AD: Are There Any Superbowl Fans Here?
///////*** They Are Now Hiring ***\\\ Hello From BiZzArRo 420 Land: Superbowl fans have to see this web site and they just added http...

Cigars, Beers, and the Stuff in Your Bag
It said that the server timed out when I tried to post this the first time, so I'm gonna give it another shot. I like to sample the cured leaf of tobacco in cigar form while links...

flag positions
I have difficulty judging whether the flag is in the front, middle, or back of greens on approach shots because our greens are generally flat. As a result, I hit approach shots where I thin...

Which Golf Clubs
are for which shots, Irons, Woods, etc

Which Golf Clubs
How do you know which clubs are for which shots. Irons, Woods, etc

Father and Son
Well, since I can't play golf yet because of my elbow surgery, I walk with my son to watch him play often. It's really fun to see him hitting so well, he hole a 50ft putt Saturday and anothe...

More stuff about distances . . . and swing
Anyone who has read my questions knows I am a novice golfer. And, boy, am I! The other day was my last lesson for the time being with my instructor, and suddenly, I could not hit the ball ...

David Toms is #1 in the world
because I said so

Lightning kills golfer, injures son Randy

Greatest Improvement
in your swing, lately? Mine, I think George Hibbard's suggestion to "twist the wrist" with gusto, at the right time during the impact process has merit, and is really ben...

Pittsism Of The Day, 05/31/2004
Start_Quote: Those who are likely to be conservative tend to major in business or technology or engineering. They are interested in making money and feeding the economy. Those who are l...

Watch out Callaway!
Yes, I believe this. &rd=1 NOT. -- Sandman -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=...

Aren't cell phones bad enough?
This morning's Rocky Mountain News (Denver) has a story about a really disturbing idea: wireless internet access on the golf course "so (businesspeople) can actually get out and play golf." ...

Wrong shades?
Perhaps I should have posted this message before I ordered my pair of prescription sun glasses but:- What color sun glasses will give me the best reading of putts? I wont say what color...

One single thought
Can anyone give one single swing thought that, in the majority of cases, will be GUARANTEED to club head speed........?

How to hit a knock-down shot?
Can anyone kindly explain it to me in detail? Contrary to the last year's, this year's weather hasn't been that good in Chicagoland, especially on weekends so far. My body has a thick laye...

[Q] Equitable Stroke Control
Hello, For handicap calculation purpose, there is a limit on the number of strokes that can be counted toward the total strokes from each individual hole, set accordingly to the p...

Sorry Ernie!
I shot a 91 today and 37 of those strokes were putts. I played well enough to score decently but I just couldn't sink a damn putt. I had two three-putt bogeys, and missed several inside fi...

Distance women hit with different clubs
LInks? Info? Thanks.

Would you ever buy a putter without a site line?
grrr the difference in price between the WRX titanium/nickel putter with and without a site line is 60 bux How import is the site line to you guys? John

Monday network for PGA
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0052_01C44685.D594A5E0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Ball touched, but not moved Rules Question
Rules question: A player's ball is in the fairway. He set up to it with his fairway wood, the wood's face just touches the ball. The ball does not move. Penalty?

1-800-275-5336 Press 3 Ext. 0189467 Only $1.00 Per Minute

Demo day
"John Yoshizawa" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > Isn't Cobra owned my Titleist? Funny how you like one typ...

Tip of The Day
Save money. Not a bad idea, huh? Ok, here goes, get your swing perfected - before you start taking up precious space / spen ding unnecessary money - for just the...

need to find fairway woods
hi, ok...i've been looking for a cleveland vas 3 wood and 5 wood for sometime now with little luck. i have the driver and wanted to complete the set but most folks who ...

Demo day
This was Demo weekend at my club and it was a great experience to try a variety of clubs. Of all the vendors, I was least excited about Titleist. I know a lot of recreational and...

Played a round with 5 clubs
A quick report on a "only 5 clubs allowed, including putter" game that I played recently. Just an FYI - no particular point to be made here. The round was played on the shortest/easies...

OT - Any insurance agents in the house?
I know, that's a strange question for a golf newsgroup, huh? *g* Still though, if you're out there, email me? Thanks!!

Plastic practice balls
I went to Sports Authority yesterday and bought two types of plastic balls for practice, one type is solid and the other has the holes in it. I also bought the soft foam ones. My question is...

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