11 on three holes
... penalty strokes that is. It was a serious meltdown. The mens' club spring medal and I was doing very well on the front nine... well enough that I was thinking I was going to...

The Tilt
as Hammer mentioned in his listings of experiences he had recently during his golfing lessons. The t-i-l-t, interruption), might be an often overlooked maneuver for some in the s...

"Golf" in music.
Three of my "loves" in one package... antiquities, music and golf. If you've wondered how your "Sugar" felt about the game, try this tune, recorded in 1931, by Mamie Smith. Click on t...

5i Distance, C + R = 150-yds.
What do you think is the problem when 150-yds. distance is all you are able to eke-out of a 5i? Does anyone else have this problem? It might be that the loft needs setting. ...

TPC Sawgrass
I am a military man stationed in Pensacola, and want to treat my father to a round of golf at TPC Sawgrass for his 50th birthday. His birthday is in the first week of June. I have been to th...

What's in your bag and why
Always fun to read what's in the bag, but rarely do you hear why. So I thought I would ask. My bag (usual marked with asterick): Selected from following based on course and...

On NPR last night I heard this jewel: Irate lady golfer to club Pro: "I was stung by a bee on your golf course!" Club Pro: "Where were you stung?" Lady golf...

Accupunture for Elbow Tendonitis?
Yesterday I went to a Golf Fest at the NYC Chelsea Piers. Reps from all of the major clubmakers; except, surprisingly enough, I didn't see a PING rep. Got to hit a lot of balls with a lot ...

Re: 60* wedge, bounce?
> Alan Baker <[email protected]> wrote: > > > > > I know that the bounce angle is the angle of the sole of the club vs > > horizontal, and that...

SMT Nemisis
Anyone play this clubhead? Any info appreciated.

Sunday selections
Picks for Sunday's matchups at the BellSouth: DiMarco +130 over Weir Huston +110 over Kaye Cink +130 over Mickelson Yesterday's results: Harrington +125 over Micke...

Sparky to play in his second ever pro tournament monday....
I'll be playing in my second ever pro tournament monday, the Georgia PGA section Assistants Stroke play event at Chapel Hills golf course in Douglasville ga. While th...

Hammer's debriefing
It was nice of the lad to relate to the group a sampling of his experience on the golf instructions he received recently. There were some words of wisdom, as he stated, that the instru...

Hi all, question on handicaps, from what I can see the entire golfing world is trying to get everything under the same handicap system (please correct me if i'm wrong). As I understan...

Toronto Pro
Looking for a friendly teacher to get my game in shape, for the amount I play I should be low 70's instead of mid 90"s..if your near Toronto......hook up...greg

Pat Summerall Seriously Ill
The longtime voice of CBS Golf, and CBS and Fox football broadcasts, is seriously ill in hospital. Get well, Pat. From the New York Times: The broadcaster Pat Summerall was ...

60* wedge, bounce?
I am thinking about adding a 60* wedge to my bag to use mostly out of sand bunkers. I am confused about the different degrees of bounce. 8 and 12 degrees of bounce seem to be the most comm...

O / T - Posting Tips
I ran across this in another newsgroup, and thought I would post it as a matter of information only. v =83e ---- Posting Tips for Users The DOs and DON'Ts of Newsgroup Postin...

How to regrip clubs
Hello all, I would like to put new grips on a set of irons I picked up recently and was thinking of doing it myself. I have never done this, however, and would like to know how it...

FS - Lefty driver Montreal
For Sale; Callaway Hawkeye Driver 9.5 degree - left handed regular graphite shaft $150.00 Also Left handed putter Odyssey Rossey II $75.00 epot...

Re: Jumbo Grips
"Rick Chiavaroli" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > Absorption rate. I had a very interesting discussion with my wife's > chiropractor regarding G&C. A...

How did David Toms break his putter at BellSouth?


Jumbo Grips
I have Arthritis in both hands. Swelling and Pain in winter and early spring. My doctor who is an excellent golfer suggest I change my grips to Jumbo size ( My choice would be between Winn G...

British Seniors Open entry form
For anyone interesting in entering the 2004 Senior British Open Championship at Royal Portrush Golf Club, Northern Ireland, which takes place in July, the entry form (with tournament details...

Mac O'Grady book
Mac O'Grady - The Rise and Fall of a Potential Golfing Superstar, A Sponsor Story (Xlibris Press, 2003). This is the worst written book I have ever seen. Fascinating in a morbid way, <...

Lost balls
One of the strangest happenings in all of recreational golf is that no matter where you think your ball was lost, your almost sure to find someone else's in that spot.

Golf Balls
with a good reputation lowers scores. If not solely through quality, then mentally - they'll perk you up, give you confidence. Read the small print on the ball that signif...

Elbow relationship in swing??
Howdy all... Jack Nicklaus had the famous "flying right elbow" (guess that explains his awful career? ...HAR! HAR!) Others say an out of position right elbow will ruin any c...

Golf after hip replacement surgery?
Hi Gang, I'm due for surgery on my right hip in 3 weeks time and someone mentioned today at a pre-surgery meeting that practicing the golf swing is inadvisable for 3 months a...

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