PING --- Peter Strauss
Peter, Responded to your e-mail, your server sent an automated message that you must put my addy on your list to receive it. Anyway, points well taken, I'll be more careful...

match play question! What's Win 2 and 1?
Tiger beat DLIII today, the leader says Wins 2 and 1.... what does that mean? Thanks Kenny

Club test report -- Golfsmith HiCore Plus Driver
The mild weather gave me a chance to test the new driver I made during our snow season (2 rounds in February, keeps my streak of playing every month for the last 3 or 4 years here going). I...

Anyone hit the GBB II 415?
I'm looking at them side by side, trying to decide which one to keep. I demoed the 380cc one last year and really liked it. The new 415cc is deeper front to back and slightly bigger overall...

GD YS-8.1 for use in fairway woods
Anyone has this shaft in their fairway woods? Any comments?

The Prolouge to my 81
No threat to break 80 today but at least I was consitent--44/44. I just wasn't striking my fairway woods as well as I did last week, and I had three putts take at least a 90 degree turn at ...

The first one is free
It happened on the seventh tee. Seth, a lefty, which should have been a clue, by this time had seen me flail around the course. Snap hook off #1, push fade off #2, top off #3, by seven I was...

A little GOLF discussion - Annika Sorenstam
Way to go Annika! In her first tourney of the year shoots a pair of 65's on the weekend to win the ANZ Ladies Masters. Not a bad way to start 2004! -- Neal B. R...

I played yesterday!
That makes 12 months in a row that I've played, and I couldn't be happier. Oh, I didn't play all that well. And not all that badly, all things considered. I did have 3 birdies, whic...

3 Wood Recommendations?
I really really want to get the TM 200 series, but I am not sure I want to pay the $115 dollar price. Is this the best I can do? I know the price of woods can get up there. Any ...

the hunt is on...for a 3 wood
Now that I have divorced my V-Foil 3 wood, it's time to go hunting for a new one. How does the Callaway ERC vs. Steelhead II compare?

Where to Play in Biloxi
Will be in Biloxi in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions where to play? I know there are a lot of courses there, but I would like to hear from the voices of experience. Thanx, Taz...

Great buy at Target.
Just found a box of Titleist Pro V1 balls at Target mismarked with a 'Was 24.95 now 12.48' Sticker.....I only wish that more boxes would have been mismarked !!! Yes, the smaller ...

Curtis Gump
I'd go unemployed for a year if ABC would send Gump home and not ever let him in the booth again. Arrrrgh!

Bravo Davis, Toss These Morons!
After my rant of the idiot spectators last week, Davis Love took things into his own hands at the match play event today by tossing one of the guys out. I guess if the officials or the PGA ...

Why do they critisize Tiger's putting
Almost all day they've been saying that he's conceited.

DL III a big baby !!
DL II had a fan thrown out because he said 'No Love'....freakin cry baby...what a wuss !

Whoa, Guy kicked out by Love
Did you guys see that? "I'm not leaving til you tell me who said that" "This guy, kick him out" or something all for saying "No Love" He must have said something wors...

God Please stop the limeys get rid of the blokes from over there
and tell them to shut the hell up and stop comparing Golf to other sports.... ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshwwsshghggggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...

ON FIRE WGC spoilers
Love is shooting an awesome round! Cmon tiger you are only 2 down turn it around!

Matchplay injury? Spoilers
I was reading on espn that Tiger tweaked his wrist? Since I don't have cable I cant' watch the first 18. Can someone tell me what happened? John

Tigers driving
Is it me or does it look like that with every swing of his driver that he's trying to flip the club with his hands cause he knows it going right? It just doesn't look smooth

Announcers are idiots
" I think Tiger will come from behind more easily ...Love has used up a lot of emotional energy " yes uh huh of course why didnt i think of that..

Hey Tiger !
That guy with the camera didn't hit it in the right rough time after time. Maybe Stevie has Butch's phone number in the bag ? We've got a GD-it and a Fxck so far this Sunday morning. He's t...

What's up with Davis' matches? Spoilers
Yesterday in 2 matches only 10 holes were halved. Today thru 8 I think only 2 holes have been halved, with Davis 1 up. Isn't that crazy?

Corey Pavin as TV Commentator
I approve. cb

(spoiler) Davis Love, III
Now that he is 1 up early in the WGC Match Play final, I hope he stays rock steady and wins. I am concerned about how he used to capitulate in the past when he played against Tiger W...

Shaft question
Picked up a set of used Ram Laser X2 irons at a sale the other day. They have the Brunswick frequency matched shafts: "Precision FM 5.5" Anyone know what this means?...

Bill! What was the drill again?
I was going to go back and look at the drills to get a more vertical shoulder take away but that loser messed it up for the rest of us. Could you explain the drill demonstrated at the end o...

Medicus Dual 2000
Anyone knows how the Medicus Dual 2000 5 iron and driver perform? Is it good as a swing aid? Thanks. Best Regards, Gary Hendricks

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