Driving Priorities? - Divots the Size of the Clubhouse
It's close to the end of the year and I'd like to thank RSG for the great threads I've been reading! Playing for eight months I must have queried RSG archives 1000+ times. Thanks to people...

RSG get togeathers
I have considered entering some of these, but I have a question.What is the average distances you play from?I usually like to limit my distances to around 6200 yards. I used to en...

PING John 'Sparky' King
Email me, pls -- Ron -- CHARTER MEMBER, Irrecoverable DarkSiders Association RSG ROLL CALL: http://rec-sport-golf.com/members/members_index.php?rollcall=bla...

Tucson, Az Golf Buddy Wanted
Hi! Enthusiastic beginner, bitten hard by the golf bug at age 53 sick and tired of hitting range balls needs a similiar beginner buddy, anxious to go out and hit the course withou...

Ping Dave Lee
Dave, please email me. Mike -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Dalecki GCA Accredited Clubmaker http://clubdoctor.c...

golf alignment hat in Tin Cup
I was trying to describe the hat in Tin Cup that Rene Russo was wearing to align her golf swing. Anyone know what the device is called? Does it acutally exist? I've tried searchin...

How Is The Clubmaking Business?
I know we have at least a few professional clubmakers who frequent this newsgroup...I am curious how your business has been the past 12-24 months. A number of online websites selling ...

Hey Hammer
Before you leave, I didn't see a response to the fact that no one in my "gang" of goons insulted your wife...but you blamed them. Don't you owe an apology to them...and a thank you to those...

Diane Morgan
If there was ever someone who was born to be plonked, here she is. We already have Miss Anne Thrope, and she's funny (at times)./ bye ___ o ' | / <...

Drive to name St Andrews World Heritage Site
http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/scotland.cfm?id=1373622004 Tue 30 Nov 2004 Drive to name St Andrews World Heritage Site EDWARD BLACK A CAMPAIGN has been lau...

Manzella Forum
I have been unable to access the site in a couple of weeks. Is the Snitz.net link down? Has the site moved? Anybody else experiencing this problem? Many thanks, Bill-OB

OT ---- Phishing Alert...
Hi Guys, For the second consecutive day I have received an e-mail from PayPal warning me to update my account. It's a phishing expedition, I do not have an account with PayP...

reshafting saga
I have descended. A few months ago I got the Auditor shaft puller from Golfsmith, and no club is safe. But I'm not sure how much progress I'm making. I got fitted a month ...

Insulting someone's wife is getting out of hand
I usually just read and laugh at the bickering and inane talk in RSG. I noticed where someone made a comment about a wife. Let me be simple. That is stupid.

To Jeff Buege
Out of curiousity, what kinda scores are you shooting with those bad tee shots? Im hitting fine tee shots and only scoring 101-106 average. You may be great with irons though.

...broke 80 last week for the first and second times ever! Was visiting a friend in the Phoenix area and played five rounds of golf -- had a 12-over 83 on Sunday at Bear Creek (rating 69.4...

Dysfunctional RSG Community
I've had this thing rattling around in my brain for a while, and now seems as good a time as any to just go ahead and post it. I should be submitting a grant, but a supplier hasn't replied...

Pinging Chris S.
email me ifn u read this. dc

Flex-Turf Practice Mats
Has anyone used one of these (Flex-Turf) mats? Here's a link http://www.virtualturf.com I'm thinking about getting one. I already have a home-made cage/net set-up. Cost of rang...

All I want for Christmas is a good tee shot
For 15+ years, I played and enjoyed golf quite a bit. Over the past two years, I've played a total of 7 18-hole rounds with a handful of 9-hole par-3 afternoon escapes thrown in. Five of m...

Ecco Golf Shoes Comments??
Does anyone have any thoughts on Ecco golf shoes? I need to get a new pair of shoes. I have a pair of Ecco dress shoes that I like a lot. I have very flat feet and these are about th...

new shoes
Could somebody please point me at some online resources for comparing and pricing golf shoes? Thanks.

Golfers lawsuit...
This is in the Chicago Sun-Times 11/29/2004 http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-golf29.html Teed-off golfer who lost teeth to errant ball bites back <...

I read somewhere that David Leadbetter's latest theory on the golf grip was, for both the interlocking and overlapping grip, that two fingers of the right hand (right handed players) should ...

where to play in south florida
Hi, Are there any must play/recommended courses in south florida flying to Miami staying in naples TIA Mike Holmes

Congratulations, Peter Lonard
Another one in the bag. Hopefully many more down the pipeline, some in the US of A.

Titleist Fitting Day
anybody ever been to one? I've signed up for one next Friday and have no idea what's going to happen. I suppose they're just out to sell clubs. Dave ps: anything to get out of an aftern...

Putting and vision
OK, I admit it--my putting has reeked lately. Today, I finally figured out something. My playing partners noted that on missed putts, it appeared that my putterface was open at impac...

Pittsism Of The Day, 11/28/2004
Start_Quote: " I know the Democrats and especially the Clintons are as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Go faq yourself, leftie. Go move to France where you belong. How have I...

Resident Golf School
Greetings: I am considering attending a five day resident golf school. I am looking at United States Schools of Golf, especially their school in Orange County National, Orlando, Florid...

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