Any others that have entered a tour sanctioned event here??
Well, there's Sparky.... ...then............................... OK, now I'm jealous too. I don't think it is fair for you t...

PGA non member money list
Can anyone shed some light on the non member money list? Are these earnings official PGA earnings? I note that Padraig Harrington is on the non members money list. He was in the top 12...

Could it be?
So... last summer, we suddenly see old "Iron Mike" Ditka appearing on infomercials for Natural Golf - bragging about how it has changed his game for the better. He's all over the N.G. p...

Finding Horizontal C of G?
Hi there. I'm curious. Is there a way to find the horizontal CoG of an iron while it has shaft and grip attached? Purchased a new set of irons and would like to take some of...

Parry--I like him!
I was pretty ambivalent about the leader board this morning. After watching the picks on PGA Sunday on USA, I thought they were all missing the best choice, Parry. Then I saw him ...

HOLLLLY SH** What a way to end it at Doral!!! SPOILERS

Daytona 500 & Golf & Disney
Need a great place to stay each year to see the Daytona 500? Are you a golfer? Do you have kids? This great resort has 90 holes including an 18-hole championship course designed by Arnold ...

E-Scorecard I'm thinking of getting this for the PDA, I was just wondering if anyone else out there is using it and if so, what the views on it are.... Thanks in advan...

Leading money winner
Should there be a list of the leading money winners irrespective of which tour?

Jayson Blair's problem__he's a NIGGER
Excerpts from Jayson Blair's book: "The blackouts, the boundless energy, the restlessness, the angst, the dizziness, the images in my head, the sounds, all should have been signs."

OT-Good Humans Left in this World
I thought I'd relay this story, because when you think that the world has gone in the shitter, something like this happens. Went to Home Depot to get some BBQ grill supplies, as mine h...

Any experiences with a R360 XD driver?
Just curious if anyone's played with one of these, and what they thought. I've got an ancient 7.5 degree, and there's a R360 XD, 9.5 degree stiff shaft that feels good and looks like a deal ...

Great comment on swing
"Some of the best looking swings I've seen belong to club pros. They can't play on the tour though. Most of the tour players have found something that works for them and it doesn't...

Travel bags ... Opinions
I have been looking at travel bags - specifically the kind that are hard cases that convert from a travel case to a playing bag. I also am looking at the regular hard cases that cover your ...

I noticed yesterday at the range that I've picked up a bad habit of slightly lifting my left heel at the top of the backswing and pivoting it inwards as I start my downswing. Where the he...

Atlanta Golf
I will be in the Atlanta area the end of April and would like to play golf three times. Could anyone suggest some courses to play. I will be staying downtown but will have a car.

Article on Mike Weir fans "complaining" Dunno how I feel about it, I am canadian, and I do cheer on Mike, and I do feel that his network c...

Charlotte N.C golf
I will be in the Charlotte, Greensboro area next week and I am looking for some hidden gems. Any help would be appreciated. Eric

Hey, Annika1980...
Hi Annika, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your many kind words here on the group over the last months. Hope to see you and your camera at some tour events this year....

Driver Problems
I grabbed a demo driver today, just to check out. It was the Hippo 430cc John Daley one. Every SINGLE shot, went about 60 yards, after skimming the floor all the way from th...

May the best man win?
It's usual for golfers to talk about golf as if the character of the golfer were a big part of their game... as if winning a golf tournament gives an indication of something beyond golf...

Las Vegas golf trip report (very long)
As a native Michiganian, the chance to escape our brutal winters and go tee it up somewhere warm is very tempting. So tempting, in fact, that when my brother-in-law asked me to join a group ...

Bonus Golf Channel Dubai Coverage
In case you have a TIVO, or a VCR, or insomnia, you might consider the live Golf Channel coverage that runs overnight. Yesterday, the promos and the schedule said that they would just c...

Range today
Actually hit it pretty good.I think I am ready for this season as I have been. Better keep hitting the range...

SMASHters update
Things are rolling along quite well at this point. There is nothing scheduled at Brookhaven CC for that weekend. Dancing Rabbit is offering rooms at the resort for $60 per night. We might wa...

Phil Tataurangi ?
Ok, I got my answer about Len Mattiace now how about Phil Tataurangi? After he won at Las Vegas in 2002 this dude has almost disappeared. Anyone know his status ?

Iron design playability vs accuracy? Explain?
I've noticed a connection between playability (ease of use?) vs accuracy in irons I've had over the past 35 years. Titleist DCI series such as the 990's, Ben Hogan Apex blades and plu...

See the World Poker Tour !
**FREE $25 POKER CHIP AT PARTYPOKER.COM!!! **WANT ANOTHER FREE $50...BE ONE OF THE FIRST 10 TO SIGN UP!!! click here and to download: ...

Venturi is an idiot
Gee, Ken, is 46 freakin years long enough? Just go away.

Noisy spectactors
For how much longer have we to put up with the "slings and arrows" and other unacceptable heckling at US PGA events. I am heartily sick of it. Louts who shout unnecessary comments ...

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