Spencer Levin
I just realized that he's that punk that I see on NCGA magazine all the time. Now I see him near the top of the leaderboard at the US Open. He still looks like a punk, but he's a damn good g...

What a great view of the 10th!
I was watching the approaches of Mickelson and Triplett on the 10th green, and that view from behind was one of the most striking camera angles I've ever seen. Ordinarily, telev...

First / Second - Ranking
for two apparently aspiring pro golfers. Ben Curtis, Chad Campbell - which do you think has the most chance of becoming the better golfer overtime? Ben Curtis, to me at leas...

Wife loves Reagan and Duval
She hated 'em both when they were in power. Now she thinks they are both great. I don't get it. Bookie

new caddy?
I am caddying for a friend in a regional amateur tourney next week. I have played for five years but have never "looped" Is there any advice other than "Show up, keep up, and shut up"? ...

They have Michael Campbell's score after two posted...the two with him still aren't posted for either hole....someone is a sleep at the switch !!

GolfWeb Screwing ther pooch..
At 7:57 the have screwed up the leaderboard doing God knows what....switching scores I guess...I looked for Cabrera, it had him at plus 1...I thought wow...he really muffed that hole...looke...

Noisy New Yorkers
Boy, you sure can tell when a PGA event is near New York city can't you? The gallery is noisy, and individuals shouting loudly to the players makes viewing unpleasant. Do you th...

Golf Website
Hi, I have been putting together a golf web site - http://www.golfstatician.co.uk for storing statistics on your golf rounds. Apart from the actual hosting website looking a little ...

David Duval = Phish
It appears that DD's career is synonomous w/ the fearsome foursome from Vermont. Both were far and away the most skilled in their particular endeavors at one point in time, displaying almos...

Duval birdies his first hole !!!
.... and then it got ugly.

When does the golf season start and end officially in Illinios?
Thank you. _JP

Tournament advice and question
OK all you club tournament players here's your chance to pontificate. I joined a men's club. I have been collecting scorecards. When I have ten I will enter them into the GHIN computer. ...

Iron Shaft/Clubhead Preferences
Kinda' long, but here goes. Amidst all the rambling there really are two separate but related questions. I currently play Hogan Apex Channelback (circa 1995) irons (blade/muscleba...

... just wondering
is there a finishing / charm school that caters to golf pros? to erase the gloom / doom demeanor that some display while in contention. they wouldn't have to subscribe to on...

St. Regis and Monarch Beach golf
Well, since this marriage has miraculously lasted 20 years, for our anniversary present to each other, my wife and I are driving up to Dana Point, staying in the St. Regis hotel, and playing...

Ty Tryon?
What ever happened to him? Has he died or something? -- RIP President Ronald Reagan - you were the greatest.

who sez - play thru
a foursome, a twosome, and a single are all in play (lined up) at the ninth tee box, waiting to tee-up / off. one of the foursome walks around the twosomes, and ask the single to ...

BALL - weight / size
some parameters for golf balls; Ball Size: The size of a USGA conforming ball must not be greater than 1.680" (42.67mm.). Ball Weight: The weight of a USGA conforming ball...

Duval on Medication?
Did you see the interview with Duval they just showed on the Golf Channel Postgame show? The guy sounded for all the world like he was on antidepressants. Off-the-wall answers, bursts of wor...

Grey Goose
I see these ad's on the golf channel. 'The best tasting Vodka'. Best tasting compared to what? Is the taste of Vodka why everyone mixes it with Orange Juice, Fruit Punch and bee...

What do the medals on the caps of US Open players signify?

No respect for tradition
Back in the day, 30 or 40 years ago, most PGA touring pros would drop their pants and take a crap on the fairway at least once or twice during a tournament. It seems that thi...

Swing Solutions PGC 200 software for swing analysis
Does anyone here use the Swing Solutions PGC 200 software? I bought it a few weeks ago, and it looked decent. It came with a firewire camera, and it can work with a MiniDV camc...

Golf Channel on crack ??
Jesus...they're trying to build up Duval....NO...I don't want to see an interview yet AGAIN with the fucking schmo in LAST place...move on already !!

NBC Coverage
Great if you're a fan of one of five players but if you wanna see some golf forget it...Jesus Christ...there are over 70 golfers on the course yet they show the same f'n 5 people (fortunatel...

Does Tiger Woods swing too hard?
I admit that this is the ultimate amateur armchair quarterback comment but here goes: Does is seem like Tiger Woods swings too hard? When I compare his swing to Vijay Singh and Mickelson and...

US Open wind will increase
US Open wind forecast... Thursday afterday...7mph Friday...8 to 12 mph...overnight rains will soften things. Saturday...calm early... 12 mph in the afternoon. T...

Hi, I have a putter that has the name 'Auld Reekie Handmade in St. Andrews' written on the bottom of the club head. The club also has 'Hand Made In Scotland' burned into the wooden shaft. I ...

Miss Anne Thrope is........
....Seve Ballesteros. Either Seve or Marion Jones. Bitter golfer, bitter runner = M.A.T. Though the oddly verbose distaste for joggers might mean that M.A.T. is John Daly. ...

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