Not for RSG NYC :-(
From (Dec 2003): >>Fireman considers his current work-in-progress (Liberty National Golf Club) a fitting crucible for the egalitarian-but-exclusive admix...

weather related issues- mastercard
no greens fee - save 42.00 no lost balls - save about 3-5 dollars no tip guy who dose a lousy job cleaning my clubs - save 2 bucks priceless - having driveway plowed (with nowhere to go...

Hitting for the Cycle
In a rare Saturday outing, I came damn close to the golf equivalent of hitting for the cycle in baseball. After five holes I had: 1 birdie 1 par 1 bogey 1double bogey 1...

Selling my golf book collection

Wish List for Christmas
Any thing on your list in the way of "golf stuff"? I would like to have a cart bag with features that would stop the rattle / banging of the clubs, individual tubes, and easy club acce...

Mike Dalecki - Thank you!
Mike: I just finished reading Zen Golf based on your review of Nov. 14. What a great book! Do you have any other gems you would recommend? -- DynamicFred

Greetings and Best Wishes
Hey Gang, Just want to wish all in this usenet group a very very happy holliday season. I do enjoy, though do not always agree, with the many questions, answers and comments. Ri...

2 rules questions (stroke play)
i've learnt two new things regarding the rules and just thought i'd post them here and test everyone out. both are these are fairly simple but it's amazing that some pro's dont them. <...

Can another amateur win an Aussie pro event?
Some of you may remember the summer of 1999-2000 when three Aussie amateurs won professional events over the Australian summer. Aaron Baddeley won the Australian Open, Brett Rumford won th...

Who won the tournament in South Africa?
Sorry but I've been out of the loop and would like to know who won the tournament (Nedbank Invitational was it?) in South Africa a coupla weeks back. Sergio had a one stroke lead over Goosen...

84 Lumber Classic
This was held at Nemacolin Woodlands in Farmington, PA. was just wondering if any of you guys got there to see the first one on the pro tour. There host pro is John Daly it was held in Sept...

Just Curious
For those of us struggling to accomplish a decent round - have we ever just gone to the course, and forgotten all the - this is the way to do it tactics, and just played using our natural

John Jacobs' golf schools
I am a recently retired senior who as always wanted to learn to play golf. I am interested in the John Jacobs' 2 day weekend beginning class. The brochure looks good. Any of you have any exp...

Good/Bad "fluke" rounds- mental cause??
When you have a blow up/bad day, or a career best... What's behind it? (not including a temporary physical ailment in the case of bad days) There were times where I...

need clubs
hello i had my clubs stolen and i would like to know if anybody in the LA area knows where i can get a graphite set of woods and irons at a very good price ..doesnt matter what name brand ju...

Didnt play again;problems
fucking freezing and expecting snow.please wake me up in march.

Played again.......Problems
I'm starting to get out more. My ball striking is getting much better, although I have unresolved issues with my driver. I don't think it's speaking to me. Right now the problem...

RSG New Brunswick
I hear that The Lynx at Kingswood in Fredericton, New Brunswick was just named best new course in Canada. Just more incentive to add it to the potential list of playing sites for our event ...

Hey gman99
There... The Golf Channel did a piece on the Grand Slam...interviews and the rest. Happy now? And of course they didn't do a piece yesterday, becuase the thing starts

Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix?
Hi, Am heading out for the Phoenix Open in January and wondered if any of the participants in this news group have stayed at or played the course at the Legacy Golf Resort...We're also ...

All my tennesse friends(OT)
J E T S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JETS JETS JETS

Grand Slam of Golf
1. Ben Curtis (especially if the wind blows) 2. Jim Furyk (maybe 1 if it's not windy) 3. Mike Weir (greens not fast and tricky enough) 4. Shaun Micheel (he's gone into retirement ...

Is the Game still alive?

Tiger not happy
Is anyone else signed up to receive Tiger Woods' newsletter. I just got mine and he was very upset at the manager of the place where he proposed to Elin for alerting the press. He said his...

has anybody herd of kzg clubs and what do you no about them .good bad and the ugly thanks mike

MacGregor PW (DX)
Hi all, I need a help. I have lost my MacGregor PW from "DX KIT" serie 2002 year. Is there any shop in Europe where I can buy a new one ( MRH graphite shaft)? Thanks for help.

recommendations on travel bags?
Going to Florida next week for a training gig with my company, and I'm going to have some time to play next week so I'd like to take my clubs with me. Does anyone have a recommendation...

Looking for AGPA Members
I am looking for any AGPA members looking to trade 2 for 1 coupons. I have coupons for the following states: AZ, CT, FL,GA, LO,MICHIGAN MIN, MSS, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OK, PN, SC, TN, TX, VI, WA....

Looking for AGPA Members
I am looking for any AGPA members looking to trade 2 for 1 coupons. I have coupons for the following states: AZ, CT, FL,GA, LO,MICHIGAN MIN, MSS, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OK, PN, SC, TN, TX, VI, WA....

how do you search for a previous post?

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