Major win as validation
With Phil winning the Masters, he's validated himself as a "good player" and may even be able to become "great" one day. This is similar to players in other sports winning the World Series,...

Phil on the Tonight Show
I was impressed by Phil on the Tonight show. My wife, who I didn't think followed golf very much summed it up when she said; "He DOES have a personality"! ANDů he did a great j...

patrons 2nd cut 1st 9 2nd 9 green coat toonamint Any others? I hadn't noticed that '1st 9' '2nd 9' thing before, and I can't figure out why they do it. What'...

Cobra SS-i irons
Hi group, just bought a new set of Cobra SS-i irons, stiff microtapered steel shaft .... how plays the same set ?? Any comments ?? Also bought a set of Cleveland wedges:

What is the standard shaft length in a driver, and when measuring, where do you measure to? I have a Callaway GBB II, and I'm assuming you measure from the end of the grip to where you can s...

Phil on Leno
Phil just made a funny crack about Leno not playing golf is good for the game. haha

Hardest Hole at Augusta (w/photo)
Hole #10 looks fairly tame on TV, but let me tell ya, it's really a lot tougher in person. Here's a pic I took that shows what the hole REALLY looks like.

Hey bill.... Do you know of any leagues in the St. Louis area that are looking for players? I've only played in a league once, and I've decided maybe to give it a try again.... I'm on the I...

Phil's career in majors
17 top-10s in majors

Cool product for election
Check out these golf balls! They sound like so much fun.

So he uttered a remark about the beloved tw!! Big deal!! I really don't bame him. He just had the nerve to say it (alot like VJ) where the other pros would have LOVED to but just didn'...

All-time leading money winners
Rank This Week Rank Last Week Player Money 1 1 Tiger Woods $41,707,315 2 2 Vijay Singh $28,304,789 3 3 Davis L...

Best player to not get invited to the Master's
Zack Johnson.... 14th on the money list, #32 in the Sagarin world rankings. Had to sit home and watch Charly C. and Tommy A. fight it out. Bookie

Worst Course in America
Taking nominations in the 9 and 18 hole categories... Also, what is the worst private course ?

SMASHters update
The Legendary Elvis jumpsuit has been ordered. It is the same kind I got last year (should fit anyone!). I rejoined Patrick Farms. 150 a month for Patrick and Whisper Lakes is too good a d...

Best player to have never won a major...
AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Golf is now accepting applications to take over Phil Mickelson's role as the best player to have never won a major championship. The requirements should inc...

adjusting angles in clubs
A guy in the pro-shop check my swing and put the famous tape under the club head, he said that I would need to adjust my clubs by "2degrees Flat". Can someone explain in simple words what ef...

Anyone taped the masters?
I was taping it when my son changed channel to watch cartoon. ............ so I got Jimmy Neutron on the last 6 holes.....drop me a line if you have a good copy I can buy from you. from the ...

Was this really Phi?
After 54 holes he lead the field in greens in regulation (41 of 54) and was in the top 10 in driving accuracy (31 of 42). Cumulative Statistics: Greens Hit 5...

Snake Eyes 600w Wedges
I am fairly new to club building. I have build a driver and a few fairway woods that I am pleased with. I was wondering if I would have much trouble putting together a wedge or if it going ...

Golf World: Lefty Not in Top 30
I checked how Golf World thought Phil Mickelson would do this year. You can check too, in the Golf World Archives.

Worst Player to Win Two Majors's another "contest." Worst Player to Win TWO Majors Do we need to go any further than Andy North, who won two U.S. Opens? He only one one other PGA tournament in his ent...

Does a top 16 get an invite back to Augusta
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0173_01C42181.539EA460 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

X 16 Callaway Irons
do any of you know of a knock-off / clone head that matches, and / or resembles the X-16? m h o =A0v =83e

mickelson on leno tonight
should be pretty good interview -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com, Uncensored Usenet News =----- - The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World! -----=...

What happens to Casey Wittenberg's Masters check?
What happens to Casey Wittenberg's share ($125,667) of tieing for 13th at the Masters? It's no small chunk of change. I believe he is or is going to be a freshman at Oklahoma State. Is th...

To Golf Shop owners
(I'm aiming at Golf Shop owners in the San Diego area, but read on if you own a Shop in a different city) I'm not a rich guy, but I sure love playing golf. However, I do not own my

Phil Mickelson not "best player to never win a major" anymore,
...worst player to ever win one ;-) Ulrich

OT-->(discreet) HMoon pictures
Best non-golfing vacation ever. Scratch vacation ever.

Masters' Ratings Down 20% Over Last Year
Read that in the morning paper. Just over a 7 point share compared to last year's 9.1. I guess it really is all about Tiger, even now...

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