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Do you think O'meara will have a tough time getting any skins?
It was fun to watch him, but I think the only holes he has a good chance of winning, besides the ones he holes out from off the green, are par 3s? What do you guys think? Jo...

Roland Stafford Golf School (or other in South-East Florida)
I will be in South-East Florida for a week in January and am interested in attending a 2-Day golf school. My price range is roughly $500 for the two days. One school that fits in this pric...

Re: Airline regulations for golf clubs
Thanks Kenyon and all the rest of you guys that responded! We have been offered the loan of two soft-sided bags so we will see how this works out. They are bigger than the 62" L+W+D di...

Airline regulations for golf clubs
I have been trying to determine just exactly what the airlines allow for checked baggage. It seems that 2 pieces of baggage can be checked - size limitation is L+W+D=62". Then som...

It is getting cold!
We were in the 80's last weekend! Yesterday with windchill it was 50. Brrrr boy do I miss golfing year round in Hawaii. What's the lowest Temp you ever golfed in? I think f...

RSG charter
Interesting in reality laws come and go with or as culture evolves.But here in RSG land everything stays the same.usenet you say , befor we all came here...Is there a body who reviews these ...

This is one I just don't get. I was joined up with a threesome as a single the other day and got to seem some interesting "golf." One of the guys consistently placed his marker in front of h...

Look for the GOP to attack Tiger Woods now.
Repugs can handle inter-racial marriages when it's a white guy and a black girl. But when it's a black guy with a white girl they get positively homicidal. This might be the end of tiger's...

Do you think Annika will win a skin without having to make a shot like that?
I mean if she didn't hit that in she probably would have halved the whole. It was fun to watch her, but I think the only holes she has a good chance of winning, besides the ones she ho...

Bet you'll hear something about the Skins Game NOW...
What a finish to Day One! Randy

Do you think that drivers lose their "pop"?
I know softball bats will lose some of the explosiveness they have, but do drivers do the same? Opinions?

Why don't they just put Duval in the Skins game and get it over with?
While I personally like the players, is this the best they could do? Mickelson hasn't won all year, O'meara hasn't won forever, Couples is playing pretty well, but he's boring as hell, and...

Own your own golf course
Hi everybody, There is an online golf game called Golden Fairway. Unique and fun You can win money and prizes by entering into tournaments or just play for fun. It is also ...

Bloodstock investments
Dear Newsgroup members Goresbridge Horse sales, the largest auctioneers of horses in Europe are holding their December sales. There are over 100 quality Irish horses for sale. The event...

Poor Mike
The poor guy. Trying to supplement his income selling clubs and all you do is tear him apart. The guy is a sociologist. Did you ever research what a sociologist makes? Lets just say a lot of us h...

Dollar Signs
Strauss's post in the "Paint 2 Ball Putter Circles" about adding dollar signs to the alignment balls on a 2 ball putter had me laughing to myself. I think I'm going to do that to my Odyssey ...

How would you like to play golf like a PGA!
Hye I am a guy that likes to share secrets - golf secrets Find out how you can play golf like a professional, I just purchased my copy about a week ago from the following we...

Bet you haven't heard this one.
Where are the best courses close to I-5 between Portland Oregon and Los Angeles? How about L.A. to Phoenix? Dad, bro-in-law and I take a yearly trip to Scottsdale in March for baseball sprin...

Origin of GOLF
Read this in another newsgroup and wondered if it was in fact based on reality or another example of urban legend In Scotland, a new game was invented. It was entitled Gentlemen Only L...

Gaines Nichols
Tried to e-mail you, did it get through? -- bill-o

alternative to TV skins game
How about a 4 or 5 club invitational. Tiger, Phil, Furyk, etc. I would love to see some of the creativity that would be neccessary in this format. I think the entertainment factor might b...

Spin wedges
What you and Mike both haven't dealt with is how the divot that he took also had a lot of spin...it was turning about its own axis violently, you could see that very clearly in the video. I...

I know it takes years to learn to play this game, despite postings that say otherwise. But for all my range practice (extensive) lessons (a lot) and getting out on the course (frequent) I fe...

Best & worst scores this year?
Best is 80. Worst is 107. This is a fairly typical range for me anyway. If I take lots of time off and / or start deconstructing the swing with lessons the scores can really...

Annika and skins....
Is she teeing off from the same tees? If so, she wont win a skin. I know a lot of people dont care, but it is kind of like golf. And that beats watching the NBA.

Stop the Spam
Its amazing the way some will sneak in any opportunity to help a certain individual here to sell more clubs. You know who you are. Please refer to our charter. This group is non-commercia...

Thailand Golf Vacation
Hello, I'm looking at a golfing vacation in Thailand, and am looking for specific feedback regarding a company called Golfasian.com Co. Ltd. Has anyone ever heard of this company?...

Good deal on RAC LTs?
$365 for the whole deal...they've been used 3 or 4 times max. John

Shot my lowest score ever--68
Yep. First time ever using my clubs after I had them all frequency matched. August 8th. Had all the shafts re-done to match my swing. My handicap dropped 25% in 60 days. Amazi...

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