Is Bigger - Better?
Just saw a Rawlings Driver - 500cc / 10.5=B0 loft - in the Heartland America January 2004 catalogue - w/free shipping. This club, it says - come with a lifetime warranty, winn style g...

Nova Scotia Golfing Web Site
Do you golf in Nova Scotia? Check out the ULTIMATE Nova Scotia Golfing Resource! Free membership, Golf courses, driving ranges, business directory, online magazine, live chat, discussion for...

Pinehurst -- Which Courses to Play?
I'm going to be traveling through Pinehurst in a couple of months and am planning to play twice. I'm going to play #2 if I can get a tee time, but I'm unfamiliar with the resort/area and lo...

Partial swings (PGA distances)
I notice that when PGA pros are 160 yards out, they take what look to be partial swings. I prefer a higher lofted club with a full swing - and believe most amateurs do so as well....

Golf Fantasy League?
Anyone here interested in something like this? I'm starting one up, and just curious if anyone's interested. Please, email me directly if you are. [email protected] I'll post here this...

Kraft Sues PGA Tour
Kraft believes that the PGA Tour is responsible for damages because the Tour failed to warn players of the chances of contracting Valley Fever when playing golf in AZ. Valley Fever is a fung...

Hi Gang, I would like to wish all a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year filled with world wide Peace. Senior

New Delhi Ryder Cup
The British Golf Society and American Golf Association have played since 1947 for the New Delhi Ryder Cup. A few years have been missed but 2004 will be the 50th playing of the tournament an...

Great Golf Book
I highly recommend "Who's Your Caddy?" by Rick Reilly, senior writer at Sports Illustrated. He caddied for 12 people: Tommy Aaron, John Daly, Donald Trump ("One day is enough, ba...

Check the price of this putter !!
Found this auction on eBay. Adds a whole new meaning to "putt for dough".

Actual GOLF played in December!
Last Sunday, in a steady cold drizzle interspersed with the occasional shower, we LCP'ed our way around Hamlet Golf Course, playing to about 5700 yards with the winter tee locations. Okay, ...

Happy New Year!!
Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!! For those recuperating, have recuperated and so on. Everyone's glad and proud about your getting better and looking fo...

Announcing Florida RSG!!!
This is nothing more than a preliminary announcement so that those of you that are interested can get your calenders marked appropriately. Florida RSG will be a golf orgy, starting on ...

rule for lifting and marking ball
Played with a new foursome and three balls were hit in a row on the fringe of the green (first cut). Player #1 lifts and marks his ball to allow the other players a clear shot at the pin. I ...

400CC Brand Name Drivers without Closed Face???
Went on and tested out the a couple top rated 400cc + drivers at the range they recommended I liked the size and forgiveness but did not like the obviously closed face setup.

Accelerized golf
I am leaving the Kingdom of Hackdom in 2004. At least that is my plan. Based on the glowing endorsement of an acquaintance, I am going to take lessons at Accelerized Golf in Atlanta.....

Announcing Florida RSG!!!
This is nothing more than a preliminary announcement so that those of you that are interested can get your calenders marked appropriately. Florida RSG will be a golf orgy, starting on ...

Any Opinions Blackberry Trails GC, AL?
Since no one opted to go with me to Magnolia Cove on the RTJ someone suggested this course, which so happens to be in the town I am at, instead of a 2 hour drive. Has anyone playe...

Some apologies....and more!!!!!!
Time for my annual apology on RSG and cleansing of my soul. I apologize to Gaines Nichols for farting so loudly while he was setting up to putt at the Southern Hills mini-RSG. I was ...

Survey: Best Knock-off name????
Reading the thread on knockoff clones and such made me think of the names of the clubs, sometimes clever, sometimes stupid. I shall nominate... BUMBER which I saw on a Tay...

sound of a putt
What would typically be described as the sound of putt being made? 4-letter-word, maybe a bit of onomatopoeia. Thanks.

An American's thoughts on "soccer"
Floyd, of course "soccer" is the most popular sport in the world. Not *everyone* has the ability to play football , that's only for the competent. Incompetent wankers like you need not apply...

First round of golf in 1939....
I played a round of golf on Saturday with this dude (76 years old) who played his first round in 1939 with his father. He shot 68 when he was 70. He talked of stymies and how the game ha...

the ultimate putter? Damn, I'm only $100k short.

Really cracked one yesterday.
Given the mild weather I was playing again yesterday, and not too badly. Got to the 16th hole though and suddenly it was like I was hitting a marshmellow. Weird turns, no distance, etc. Fin...

what rangefinder for yardage book??
What, if any, rangefinder does anyone here use? Not during play, but pre-round, to shoot distance to water, traps, ditches, etc. My course doesn't have yardage books, so I'd like to make one...

Party Invite to all golfers
Counting down in every time zone! Herc -- <^> <()> <^> ---- <^> <()> <^> 2004 <^> <()> <^> --- <^> <...

3M - Super77 Adhesive - is an item Arnie carries in his golf bag to spray on the grips. Was seen in an article in the Jan..issue of Golf Digest, on page 156. m...

button on golf glove
What's it for? I thought maybe a ball mark but doesn't seem very practical, I'd rather use a coin. paul

How Is A Golf Ball Made??
they say you can find answers to any question online... can anyone point me towards a page or two that describes how a golf ball is made...or what they're made of? thanks a lot

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