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Finally a Kerry worth voting FOR
Until now most people were merely voting against Bush. But now for the first time undecided voters are seeing not just someone who is "not Bush" but a man they'd like in the White House.

Wheres Golfweek.Com?
Over the past couple of days it seems as though Golfweek.COm is undergoing so sort of rework. Seems that something this big as Golfweek that charges in several areas a fee to view whould hav...

Hey Roberson
In spite of all the things you have said to me this past week, I forgive you. I have done nothing to you personally, don't know where all this hostility is coming from, but whatever, I for...

Inspired Duval
http://www.thegolfchannel.com/core.aspx?page=15100&dv=2301807&select=14464 I used to hate David Duval because I thought he was arrogant and mean-spirited. Looks like I'm wrong or he's...

What Golf Bag? Help Please!
Having just returned from a golfing vacation I've decided it is time to replace my single strap stand bag. What are some that I should look at? Ideally I'd like to keep the price under $120...

best deal on golf holidays to europe frome uk
any information on a good place to play golf reasonably priced in europe would be good ,i live in N ireland ,there would be 8 of us thankssssssss

Tiger shoots 68...
so much for the back injury.

OT - But funny
A mother passing by her daughter's bedroom was astonished to see the bed was nicely made and everything was picked up. Then she saw an envelope propped up prominently on the center of the b...

WTB: Callaway X-14 complete iron set
I'm looking for a full set of x-14(2-9, PW, SW, AW, LW). Will consider set with one or two clubs missing. At least very good (8.5) condition. Not the ProSeries. Willing to pay by credit ...

Looking for a watch designed for golf playing
Hi, I'd like to buy myself a watch. But, as a golfer, I know watches can be very annoying for playing. Do you know some watches designed for playing golf? I' m looking...

Good news/Bad news
Hunting season starts soon! Wooohooo! It will really free up the golf courses. Daylight elimination time looms on the horizon though....... Just for the record...I had to re...

Golf marathon road trip
Well, I may have finally over-dosed on golf! Made a trip to my hometown in western Nebraska for family illness (all came out as OK as possible - Thanks.) Played every course...

How does the get paid to play golf advertisment work
I am reading all kinds of post on get paid to play golf. Has anyone tried this. How does it work and is it a scam?

Dodgy-Refs.Com Website For Sale
********************************************************* * This article is posted by an unregistered version of: * Newsgroup AutoPoster PRO version 1.5.2 ******************************...

Brush tees
Thinking of trying some Brush Tees are they any good or not worth the bother?? Graham Hill [email protected]

masters practice rounds
have the tickets been allocated yet? i assume i'm missed out again. :(

Golfing in the winter (any downsides?)
Besides cold and getting dark very early what are some other bad effects of winter golf?

Book for Sale - How To Turn Three Shots Into Two
Turn Three Hots Into Two - How to Putt, Chip, Pitch, and Blast Your Way to Lower Scores http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=71105&item=7105002646&rd=1 Fu...

Anybody tried this spine finder?
Has anyone purchased and used this spine finder? The price doesn't seem too bad from what I can see. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7104587062#ebayphotohosting

Thor Explaining MPM
http://www.ucomics.com/closetohome/2004/09/28/ Dave Clary/Corpus Christi, Tx Home: http://davidclary.com RSG Roll Call http://www.rec-sport-golf.com/members/?rollcall=claryd

tiger's Withdrawals
84--fatigue. Oh, BS!! The kid's only 24 y.o. At 24 I (& I'm sure most of you) didn't know what the word meant. Especially after a good night's sleep. And I bet we all worked physically harde...

Thanks to Mr. Pitts and Laville
Something I failed to mention about the Rhoider was a mini TGM clinic David Laville put on Friday night in our room. Present were Eric, Paul (retiredusarmy), and myself. DL had only 2 hour...

Scotty Red X Putter
I just played with a fellow that used the new Scotty Cameron Red X putter. I asked him what he thought of it, and he said that when he first got it, he did pretty well with it, but his putti...

Celebrity blackjack
I want to block this program and all of the ads for it from coming on to make me sick. Any suggestions? Celebrity Old Maid, sure, to watch them bs, but 21, come on.

Moe Norman Story

VJ 's best season 2004 Versus Tiger's best season 2000
By Doug Ferguson The Associated Press Updated: 5:57 p.m. ET Sept. 28, 2004 Vjay Singh has one month to put the final touches on what already is a masterpiece. He won for th...

Next Ryder Cup Captain - Rumours
So much for me thinking that Zinger was a shoe in. Apparently, none other than Mark O'Meara is overwhelming favourite to replace Hal Sutton and there's even talk about Tiger Woods in a...

10th Wedding Anniversary
My wife and I played Fox Run in Council Bluffs IA. I was golfing horribly but enjoying it immensely. On hole 4, 158 yds par 3, I carded a 5. On hole 5, a short par 4 (330 ish) I carded ...

What's best way to handle slow play?
I walk on as a single and get paired with 3 other guys. One is a low/mid handicapper (also came out as a single) and the other two are buddies. The two buddies were nice enough guys but pret...

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