Hit right hand, putt left hand?
Anyone ever seen this? A single got placed with my group last Saturday. He hit all his shots right handed, but did all his putting left handed. He was pretty good, so I watched him, espec...

Distance from the ball
What's the best way to determine what your distance from the ball should be at address, so your not reaching for the ball, or crowding yourself on the down swing? Thanks Tom ...

Nationwide Tour
Do anyone have a link to the adverage money won on the tour 2003? Thanks Tom

Perfect Impact
I went to the perfect impact website from George Hubbard's link. I am always a student of golf and was wondering if anyone here had tried his books or videos? Does he give a RSG ...

Yeah, baby!!!!

Club technology
I have just come back from a 'refitting' with my club mechanic. The advances in shaft technology - not only spining, but the knowledge of shaft characteristics, - kick, flex, kick point, et...

How do you stay loose in chilly windy weather?
Year after year I play well in warm weather, dreadfully in cold / windy weather. I still don't know why, after repeatedly playing in these conditions, I have never done better than 'ave...

Club Components?
Greetings, I'm fresh off the boat with regard to clubmaking, and I'm in the early stages of gathering information before attempting a lob wedge and, subsequently (hopefully), a se...

On 30-Apr-2004, larry <[email protected]> wrote: > >Don't laugh too soon. Check your binocular vision, find out what eye is > >dominant, and even consider ...

www.flexi-swing.com Doctor Formulated Great for Joints, Back, Shoulders,....joints & muscles pain. Successful at 2004 PGA Golf Show (Orlando Fl.) BUY IT AT www.amazon.c...

Standard length, loft and lie
Is there such a thing as standard length, loft and lie? I note the manufacturers differ in what they call "standard". I can get the specs for each club from a web site, but who k...

Golf Digest's Places to Play 04-05
Has anyone gotten it yet? Is it sufficently different from the 02-03 edition to make it worthwhile? AJW

Longer driver = longer drives? Not in this case. Why?
I have two Titleist 975 series drivers. The 44" driver has a 70 gram shaft. The 45" driver has a 60 gram shaft. Distances are nearly identical with the shorter shafted driver much more con...

Have you ever broken 80?
but not been able to do it two days in a row?

African-Americans call for "Revolution"
African-Americans in America Openly Call for Revolution and the Rule of African-American Culture By PATRICK E. TYLER and DON VAN NATTA Jr. Published: April 26, 2004

Zinger shot 77-77-154 missed cut at Hilton Head and flew straight to the Doctor...Dr. Rotella that is. After a weekend with the golf shrink, Zinger placed top ten at Houston and i...

Check it out!!
Hey All, How difficult is golf? Check this out... http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/sportSkills Apparently much easier than horseracing, table tennis, rowing or

Golf Secrets Revealed!
Would you like to play golf like a PGA Pro... well, almost? This excellent guide is your opportunity to "slice" right through the useless information and make giant leaps toward improving your game. <...

Lob Wedge for my son?
I have twin 14 yr old boys - 1 who shoots a legit 100 and 1 who is a beginner. The 1 who is a 100 golfer insists that I buy him a 58* lob wedge. What degree are most common wedges? ...

Making my own metalwood
I played with some guys Monday and at the second tee, one of them made mention of my Golfsmith irons, asking me if I'd assembled them. I hadn't, but later in the round he suggested I look in...

Weight of a Putter
I'm wondering what your thoughts would be about the weight of your putter. Would you want a heavier putter on slower greens so that you can transfer greater momentum to the ball? Or would yo...

Why is Joel a great golfer
Why does Joel from Andover consistenly play par.

How to Refinish Adams GT Wood
I have a blue Adams GT wood which I have learned to play with. Needless to say the head of the 3W is badly skymarked. Adams does not refinish their woods. Any suggestions.. I would li...

"American" media won't report travel ban on Israel
The State Department has warned Americans not to travel to Israel. The BBC has reported this on their Web site, but so far the "American" media will not tell Americans about the danger....

Montgomerie's life in turmoil
Don't know if this has reached the US yet. Monty pulled out of the China Masters to fly home to save his marriage. Allegedly, his wife has been seeing the actor Hugh Grant and wan...

When I tried the one piece take away...
With the 3W off the tee, it was a wild push slice to the right. Like, what happened here? This was also generally the case with the 5W off the deck. I would've thought with this t...

Re: Turn your PC into a frequency meter
[email protected] wrote: > I found the following text on the web and wondered whether anyone > (besides Mr. Bojanowski) has tried this: > > "Turn your PC I...

The last few weekends the golf tournaments have had the most amazing slow motion replays of various golfer's swings capped off by seeing their club hit the ball at some 1/30,000 of a secon...

is it bad to bend golf clubs?
hi, i have a set of mizuno mp-30s stock from the factory. i realize that the toe of the club head is a little high in the air and would like to get the lie adjusted. is it bad for the...

George & Larry
Is it precious that they have found each other? Ain't love grand? :-)

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