Taped fingers
Why do I see so many pro golfers with taped fingers, Arnold Palmer, Tiger, It can't be from blisters, I'm sure their hands are all well work hardened. Thanks,Rudy

It was a very classy moment. That poor amateur, you almost knew he'd miss. Arnie looked very content walking into the scoring tent. I think he knows it was a good decision. How many were ...

Thank you Arnie!
Thank you Arnie for all the years! Today he played his last Master's tournament, his 50th year in a row at Augusta National with his Army applauding him all the way. Good bye, Arnie, we wi...

It Was Overdone
That is what I will always remember about this Friday at Augusta. They took two stories, and beat them to a bloody pulp.

Jim Nance
"One last hitch of the britches. One last smile that everyone in the gallery thought was meant for them..." Nance sounds like he thinks his commentary is making history. Give me a break...

The usual stupid gut wrenching question from the hideous announcer to ARnie
""" How frustrating is it ...to know that this is your last Masters ? """ I am gonna trhow up on the guy if i ever see him ..

How old is Arnie ? I am gonna guess....
he won in 54 he had to be at least 21 or so ....So the math goes thusly... 21 + 50 = 71 or so ... How close did I come ?

What the " heck " did TW say out there ?
Dern I missed the doggone thang

What is the Masters cut ?
Is it top 44 and ties with or without amateurs ??

"Hurry Up and Putt" -- Wall Steet Journal article
Great story in the Weekend Edition section of today's Wall Street Journal on how golf courses are trying to fight slow play. The most optimistic part of the story, in my opinion, was this se...

Toughening Augusta
Do you agree that toughening Augusta can be done by increasing the length of the rough and making the greens faster? Lots of people are complaining the planting of pine trees and lengthenin...

Masters cut (spoiler)
Well, so far it look like Mike Weir and Adam Scott will miss it as will Chad Campbell, Len Mattiace, Craig Parry, and Jack. Tigers streak will continue (cuts made that is). Chris ...

Dunlop Loco Drivers
Has anyone tried the Dunlop Loco Drivers? Good or bad? Thanks in advance. Tom

Tiger's 2004 Stats to date...
I've been reading a lot of posts lately about how bad Tiger is playing. Rather than just outright agree or disagree, I decided to go to PGAtour.com and check out his stats. There were some ...

Choi Choi Choi Spoilers!
Dangit I couldn't afford him on my ESPN team and look what he's dong he shot a 30 on the front nine today!

Working the ball
My goal this year is to learn to work the ball in either direction with long and mid irons. I am not having any problem getting a power draw on, say, a seven iron, but I can't seem to hit a...

"Bobby Jones: A role model, literally"
A role model, literally Actor Jim Caviezel says he is inspired by the example of golfer Bobby Jones. In 1930, Jones accomplished a feat that has never been repeated: capturing golf's ...

How can I get the John Daly signature umbrella
I gotta get me one of those.

I heard at least 2 patron's yell " You the Man" on Thursday
Shameful, absolutely shameful. One of them even said when the weather clears the greens will be fast as they were applied with Bikini wax.

TW's foul mouth
Did you hear him? I'm sure many golf fans were offended by his behavior. A top golfer live on TV cursing is surely the end of the world as we know it. Damn this disease. tim ...

What crappy shape I'm in
It's been a long winter and it shows. I am in crappy shape, physically. How do I know? I took a lesson a couple of days ago -- hit about 60+ balls with my pro in about 45-60 m...

Ping Golf Clubs (new / used) - United Kingdom suppliers only
I require web site addresses of retailers of new and used Ping golf clubs in the United Kingdom ONLY

Silent Post for Eric the Hammer

Master Rose
Master Rose: Justin rose above them all He must be feeling twice as tall as when he entered Open heaven and almost won at age of seven teen olé

Green jackets
Can anyone explain the significance of this "green jacket" thing to us here in demon.local ? We've been talking about it for some time and we just can't agree on the correct answ...

Where Are They?
We have not heard very much talk lately about how TW is the greatest golfer ever. I wonder if they still think that Tiger will break all of Jack's records?They sure have been very quiet...

Anni's Masters Gallery
I've posted a few pics here: http://www.pbase.com/bret/masters04 I'll be posting some more in the next few days as I scan them in.

Lesson--->Takeway, Release, & Path
Took a lesson today. Actually it was a 3rd in a package I bought over a year ago. (Goes to show how unimportant golf has been this past year.) Anyway, we watched some video and quickly det...

Volume of posts way way down ....
Tiger not in the hunt ..... wonder if the two items are related ?

Tee Time in Tunica
I'm playing River Bend Golf Links a week from tomorrow. Anyone play it before?? Dave Clary/Corpus Christi, Tx Home: http://davidclary.com Golf Diary: http://davidclary.com/golfdi...

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