Lost Golf Balls
The average for lost golf balls on an 18 hole round is about three balls. No two courses are configured alike, but if there is any one place where a ball is likely to get lost, <...

Wanna know something?
I like to masturbate in public especially in supermarkets.Why am I telling you this?Cause Im a complete loon most of you should know this by now.My favorite babe to masturbate to is Ma...

Good golf course in Memphis?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good course to play in Memphis the weekend before Thanksgiving? gary hayenga

Some q's about the money list. Does Jose Maria Olathabal have an exemption from Masters win. Azinger, does he qualify for career money for exemption and O'Meara he won The Dubai(sp?...

Has anyone tried any DeLaCruz woods, wedges, or putters?? And what do you think of them???

Learning to use a Wedge
effectively. What is the first mental / physical approach employed? =A0=A0m h o =A0=A0=A0v =83e

Vijay 2004 vs Tiger 2000
I would rank Vijay's 2004 above Tiger's 1999, but 2 notches below Tiger's 2000 because: * Tiger won 2 more majors. * Tiger won 2 of those majors(US Open, British Open) by record ...

extra umph
if your distance is suffering dramatically, try adding a little waist / shoulder power to your swing technique. we often times are so preoccupied with - hitting the ball just right

Windy City! Glad I had a 2 Iron...
Played Saturday on a local Chicago city course in the highest wind of the fall - saw a 7 Wood shot balloon up into the wind and float back toward the player who hit it - sort of like a barre...

PGA money...
can these morons stop talking about Vijay surpassing $10 million? His average money/event is about $60K LESS then Tiger in 2000 with much bigger purses. Vijay still has had a fantastic yea...

Vijay about win #9...
and keeps hitting those iron shots to within 3' of the hole like Tiger did ALL YEAR in 2000. Amazing.

Big Hair trumps Petulent Spaniard at Volvo
Way to go Rooster Head!!

The Hands on the Downswing
As one's wrists are cocked and the downswing is to be ensued, how do you your hands feel to you, left and right, as they go through the swing? Does your left hand 'take the lead' ...

Yawn played yesterday(86) tee it up again in a few hours.
Happy halloween golf.You can just about stick a fork in the season. Its almost done now.

I have a floppy patooder...
.and it is causing no end of problems. How can one achieve the end result when the means is defunct?

Range to the course
What's with the total melt down from the practice tee to the first tee? Been happening for the last three weeks...

Improving the hole about to be played.
I know that one may now, without penalty, improve one's lie, or repair ball marks or the like. But suppose you're playing a serious game and you're behind a goof --off foursome that does not...

New course troubles?
Ok, say you are playing a course you have never played in your life. You have not even seen the course by cart or nothing. 50% of the greens are blind from the tee box. Does this affect your...

staff bags - opinions
I am looking to purchase a new golf bag and I am looking at getting a staff bag. Specifically the Ben Hogan staff bag. I have always owned a carry bag, but since my move to Tucson, AZ I wi...

FA: Oddball Women's Golf Cards
I have many oddball (harder to find) women's golf cards currently running on Ebay. Most are from when they played in college. Here are the players currently running: Nancy Lopez...

Ping: Peter Strauss
does anyone know if Peter has returned from his trip to the east of a couple of weeks ago? I've emailed him a couple of times without response and am kind of worried about him. PETER, WHERE ...

Pinging JVDP
John, Received a "smiley" e-mail from ([email protected]) with a strange attachment. I didn't open it. Legit? -Greg --- Outgoing m...

holing out help!!
i am a 4 handicapper and can shoot in the 60s but lately i just cant seem to get the ball in the hole from 8 feet in, i was looking for one good thought or tip to hole out those nasty 3 foot...

Bring it on
I can't believe the courage of a man willing to say 'bring it on' from behind the desk in the oval office. And how he ended the war so quickly. 'Mission Accomplished.' And all wit...

3 More Days
From The New York Times, 10/30/04: http://nytimes.com/2004/10/30/opinion/30kristof.html Taking Bush at His Word By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF I often critici...

Golf Balls Collide Mid-Air
I was only a kid when I actually saw two golf balls collide mid-air. It was at Adare golf club in Ireland where they had two criss-cross fairways. I have no idea how they resolved this bizar...

Garcia's ball
At the third, Garcia thought he lost his first ball so he hit a provisional. His first ball was found, but no one notified Garcia and he missed his 12-foot bogey putt, which was the result o...

Springy knees
Because of a habit I've developed over the years which is now getting worse, I find that hitting a 3w or driver is now so unorthodox I can get the same distance by using a 5w which I have no...

Free pass to PGA tour events with purchase from TGW
http://www.tgw.com/main.jsp?SITE_ID=W0110&URL=/customer/category/product.jsp/SUBCATEGORY_ID/4161 1 doz. Srixon balls and then a free pass..... Anyone see a catch?

Golf Gods
Golf is a game ruled by the mythical Gods of Golf. Here is an incomplete list of who they are. The Major Golf Gods: The God of the Water, The God of the Sand, and the God of the T...

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