Golf Digest 1980s to present
I have pretty much complete Golf Digests from the 80s to the present day that i am thinking of getting rid of. Would anyone buy these things/ where would it be best to try and unload them - ...

SMT Nemesis vs Alpha Version 2
Anyone have any experience with either of these heads? I want to make a new driver, currently hit a TM 580 10.5* which is a fine club for me. Nothing wrong with it, I just want to make a...

Bermuda, Bent or Poanna
As a member of the golfing far north in Canada on muni and semi-private courses, how can you tell what KIND of grass it is that you are putting on. Do we have bent grass up here? What do y...

make money!!!
Subject: Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this i...

How can we help Tsunami victims?
My God! With an expected death toll of 200,000, more injured and sick, and literally *millions* homeless, this is the worst of the worst natural disasters in history. We *can* do...

World Golf Timeline, Year 2004
World Golf Timeline, Year 2004 __________________________________________ Event of the Year: Sep. 19 2004 U. S. MIDWEST. Europe win Ryder Cup ______...

Tales from the PGA Tour
Quite a few interesting stories in this article. Happy New Year to all. ----------------------- Tales From the PGA Tour By DOUG FERGUSON AP...

Cracked graphite shaft while regripping
Due to absolute impatience and stupidity I cracked the shaft of my GAB II driver while trying to regrip it. I've installed grips on this club a couple times already, but have not had a probl...

Another swing aid
A swing fan was added to a Momentus 5I and a Greg Norman's secret as my collection of swing aids. One instructor or another has recommended each one as an aid to my making a good turn and ke...

I've Joined The Back Surgery Club
Here in DC it has been in the upper 50's the last couple of days and is supposed to stay in the upper 50's and low 60's through most of this weekend. Yet I sit here at home recovering from e...

Bermuda vs Bent
In Colorado, most of our courses have bent grass. We have short cut greens, and learn to make the ball die at the hole. Tom Watson honed his putting stroke on slick bent-grass greens...

Inside Out Practice aid
Anyone use this? Opinions?

Playing after a long layoff
Well, after a 3-month layoff due to injury, I actually got on a golf course yesterday. I have hit some balls on the range in the last few weeks, weather permitting, and things seemed to go f...

Totally South
How does it happen that some outstanding players' games go totally south almost over night? I'm thinking about Chip Beck, Ian Baker-Finch, David Duval, I'm sure there are other examples at...

Python Golf Head?
Got a $300 gift certificate for Golfsmith as a stocking stuffer. Definately want to buy this new Evolution driver shaft everyone is raving about. And I saw this new Python driver hea...

Gary Edwin Golf DVD
Became interested in Gary seeing him on Academy Live a few months back. Never really thought about him much since, until I got a copy of his DVD last nite from a friend and had the chance to...

Uncertain utting technique
Can anyone give me an reason as to why some players, when putting, place the club-head firstly on the hole side of the ball before transfering it to the striking side before making a putt?...

2004 Masters DVD on video?
According to the website the DVD should have been available in August. Is it out? I have been unable to find it. Thanks Stephen -- ~We Get To Carry...

Ever Play With a Tour Winner?
If so, what was it like, especially if you played a lot with that person even perhaps before the person became a winner? What are the main differences between the tour winner's game a...

Dynamic Gold shafts - Darkside temptation with the winter doldrums
Just bought a set of well used Ping clone Triumph irons with nearly new grips and True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts (Regular flex). Great bargain, I hope - $24 for 3-PW. I'm going to give t...

Eastwood GC in orlando
Anyone here play Eastwood GC in Orlando recently? What kind of shape is it in? Is it a good choice for one round during my 5 day golf vacation? Thanks Greg Frey

Pitching Wedge poll
How many of you guys use a PW that is not part of your iron set?

On Releasing The Club
I release by turning my right forearm over just before impact. This is how I was taught. I've never thought of it requiring pin-point precision timing. I've gotten to where I can use th...

Pre-New Years Sermon
Let us bow our heads in respect. In respect to those who accept the New RSG. A kindler and gentler RSG. An RSG where we feel the pain of trolls and spammers. An RSG where we take the...

Negative vibes
All the negative vibes coming from this place are weirding me out. I really don't like getting to this level of conciousness. This is really totally unacceptable to me. We have lots of legal...

New "sport"?
Has anybody heard of a new type of hunting called "hunting for bambi"? Mind you, it's probably not real, and done strictly for entertainment purposes, but who would have ever thought of ...

White Hot Rossie: Is it bent or not?
Hi fellow golfers, I recently played some golf on the continent and when I came back my golf bag (pencil bag) was in a pretty bad state when I picked it up at the baggage belt.

Toughest RSG Twosome
I was thinking about the best RSG golfers I've played with... Matt Aamold Brad Greer (glfnaz) Annika Sparky Laville Ken Pitts Tex (Mark Koenig) David Lee ...

solidarity asia
Mesdames and Messrs webmasters. If you are webmaster, a way simple to mark its solidarity is d'aller to see on the site of the cross-red of France. They have a banner to insert on your sit...

Who You Wanna Play With?
In the spirit of the new RSG, I'll ask this question: Which RSG posters would you most like to play golf with that you haven't played with before? Here's a few that I'd lik...

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