Great Distance off the Tees
seems to be our #1 priorities, when actually these drives should be the most relaxed shots of the day, if scoring low is the objective. m h o v =83e

San Antonio and then Tucson public golf
I am taking an extended vacation thanks to a house fire at my home. I will first be going to San Antonio for about 10 days and then on to Tucson. I hope to play every day that it is not rain...

Slicing with the Driver
If you are a slicer, which driver enhances your effort, a high, or low lofted driver? m h o v =83e

OT: Howard, this one's for you!
I never "liked" Elway, but I sure as hell respected him as a player and a major factor. When the Broncs would come to town, the only thing more disappointing than watching Elway do it to th...

recreational women golfers, why so few?
I have been meaning to post this for awhile. Why is it that there are so few women golfers out there? I know that I love the game. It is a wonderful way to get outdoors and good exercise (I ...

If golf is a game of honor
then why do the players keep each others score instead of their own. It seems to me that golf rules trust the golfer only when necessary.

Is Dave Pelz stock going up
because Phil M. says he works with DP?

Average tour pro range practice routine?
I've watched the tour pros at the practice range on tournament days. Given there are differences between how various pros pracice ie: VJ vs Leitske -- is anyone familiar with the...

Rule or golfer request?
Hi, I am a social golfer and recently played with someone who is a little less social and a little more competitive. Is it against some rule to stand behind someone when they putt? In ...

Big Club Headed Driver
100% forged 7075, 500cc 45.5" Rawlings - 10.5=B0 loft, w/65 Accuflo Lite filament wound graphite shaft designed by Rawlings, Mid-High kick point, low torque. Cost $52.50, a close-out price. ...

Bobby Knight is spreading a virus
I got an email from you today with a virus in it. body.scr

I know they are fairly new, but does anyone have any experience with the new Winn Grip V17 series-especially durability? thanks Richard

Too late to teach an old dog new tricks?
62, and my handicap has "risen" to a 10, up from an 8 last year. Never had a lesson in my life, and developed the old inside out caddy swing at a very early age. I hate it when these young...

How much bend in the left arm?
When you are at the top of the back swing, should the left arm still be straight or have a slight bend to it? In watching some of the top pros like Els and Woods it looks like the arm is st...

Deep Divots with 7I-Why
I leave deep divots with my 7I..even though the divots are oftentimes straight and the ball travels relatively straight also. What is causing these ( a steep swing plane I suspect) and how...

Refinished Clubs
I am impressed !! I took my Driver and 3-wood into the local golf shop and they sent the clubs to somewhere in North Carolina and they refinished them there. I could not believe the job they...

Armour Evo or 845FS
I am looking at picking up an inexpensive 3 wood for my first season, till I have taken some lessons and gotten a little more comfortable. I was looking at the Tommy Armour 845fs or th...

Dornoch Accommodation
If you are looking for accommodation for when your playing Royal Dornoch have a look at this website. They have some nice places to stay. ukguy ...

Dornoch Accommodation
If you are looking for accommodation for when your playing Royal Dornoch have a look at this website. They have some nice places to stay. ukguy ...

WTB Par-T-Golf Courses Film
Wanted to buy Par-T-Golf Courses for Eagle Quest Film style email [email protected] Thanks Ron

Comments on Titleist 762 irons?
Does anyone have experience with the Titleist 762 irons? How do they compare to others you might have had? Thanks much, aloha, jim

Wooden Duck from Bobby Jones Spalding #3 Wood
Wooden Duck from Bobby Jones Spalding #3 Wood Here's a really cool...

Naming The Club
What eventually happened to the club naming project, that was under way in this ng earlier on? Did it remain nameless from the lack of interest?:--) m h o v =83e ...

The Perfedt Score movie: Anyone seen it?
Is it a golf movie?

Announcing RSG-Cincinnati 2004
The dates have been finalized for RSG-Cincinnati 2004. The event will be held in the greater Cincinnati area on July 9th, 10th, and 11th. (Really -- these are the dates contrary to what yo...

First to putt?
My friends and I were discussing the order of play around the green. If one player is far away from the pin but on the green and another is much closer to the pin but off the green, who putt...

Ánimo Mickelson!!
Parece que el amigo Phil vuelve por sus fueros. Despues de la victoria la semana pasada empieza ésta con una excelente tarjeta. Despues de la primera jornada del FBR Open está situado en seg...

Can you use off the shelf epoxy to build clubs or does it have to be "golf" epoxy? I have used Walmart for my wife's clubs and they seem fine...

Anyone compare Taylor Made 580XD vs 540XD?
Has anyone compared the Taylor Made 580XD and the 540XD drivers. I currently have a Taylor Made 360 driver (10.5 degrees and regular shaft) which I enjoy. I am considering moving up to...

FBR Open
My analysis, --- 99% of all Tv viewers of the Phx Open, 99% of all golf fans, 98% of all Phx Open attendees, and 97% of RSGers have no idea what FBR stands for or who they are.

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