Help! Looking for a "permanent" golf ball....
Hi guys. Long time lurker, used to post a little bit... I'm looking for a good golf ball. I've been experimenting a lot lately, and it seems that the ones I like either get discontinue...

warior custom golf wedges?
Hi, I stumbled on to this site they said if you sing up for their news letter that they will send you a free lob wedge. I've been thinking of getting a wedge set so...

What happened to Vijay's Belly Putter?
As I watched Vijay miss his putt on the 17th today, I realized he wasn't using his belly putter. I joined the tourney late so maybe they talked about it, but does anyone know why he's not...

Provisional ball and speed of play issue
Suppose you hit a drive that goes about 250 yards but then fades into the woods. Unsure that you will be able to find the first ball, you decide to go with a provisional ball. With the 2nd b...

A straight T shot
Once in a while 3 out of 10 maybe go straight, for the most part I hit a weak fade. I wish I could hit straight more often but thats not the case. I don't mid the fade, I ju...

unpayable lie.
why (the british open) don't players take an unplayable lie when they have no shot as some of the fellows in the british open had in the bunkers? you may get a bogey but not quads.

Would Daly be a good Ryder Cup Captain's pick?
I think JD would be a good pick for several reasons: 1) He's playing fairly solid golf this year - only two missed cuts in 14 tries and three top 10's with a win. Looks like he'll car...

Good tournament Round 78
Reading many of the topics lately...putts/round, I commented there...Rounds -8 based on your handicap, I commented there... Well, just wanted to update to those index as menti...

Free Ipods while supplies last
Want a free Ipod? Just sign up for an offer (One is just make an eBay acct and bid on something, you dont have to win t...

Wrist Cock Direction
Which direction is a wrist cock supposed to be in? It's a little hard to describe what I mean, so bear with me. IF you were to keep your arms in front of you while you cock your wrist...

River Sand in Bunkers - What is the technique?
Just about all of the tips and instruction I read for how to get out of greenside bunkers, is written with the assumption that the bunker is filled with nice white, fine beach sand (silica s...

What's in the Bag
On the golf channel this eve - golf balls was discussed. Soft. hard, 2 - piece / 3 - piece / 40 - 50 buck variety, and etc.. I have noticed that a hard (high compression) ball wi...

I Have a Question
and I feel like most have an idea what causes the ball on a putt to travel online to the hole, up to a point, which is any where from a foot in, and then veers off course, missin...

Got the New Trahan DVD Today
I have just finished watching the Don Trahan DVD - Golf Plain & Simple. I really like his method. I am 49 yrs old and I want to prevent back problems down the road. Many of my friends consis...

Alabama Good Guys 2, Georgia Mafia 0
We had a good time at Twin Bridges today. 36 great holes of golf, companship, and cartwomen. Two of the Alabama good guys shot 82 and 83 to beat the four georgia mafia. In the afternoon r...

RSG Bellingham/Vancouver - open tee time
There is one spot available for a tee time on Friday, August 6 at the course in Point Roberts Washington. Tee time is 12:10. If you are interested, please let me know via email or reply he...

So you tried a launch monitor......then what?
I was wondering if anyone here has any experience being tested in a launch monitor. Launch Monitors seem to be the latest buzz equipment being used by experts everywhere to improve their bal...

I like guns, bows & arrows better than golf
I have lost interest in 10 years of playing golf...because of all the A-holes on the golf course...i met: Materialists, Tiger-woods wanna-bes, macho-type college types, Senior ...

Interesting info on the TM R-7 Quad
This is the expensive Taylor-Made offering that features four removeable/changeable weights in the clubhead that can alter its ballflight-creating tendencies, to things like draw, hook, fa...

John Daly and Trimspa
Note to JD - Stop dipping your Trimspa in deep-fried chocolate. It isn't going to work like that. But seriously, how much of a waste is that? JD pimping a weight loss product is...

How does this Work?
During a recreational round of golf - assuming that there is 15 minutes of time allotted for playing each hole, and one of the players is confronted with a - lost ball situation, he <...

Country club?
Can someone explain exactly what a country club is? I had thought they were just the same as private members clubs here in the uk, but the thread about tipping interested me. It seems like ...

Golf gods are fickle
Meg Mallon went from 1st, 1st, T6 at the U.S. Open, Canadian Open, and the Evian Masters respectively to missing the cut at the British Open. And it wasn't even close. She missed the cut by ...

Stupid Questions!!
WHY do the announcers insist on asking the pros questions re: tiger? Case in point: John Cook. "Do you ever get tired of being asked about tiger?" And other leading questions.

Rules Q: Balls hitting on Putting Green
Both Players are on the putting surface. Player A putts and misses. He walks up to mark his ball but before he has a chance to mark Player B putts and hits his ball. Playe...

small flop shot???
went back to a shot i hadn't played much in years. say 5 yards off green in moderate rough with little room on green to pin... i open clubhead, hit down a little on ball and get a nice soft ...

Here is something you don't see every day
Not sure they had the right baseball player here - was it Yogi Bera? "But at least he finished strong. He saved par on No. 18 with a 14-foot birdie putt." http://sportsillustrated.cnn.c...

Deep Divot Help
My divots are very deep. Even when they are perfectly straight they are very deep. I use a vardon grip and cannot understand why these divots are so deep. It doesn't matter wher...

Yankin' my crank in the mall today
I bought a copy of Teen Beat and sat outside of Waldenbooks and started masturbating right there.I just couldnt help myself the Mandy Moore picture is sooo hot.Since this was the secon...

arm-shaft angle in takeaway
In taking the club away, is it advisable to try to maintain the angle between the leading arm and the shaft? I'm talking about the angle as viewed from the target line. I have been trying ...

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