestions to where I should look? Thanks. ML

Jim Thorpes Golf swing
Was watching the champion's tour over the week end.Jim Thorpe has to have the most unusual swing I have ever sew.How can this guy possibly compete with a swing like that.He has won somethi...

Even out of contention - Phil is fun to watch
Even out of contention - Phil Mickelson is fun to watch. Maybe the best thing is when he's 5-6 strokes off and willing to take chances. He gets into trouble and often succeeds in getting...

FA: GOLF+BEACH! 2BR condo, near Myrtle Beach, SC includes greens fees
For AUCTION (to find the eBay link, go to) Spend one beautiful week this summer at Ellington at Wachesaw East Beach and ...

Duval: Eyesight?
It is not uncommon for eye problems to occur unknown to a golfer: subtly, gradually. Far too subtly sometimes to be detected at all, or even suspected. Not to assume this is DD...

Free Golf Wallpaper
I've posted some more free golf wallpaper at my site at Stop by for a look.

Duval finds himself battling every golfer's worst nightmare
by JOHN HUGGAN SIX years is a long time in professional golf. Well, it is if you are David Duval. Back in 1999 the former Open champion shot an outrageous and almost perfect final...

Repost... Advice needed for wrong driver shipped.
Hey folks, I don't know if you missed this question as it was buried deep in another post of mine. I ordered a Pine Meadow Doublewall driver and they shipped the wrong one. 9.5* in...

What Will It Take, 01/30/2005?
" I have been getting reports all along from an Army captain who has been there (Iraq) for months. For some reason, our media won't go out and get the real stories for us. They only want t...

Duval's USGA Handicap Index?
What is his official index, I wonder?

Story of Big Golf Dreams
I wandered down to the range I frequent yesterday afternoon. Little League Tryouts got rained / hailed out and the skies began to clear up a bit. Done with my Saturday yardwork, I had t...

My Favorite Golf Hole
I was looking through some old negatives and found this one that I took in 1998. It remains my favorite golf hole that I've ever played. Bill Gates liked the view enough to get ma...

Face it. Duvall is a head case
I know it could happen to anyone, but that doesn't alter the fact that his problems are upstairs same as Finch and chip beck and scott lyle.

Fight with wife on way to course
And yet another new sensation for young tiger to wrestle with. / RSG Roll Call
Is anyone working on putting back up?

Callaway sent me a neat gift today!
Thanking me in advance for my participation on the reader advisory panel, they sent me a sleeve of Callaway HX Tour 56 balls. Great --now all I have to do is wait two months for the snow to...

Indoor Driving rang in Boston area?
Is there any indoor driving range in Boston area? like one of those bubble house in Toronto? Kenny

Inside Approach
Anyone tried this device? Jack Nicklaus endorses it. That makes me think it is a good device. Anyone want to sell one cheap. I don't think it is worth what they are char...

Instructional site for slicers?
I am a chronic slicer. Have tried just about everything. Is there a web site or ebook that someone could recommend? Sorry to say, can't afford $50/hr or ...

The Bob Hope and Pro-ams
Well, we're having an ice storm here in NC, so I spent the afternoon by the TV watching the Bob Hope. During the coverage, ABC did a player focus on Ian Poulter. It seemed like he was having...

The Duval Decline
Very sad. Very very sad. Hopefully, he will be back in the winners circle soon.

Need advice
I am a 10 handicap. Would forged clubs give me more distance?

Just a matter of time
Before the scumbag David Duval loses his exemption and we don't have to see the loser again.

Just what we needed, 8,000+ yard courses
I was struck by an ad I saw for the RTJ Trail in a golf magazine this week, plugging their new longer additions -- two courses topping 8,000 yards. Mind you this is in low lying Alabama, not...

Pelican Ridge CC
Worth playing?

Need one more for Augusta 3/1/05
Now don't you feel like an idiot!

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