Just Relax...Dammit!
I play my best golf when I am completely relaxed. My swing is easy, my body turns, my weight shifts nicely and my arms rotrate easily........The ball goes where I want it to. Ho...

Can someone analyze my score for me? (Beginner).
I have played 4 golf games. I went to the range maybe 8 times in my life beforehand. In my 4 games in order, I shot: 129 - 121 - 127 -127. That was a par 70 course. How do I fair against the...

Poor LLLary The Buffoon
No degree. No engineering license. No chance of breaking 100 from the tips on another course. No apology to Mr. Clark What college did you go to so we can check? Where i...

Four - Eyes
this question has been addressed before in this news group, but the suggestions have slipped my mind. In wearing glasses with tinted lens while playing golf in the sun, which shad...

Cobra Driver question
Hello, I'm about a 20 handicap and I have two Cobra drivers, one is a 10.5 degree SZ440 and the other is a 9 degree SS350. At first I hit great with the SZ440, but recently I've ...

Tiger & Butch..together again?

Walking on the outside of one's foot
I think this may be a symptom of overweight but, as far as I know even when I was lighter I would walk this way. Does anyone know an insert that would help correct this. The only reason I ...

Getting better!
As a public service to those who feel the need to make it a point to reveal to me the dream world I live in, I thought I might post on recent improvements in my game. I have been ...

Digital Score Keeper Device
does the length of a driver's shaft noticeably affect the distance of ball travel.? If long adds to enhancement, is longer better? If so, the numeric read-out value on you...

One opening for San Juan Oaks on Friday
We have 1 spot left for RSG-San Juan Oaks. It is this Friday, July 2, and the tee times are 7:30 and 7:40 a.m. If you are interested in playing, please let me know ASAP. --

Be in Portland (Or)
I will be down in your neck of the woods (Portland, Beaverton) Friday-Monday and have nothing but GOLF on my mind. Matt, Rick, others, let me know if you guys want to get together for some...

posting score of rained out round
My understanding is that the following is correct. If not please post the correct score. I shot 36 on the front. On the back we play 10 - 14 and the rain and thunder and lighting make us sto...

In the Lead (gulp)
Last weekend was the first day of our two day club championship. I had a strong front, followed by a mediocre back. I avoided having any blowup holes and ended up with an 89, net 67. I thoug...

Larry: A tennis and golf double bet
I am a lowly 5.0 in tennis and a 9.3 in golf. You and I should be equal in both sports if you are beating all the older men in tennis. We can meet in Atlanta and let Hammer or R&B hol...

RSG-Cincinnati -- A little over a week away!
RSG-Cincinnati is a little bit over a week away -- July 9th through 11th. Here is what the tentative schedule is looking like: Friday -- 2 PM, then off to the traditional S...

its time tiger!!!
to start playing cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn man :)

Aerotech Patriot shafts
Anyone have any experience with this shaft? It interests me because it seems to offer an almost infinite latitude in trimming options. My driver swing speed (90-95) seems to fall between sti...

Snake Eyes Driver selection
I am currently looking at 2 Snake Eyes drivers and would like feedback from anyone who has used either the Fire Forged Compressor or the Power Link driver heads. They both seem to offer max ...

Why Does Jay Haas Want to Play in the Ryder Cup
Why does Jay Haas want to qualify for the Ryder Cup. He choked like a dog back in 1997 playing Philip Walton where Europe won and Strange lost to Faldo. Johnny Miller refers to Haas' perform...

Attaboy! Watch out, Tiger. This guy means business....
http://edition.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/asiapcf/02/16/kim.birthday.reut/ LOL! -- Cheers Nuno Souto [email protected]

You know your good when...
2 guys call me to play .As usual I play it casual rather than immediately locking in spot.When I respond to first guy I find Gene Wilder (actor , Blazing Saddles) will play instead.When I re...

Practice swings, when too many is too many
Picked up a game today at my usual course with a dad and his two sons, high school age. The dad was erratic, but ok, and the kids, well, the kids. They each took three full practice swings ...

First Lesson Today.
Hi All, I posted about a month ago regarding hitting 44 one day, down from my usual 50-53 for nine. Since then, I hadn't come close to scoring that low again & had started hittin...

Monty Qualifies for the Open
I apologize if I missed this in RSG earlier. http://sports.yahoo.golfserv.com/gdc/news/article.asp?Source=YAHOO&id=24401 Dave Clary/Corpus Christi, Tx Home: http://davidclar...

What appeal do Fuzzy and Trevino bring to a shootout?
Blah, blah, blah. Why put mikes on them and have the announcers talking at the same time. Had to turn it off!

Who sells the Loco Pro driver in Canada? Is the Pro any better than the aluminum bargain version?

Forbes world's highest-paid athletes
http://www.forbes.com/celebrities/2004/06/23/04athletesland.html interesting notes: #1 - Tiger Woods $80M (88% from endorsements) #2 - Michael Schumacher $80M (highest salar...

Help Tracking a Replacement Club?
I'm trying to track down a replacement for a lost 7-iron. It's from a set of Shamrock G-3 cavity back stainless steel irons I've had for quite a while. The clubs are shafted with gold Kun...

Forget Yeti, try CubeGolf
Hi, For teambuilding, morale boosting, and general time wasting, form up a CubeGolf team and host a tournament. It's got Yeti Sports Golf beat. See CubeGolf.com for details...

Monty and The Open Chhampioship.
Monty survived a 12 man playoff. He's in.

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