don't let this opportunity pass
get your smart-mouth remarks in early. Has anyone ever played golf - wearing soccer shoes? =A0=A0m h o =A0=A0=A0v =83e

Low Hooking Pull with Driver
Somebody please help. I am 10.3 handicap. Usually hit a good draw with the irons/woods. I have a pretty strong grip but tend to be fairly consistent atleast with the irons. The mo...

Question on DynaGrip Gloves
I received a mailer today from, buy one DynaGrip Glove for $12.95 and get one free. This is the same offer they have on their website. But with this offer, I also get a free o...

one mental tip to hole 3 footers
im starting lose it :) i think the yips are starting to kick in .....i cant get the ball in the hole without a twitch!! playing off 5 this is sad!!! help :)

Wachovia Champioship: Sold Out?
Waaaa....No single day tickets available.

The Finish of the HP Classic New Orleans
How good are these guys? Mickelson finishes Birdie/Birdie/Par/Birdie to shoot 66. Singh finishes Eagle/Birdie/Par/Birdie to shoot SIXTY THREE and beat him (and Ogilvie) by a stroke.

2004 U.S. Open Southampton Estate Rental
Amazing View of Shinnecock Hills Course from Home. 2 minute walk to Admission Gate Must See: ...

I played yesterday in the strongest winds of my life, I think -- 30 mph, sustained, with gusts to 40 or 45. Wow, what an adventure. I'm an 11 handicap who's playing like a 14 this spring, ...

Jack an Tiger - some analysis
Hey All, Just after the Masters there was a thread discussing Nicklaus and Woods and their relative competition.

Should graphite shafts always be longer than steel shafts ?
Should graphite shafts always be longer than steel shafts ? Last year I've ordered a set of irons on the internet ( The shaft is +1.5" and 2 degrees uprig...

The 19th hole

Collecting Golf Balls

Old fairway woods
I was watching Jim McClean, and he said that years ago he wouldn't ever recommend hitting a fairway wood out of a fairway bunker. What was so "bad" about the old fairway woods that make it ...

Help with pulls and shanks
Sometimes I get a shank when hitting my irons. A shank is where you hit it off the hosel and it squirts to the right correct? Why when you hit the same bad shot with a wood why does the ba...

Funny moment with new Clubs
I bought a new set of Titleist DCI 762's over the winter and played with them for the first time on Saturday. I had a troublesome front 9 (45) and couldn't put my finger on exactly what I w...

Cutting down driver shaft
I have a Titleist 983E driver with a factory installed Graphite Design YS-6 stiff shaft. (Wt 63g mid-trajectory) I have noticed that when I grip down an inch, I am splitting fairways ...

Good Sunday but same score
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0019_01C430ED.1A7EDA80 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

HP Classic
Saw that 12 people who started withdrew, two others did not start. Does this mean that 12 others could have played if the 12 did not start ? Isn't starting and withdrawing a very selfish act...

Whoa! Does the LPGA need a dress code?
Did you see how Rosales was dressed? Headband, t-shirt, big metal belt buckle. (I say this tongue-in-cheek of course) She looked like a hip-hop dancer in one of those P Diddy m...

"I never play THIS bad"
Jeez, I got paired up with one of those guys yesterday that hacked it around all day long, probably lost more than a dozen golf balls, repeatedly tried to make a 240 yard carry over water - ...

Rosales wins Chick-Fil-A !!!
Way tp go, Jenny! At least she has her heart in the right place.

Augusta National Golf Course -- anagram
Augusta National Golf Course -- anagram ********************************* Got an unusual lot of gas? I care! ********************************* --

Shaft stiffness, frequency, clubhead speed
Anyone got data on shaft stiffness and frequency and their effect on resulting clubhead speed? Having a stiffer shaft allows a higher arm speed (and requires it), but a stif...

Playing at Baltusrol on Monday =)
My boss has invited me to play at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, NJ on Monday! Is this one of the top courses in the country? If so, top ten? Has anyone good some helpful tips...

driver shaft suggestions
Currently using a XS stock shaft in my Callaway Hawkeye VFT pro (10.5) and I feel that I have to swing through the ball with very "controlled" wrists to get any kind of acceptable result...

Lie Adjustment Question
I have been reluctant to have the lie on my irons adjusted. Here is the relevant data. 1) At address the club is definitely somewhat 'toe-up'. Of course "at address" is not the po...

Spoiler - HP Classic of New Orleans
What's happened to Ellis today? He starts out the day atop the leaderboard and is in 9 over for the day with 5 bogeys and two double-bogies! Now he is in 54th place through 13 holes! ...

The swing showed up today. Just a visit or will it stay?
The last few times at the range I was not having much success. When I could hit my irons I could not hit my driver and vice-versa. Today I struggled a bit with the first bucket of balls an...

One more in the jar
Friday, seventh hole, 172 yards, 6 iron...all over the flag, one bounce, check and roll into the hole. Just like I knew what I was doing. That's number 5, but the first in 15 years. I've bee...

What did ya'll think of the Bobby Jones movie?
Was he really a sickly kid? The film portrayed him as even sickly when he was playing. Always having stomach trouble and then vericose veins. While I enjoyed the movie somewhat, I was d...

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